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Instead, we're treated to a range of dancefloor-friendly instrumental cuts, cyborg jams, and intoxicating robot rinse-outs. In fact, this EP for Clone West Coast Series marks his first Legowelt release since November 2017. This will be rocking the clubs all over again just like it did when it first came out years ago. The DJ-producer has been known to deliver absurdly twisted sets at the Berlin institution over the years, but the majority of her work has been made up of short collaborations and comparatively more dance-centric material. World Of The Waking State feels like a change of gear, where the focus on dance has been replaced by something much more imperceptible and inward looking. The flip of the first disc further experiments with the deeper end of the sound palette, which is something that can be said about this entire LP. While this might get the Ostgut hype at first, the passage of time will undoubtedly get people to see it as a classic. The two tunes here are classic cuts from 1984's seminal On The Nile LP, a piece of work which blurred the lines between hip-hop, dance, and, well. Not for the faint-hearted, but at the same time not dark. It has a snapping bass-snare break with great sound design, heavily treated ghostly vocal snippets, and mysterious and unique backing melodies providing rare and stunning new sonic landscapes. Here, one of the country's first underground electronic stars, '90s survivor Mono Junk, goes head to head with fellow Finns Morphology and sometime Hospital Productions noisenik Goner. Ball steps up for two remixes on the flip that equally reside in the electro realm, but come at the component parts from a different rhythmic angle.

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They have applications at the office if you don't want to print it out at home. They also do your passport pictures there for a fee if you want. I was served by Daniel who is nothing less than helpful and friendly. It reminded me of good mid western customer service which is delightful to find in New York City. I don't for see having to come back here anytime soon but if I have two that will be fine. The office is clean and comfortable and everyone else was funny enough though I didn't get to interact with them too much. In CA my call would be picked up within a minute or two and a service truck would arrive to my location within 15-20 minutes. Unfortunately that is not the case in the Northeast. I have to wait 10-15 minutes before I speak to a representative and it would take 1 hr for a service truck to arrive. Eventually, someone came to help me out but it took much longer than I'm used to. Additionally, the guy who serviced my car offered to give me a discount if I paid in cash- which I didn't have. To be honest, I was kind of amazed AAA still exists, considering that I mostly remember it as the place my grandma would get maps from before a road trip -- let alone that it has an office in Manhattan.

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Evans was presented with a Renaissance Award from the Greater Hartford Chamber of Commerce Downtown Council for his efforts in working towards the revival of downtown Hartford. Perez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) promotes artistic expression and the exchange of ideas, advancing public knowledge and appreciation of art, architecture and design, and reflecting the diverse community of its pivotal geographic location at the crossroads of the Americas. Referencing rituals and ancient forms of communication, the work is meant to illustrate purification, transformation, energy, and healing. The group will speak on the various intersecting narratives Cordova's works is informed by such as architecture, cinema, literature and music. It presents a selection of works embodying the three main themes that have inspired the work of this celebrated Miami artist for decades: transmission, alchemy, and transcendence. In his nationally and internationally recognized drawings, sculptures, installations, and collaborative projects, cordova collapses linear concepts of time and history to address contemporary notions of displacement. He extensively researches symbols and artifacts from different cultures and times, ignoring the boundaries between the past and the present. Then, he uses ephemeral and precarious materials to create elegant works that challenge traditional Western typologies. Striving to create a flexible and critical space for the understanding of our contemporary moment, he builds bridges between separate narratives, such as architecture, cinema, literature, and music. This exhibition will be accompanied by the artist’s museum catalogue, available for purchase at PAMM Shop. The pair pictured is a pair that when previously worn would fall down to his hips exposing his underwear elastic, and although I’m fond of his GAP undies, I didn’t think the world needed to know that. The product was easy to use and it is adjustable ensuring that my little guy will get not just a season or two of wear from this belt, but be able to wear it much longer.

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Multiple on-field dustups, including well-publicized boxing matches with both longtime nemesis Bryce Harper and a clubhouse wall, likely spelled the end for Strickland in San Francisco. After a 2015-17 stretch in which the 6’4 righty posted identical 0. fWAR totals with a K rate hovering around 8. per nine, Strickland endured his worst season in ’18, struggling to throw strikes, miss bats, and keep the ball in the park. His average fastball velocity, too, fell to a career-low 95. MPH, while heavier dependence on a changeup resulted only in withdrawal. Still, if the flamethrower can re-stoke his early-career heat, and direct much of it toward what seemed to be an ever-shriveling strike zone, the Mariners may yet have a massive bargain on their hands. I’m more than willing to go home and spend time with them. Per Grant, it appears the 13-year MLB vet will consider other franchises if it doesn’t work out with Texas, though he doesn’t necessarily seem set on a starting gig. He’ll compete for a long-reliever role in the Ranger pen with righty Adrian Sampson, and despite a career-worst ’18 in nearly every category, looks to have the inside track. The 22-year-old former third overall pick has impressed evaluators with his all-fields pop, though scouts seem less keen on his glovework at shortstop and discernment at the dish. Step into our comfortable meeting space, where attendees can focus undisturbed in a peaceful atmosphere.


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Child actors don’t always go on to big things in adulthood but I do hope Ms Ingram (if she wants to of course) continues to have success in her career. Though it was the latter point that made Stannis couldn’t deal with; cutting his kingdom in half. Drogon basically seemed largely unhurt (albeit somewhat irritated) by the spears, as if they were basically like insect bites. But look at it this way: all of the inane fan conspiracy theories surrounding the letter remained unspoiled. People want to call stuff fan-fiction, how about the actual fan-fiction? LOL. Turns out if there is a book spoiler I’d like it not to be half assed. If Martin believed he’d have Dance out in a matter of months, I interpret that to mean that the book was practically done at that point, with only certain “difficult” bits to get straightened out. I wonder if we’re going to get a “How to Train Your Dragon(s)” arc next season. If so, I’m very curious as to how the show will approach the issue that seems to be a raging debate in the book fandom: whether you need Valyrian blood to tame the dragons. BUT what can happen is that Mel sacrifices Shireen in attempt to saving Jon. Whether this happens with or without the consent of her parents doesn’t matter to her at this point, bc she has realized that maybe she was wrong in supporting STannis and turns towards Jon.