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Please try again later. jj 5. out of 5 stars good movie. I didn't know it was british luckilly because if I had I would've got something else because this was a really scary flick. Please try again later. M. Chopin 4. out of 5 stars Long Time Dead. I don't recommend watching this movie alone at night. I liked it, regardless of the quality, actors, or whom directed it. It's still a movie worth watching, although I had a hard time finding it, so I bought it. CAA is seeking an assistant with a passion for comedy talent to support a Senior Agent in its Comedy Touring department. SoulPancake, the digital entertainment division of Participant Media, is looking for a creative intern. Fingerpaint seeks detail-oriented self-starter who thrives in a fast paced environment to help support their film and entertainment department. LIONSGATE studio is looking for summer 2019 interns who will receive hands-on experience in the entertainment industry. Painless Productions is looking for a Development Intern for spring.

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More Comments Post Comment Categories Technology Workshop Craft Home Food Play Outside Costumes About Us Who We Are Why Publish. But when you're living in a van, you'll want some privacy. Trust me. Oh, and try sleeping with lights streaming through your campervan windows. Not happening. Added bonuses to having curtains on your campervan or RV: If you park somewhere hot, your van will stay cooler. And having a cute home is important. (Even if Ben disagrees. There were sun shades on some of our windows when we bought the van, but they didn't keep the light out (for mornings when I want to sleep in, duh! , and the gap around the edges needed to be covered to prevent peeping eyes. Our Chevy van was made in 1994, after all, so I guess it makes sense that the curtains weren't as functional as they once were. But the mere thought of making my own curtains was a task I was wary of. It had been years since I had sewn anything more than reattaching a button, and I was feeling overwhelmed. After lots of brainstorming and some trial and error, I think we perfected the process of making easy DIY curtains for a campervan. They were cheap (total cost is listed at the bottom of this article), and I got them done pretty quickly. If you'd like to make curtains for your campervan or RV, this is the perfect tutorial for you.

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These gore pioneers and other horror filmmakers cut their teeth on what are known as “industrial films,” ostensibly edifying shorts that would be shown in classrooms or workplaces. Anthology Film Archives has dragged these works onto the big screen, pairing them with full-length features that the directors usually (but not always) made later in their careers. “Carving Magic,” Mr. Lewis’s viscera-soaked promotional film for a Chicago meatpacking company, is almost too perfect a match for his later efforts. The Cincinnati filmmaker Larry Yust is responsible for both the unclassifiable elders-fight-back entry, “Homebodies,” and a batch of films for Encyclopaedia Britannica, where his father was an executive. This week will see “Poltergeist” at Museum of the Moving Image, “Friday the 13th” at IFC Center and a new 4K restoration of “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari” at Film Forum. But Nitehawk Cinema is going for broke in terms of quantity — and, in the case of “Evil Dead II” and “The Bride of Frankenstein,” quality — in programming an all-night quintuple-header of horror sequels. Dialogue delivered in Latin, brash re-enactments of Caravaggio’s paintings, provocative updates of Shakespeare and Marlowe: the feature films that Jarman completed before his AIDS-related death in 1994 used irreverent wit and painterly exactitude to illuminate what amounted to a secret gay history that coursed through Western history. Each of those films will appear in this BAMcinematek retrospective, along with the Ken Russell shocker “The Devils” (on Friday), on which Jarman worked as a production designer, and the music videos he shot for the likes of the Smiths and the Pet Shop Boys (Nov. 7). Certain personalities pop up again and again, including William S. Burroughs and especially Tilda Swinton, but Jarman’s voracious personality — his films actually got more radical over time, as evidenced by 1993’s shattering “Blue” (Nov. 7) — always emerges. But this is looking like a particularly juicy crop of titles, nearly all of which were almost lost for good. Because I couldn’t really decide which one I want I picked “Dark Tales”.

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The Department welcomes single, consolidated submissions from organizations or parties, capturing all views on the Copyright Amendment (Online Infringement) Act 2015 (Online Infringement Amendment). Anyone interested in submitting to the consultation can do so until 5pm AEST on March 16,2018, via the Department of Communications’ website. Here’s how you can watch the 2018 Winter Olympics online live and free. Australia's government wants to know if its current anti-piracy laws are effective enough feedproxy. oogle. om. The alternative then is to create your own VPN on a private virtual server that you control using a project such as Algo from security firm Trail of Bits. The basic idea is that if you control your own VPN then there’s less chance of shenanigans. You do have to trust the people making the software you use; however, I’d argue there’s less incentive for those people to sneak monitoring tools onto your server compared to a VPN provider. That’s not to say that all VPN service providers are out to get your data, but the potential is always there. As for Algo—the project we’re using for this tutorial—all of its code is on GitHub for anyone who wants to take a deeper look—though admittedly that requires technical knowledge. When you’re done you’ll have a VPN service using the IKEv2 protocol that you control. The downside of running your own VPN service is that some features of regular VPNs won’t be open to you, such as getting around Netflix’s VPN ban. Only use Algo as a means to keep your web traffic private from snoops, because that’s all it can really do. Algo is a set of command-line scripts that automate setting up a VPN server. It integrates with well-known virtual server providers such as Amazon EC2 or DigitalOcean.

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Get someone over, have them go through your old TV Guide s and then you talk about it. I figured if I recorded a few and wasn't happy with them, I didn't have to put them out. I listen to a fair amount of podcasts, but some of them, even ones I recognize as being good quality ones, I find very alienating. So I wanted to make sure I wasn't doing the same thing with something I might record. So getting to use that part of my brain on the show has been really fun. JJA: You're a fan of both Growing Pains and its spinoff Just the Ten of Us. Growing Pains was dismissed as a bland Family Ties ripoff when it aired, but Growing Pains was actually kookier than Family Ties because it boasted writers from WKRP, and they came up with a few meta or high-concept episodes that were genuinely funny. Personally, I think Just the Ten of Us holds up better than Growing Pains, because it wasn't concerned with doing preachy Very Special Episodes like Growing Pains frequently was. If you had to persuade viewers to give Growing Pains a chance on DVD or Amazon Instant or to give Just the Ten of Us a chance on YouTube, what would you say to make your case for both of them. Just the Ten of Us is a better show for a lot of reasons. Most of the writers on Growing Pains jumped ship to Just the Ten of Us, they got four seasons of GP under their belts and were really in the prime of their writing on Just the Ten of Us and were not afraid to try some dark, clever and weird stuff. It was also a strange set-up, a poor Catholic family. They fought, sometimes they hated their kids, but ultimately always were a family and not a cartoonish collection of cliches and plot devices. You had the pedigree of WKRP, but you also had people who had sharpened their skills on a solid family sitcom. It managed to make a lot of great meta commentary about sitcoms themselves without losing its heart and the reality and humor of the characters. It managed to have the blue-collar gallows humor that I'm a sucker for on shows like Roseanne and tackle a lot of issues like questioning faith, mental illness and some other potentially really heavy topics in a light way without making light of them or using them for dismissive fodder for shock humor.

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These hardwood dominoes can be grouped and sorted by number or by color. This application (or app) allows a parent or teacher to use their Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Android device to teach a child to recognize and distinguish different colors. A picture of a color is shown with voice prompt in the. Color Identifier uses the camera on the iPhone, iPod or Android touch to speak the names of colors in real-time. It is designed to stimulate visual and auditory senses while helping to teach cause and effect. The timing of the lights may be adjusted according to ability level. It can be used with the Wireless Remote Controller (purchased separately). This wooden board game teaches counting, matching, and color recognition as individuals place colored wooden tiles into slots with the corresponding colored heading. The wooden box has a hinged top which opens, enabling a person to visualize tiles in the appropriate area. The game also includes a separate numerical header that allows users to sort by numbe. The book features raised line art that is also beneficial to children and adults working to improve their fine motor skills and for anyone whose learning is enhanced through the sense of touch. The book features twelve raised line art drawings that can be used wiht Do-A-Dot Markers, crayons, or watercolor paints. The raised line art is beneficial to children and adults working to improve their fine motor skills and for anyone whose learning is enhanced through the sense of touch. he book features twelve raised line art drawings that can be used with Do-A-Dot Markers, crayons, or watercolor paints. The book also includes the printed word and Braille for each design, alo. The set includes a variety of lacing activities in a variety of shapes and formats.

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The Greening of Paradise Valley: Where the Land owns. Children. ill. Some Diagrams. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U. . . W B. Useful and Delightful Objects from a Noble Cloth. ill. Fully Illustrated. Dust Jacket. ISBN: 0884960900. Paperback: soft cover edition in good or better. Thumb. ill.