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Basalt won an award at Bukvaraz 2001 and was first used for signage at the Cecil H. A dingbat font. Nvma Titling ( Stone Type Foundry ). Numa Titling is an Etruscan letterform used in centuries -7 through -3. While roman, it is runic and chiseled in appearance. See also Numaiota. Scripps College Old Style ( Monotype, 1997). Scripps College commissioned his revival of Scripps College Old Style (1997, Agfa-Monotype), originally designed by Frederic Goudy. Compare with Richard Beatty's Goudy Claremont, another good revival of that family. Based on Bodoni's original designs, there are 6, 12 and 72-point optical sizes. The family was developed under Stone's guidance who was partially aided by Holly Goldsmith (Six Roman), Janice Prescorescott-Fishman (Seventy-two Roman) and Jim Parkinson (Six Italic). At ATypI 2007 in Brighton, he spoke about The foundation of the humanist sans serif. As of 2008, his entire collection can be licensed for 20 computers in an educational lab for just 300 dollars. CV at Agfa. Bio at Linotype. Page at Emodigi.

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This school of Wahhabism which flourished in Saudi Arabia after 1785 was virulently intolerant of any form of dissent. The Wahhabis’ main targets were those Muslims who did not conform to their form of belief. In 1927, when the Wahhabi inspired Abdul Aziz finally became the King of Arabia, he had his hands full in controlling his fellow Wahhabis who unleashed terror on any Arab Muslim who differed with them. It is important to note that the Wahhabi-inspired House of Saud could never have come to power without the full support of Great Britain and the Allied powers (This support of Great Britain for the Wahhabi chieftains was nothing new. In the year 1866, when the Wahhabi chief Abdullah, son of Faisal bin Turki, was in serious trouble, he sought the help of Great Britain and a treaty of friendship was signed between the two. Nevertheless during the century-long rule of the Saudi dynasty, there has been a systematic attempt to promote the Wahhabi school of thought throughout the Muslim world. This has been accompanied by an eradication of historical monuments connected with Islam. The particular variant of Salafism which is attributed to the founders of the present-day Syria’s IS has however to be examined according to the existing paradigms in that region. Noted anthropologist and one of the leading analysts of contemporary Islamic movements in the Middle East, Professor Alireza Doostdar of the University of Chicago states: 192. But ISIS emerged from the fires of war, occupation, killing, torture, and disenfranchisement. It did not need to sell its doctrine to win recruits. It needed above all to prove itself effective against its foes. In Iraq, the cities that are now controlled by ISIS were some of those most resistant to American control during the occupation and most recalcitrant in the face of the newly established state. The destruction that these cities endured seems only to have hardened their residents’ defiance. Fallujah, the first Iraqi city to fall to ISIS, is famous for its devastation by the US military during counterinsurgency operations in 2004. It still struggles with a legacy of rising cancer rates, genetic mutations, birth defects, and disabilities blamed on depleted uranium in American munitions.

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The Pistons acquired Calderon, 36, from the Toronto Raptors as part of the three-team trade in January 2013 that sent Tayshaun Prince and Austin Daye to the Memphis Grizzlies. He only played in 28 games before missing the last five games that season. Calderon signed with the Cavs (9-7) this offseason. He tried some light activity Saturday, but the ankle was still hurting. However, he stated that won't allow anyone to do bad with their country. Recently, tensions between the two countries escalated after an increase in cross-border shelling from Pakistan's side. Earlier this week, said that over 500 missiles landed in its Kunar province in the past four days after being fired from across the Durand Line. Every neighborhood was so complete, White wrote, “that many a New Yorker spends a lifetime within the confines of an area smaller than a country village. Nearly seven decades later, that observation is still largely valid, but it is being sorely tested by a scourge of store closings that afflicts one section of the city after another, notably in Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn. This plague has been underway for several years, but its familiarity does not diminish the damage inflicted on the economic and the psychic well-being of neighborhoods. One by one, cherished local shops are disappearing, replaced by national chains or, worse, nothing at all. But it should be high on any to-do list in its second term. “For lease” signs all but define every block in some neighborhoods, rich as well as poor. Its City Council member, Helen Rosenthal, reports that her staff recently surveyed shops along Broadway and Amsterdam and Columbus Avenues, and on some side streets. Of 1,332 storefronts, 161, or 12 percent, were unoccupied. The situation, Ms.

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Reaching Ashley's street, Grace told Branson to pull up alongside Nick's unmarked Astra, and wound his window down. 'All quiet,' Nicholl reported. 'Good boy,' Grace said, noting that Ashley Harper's Audi TT was in its usual place outside her house. He told Nicholl to cover the street behind, then they drove on. There were no free spaces in the street, so they double parked beside the Audi. Grace gave Nick Nicholl a couple of minutes to get in place, then, leading the posse, marched up to the front door, in full daylight now, and rang the bell. He rang again, then, after a minute, rang yet again. Then he nodded to Ben Farr, who went over to the Transit and removed a heavy-duty ram, the size of a large fire extinguisher. He hefted it up to the front door, swung it hard and the door flew open. Followed by the rest of his team, he walked up the stairs and paused on the first-floor landing. 'Hello! he called out again. The next door was to a small, bland spare bedroom that didn't look as if it had ever been used. He hesitated, then pushed the remaining door, which opened onto a master bedroom, with a double bed that had clearly not been slept in. He found the light switch and turned it on, and several ceiling spots lit up the room. He saw an immaculate duvet over a queen-size bed, a flat-screen television, a clock radio plus a couple of Hockney swimming pool prints on the wall.

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I like Arya a lot. Wasn't a real big fan of the Braavos storyline - which is a shame, because that was the storyline I was looking forward to the most - but I still like where Arya's character is going. Moderator. A bit 300'ish combat scenes, some truly shocking moments, And one of the all time best finales imo. Joe Dempsie (Gendry) was spotted there too which can't be a coincidence. I'm not sure what role he will have but it means something for sure. In the books I think Varys has Edric Storm tucked away in Lys and that he's been collected by Varys in order to aid FAegon, but I think that it would make more sense if they are going to hand that off to Gendry on the show and have him on team Dany. Some thing that he's going to be the blacksmith that finally learns how to make Dragon steel. Some think that he's destined to meet without Arya and join forces again. Some think that Melisandre will run into him and that they will join up with Brienne and Pod. Personally I think it might be too late for some of those things such as the meet up, because that should of happened before winter arrived in my book. I would like to see him take the role of an Edric or FA (can't use spoilers on phone). I would like to see him take Storms End, rally the Stormlands behind Dany and continue the Baratheon line. I've read the season 7 leaks, but I haven't seen the pics. The Dany x Jon thing is annoying. So cliche.

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Pilgrim Fathers or John Bunyan (indeed these American editors. pparently. Dr. Margaret Smith’s Studies in Early Mysticism in the Near and. Middle East (S. . . . 12s. 6d. successfully accomplishes the difficult. Sufism, and the teaching and practice of the early Sufi mystics. We think. The Sufis did likewise, striving after a Way of life which should lead to. The final stages of the Sufi Way were Love and Gnosis, leading to the. Vision of God, and the ultimate Goal of the quest, Union with the Divine.

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The budget has also reason since season 1,2,3, so they can use it for more battles now. Watchers on the wall, and Blackwater, were pivotal points to the story that had a huge impact both emotionally and to the narrative. The essence of the show will be lost if it goes on too long. We all want it to last forever, but we really need it to end soon, so that we can appreciate it and look back at it with fondness. You don’t want the show to become as shitty as most of these network drama shows. The man will finishes the story in 2023 if we’re lucky. However, I was personally hoping for one longer final season in place of 2 shorter ones. If they think the show will be done after 13 more episodes, I’d rather have a 13-episode season 7 (even if that means waiting until May for the start of the season) instead of waiting 2 full years to see how the show will end. We don’t know where season 6 is taking us, so lets wait. But personally, I’d find it a little disappointing if those enormous dragons of hers did nothing else of interest but spend the rest of their lives flapping around Slavers Bay, eating the odd sheep. It was never about Stannis, he’s never had a shot. A 6 episode season next year just sounds like a real bummer but we get what we get. Westeros would have to deal with both White Walkers and dragons without a “mother”. But once he makes that fateful decision to sacrifice Shireen, he’s both lost our sympathy and is pretty much marching to his death. Showing the battle serves little purpose other than showing off a large budget. The only thing we really need to see (both narratively and emotionally) at that point is his encounter with Brienne.

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Oct. 14, 8-llpm. Reception: Fri. Oct. 20, 6-8pm. Exhibition: Oct. 14-. ATELIER 3-D is a sculptors’ studio featuring ceram-. Crop circles. Larry King. Flying lessons. A green sofa. Odd things are linked together in the work of Daniel Bozhkov. The. Bulgarian native has a knack for combining seemingly incongruous ele-. King made of flattened milkweed stalks or a perfume dedicated to the.

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And that’s the story of how President Bush won the election. They say bless you because they used to believe evil spirit were in your soul. So whenever I have to sneeze I encourage my friends to be like: “Get out of him. Get out of him! You ever have to sneeze and you can’t sneeze and have the worst feeling. An angel in heaven faked an orgasm. It’s true. I read that in Revelations. That’s ridiculous. I say give them brand new to the homeless. Let them age it. Then take it back, wash it, sell it. That way we can clothe the homeless, but we can still look down on them, because they’re not in style. They’re so awesome. It’s just throttle. People smile as they hit the pier.