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It isn’t known if he faces a secret grand jury indictment in the U. S. The sex crime allegations were made shortly after Assange and WikiLeaks became well-known worldwide for releasing hundreds of thousands of pages of classified U. S. government documents. One Swedish woman said Assange intentionally damaged a condom and pinned her down while having sex. A second woman said Assange had sex with her without a condom while she was asleep. In Sweden, having sex with an unconscious, drunk or sleeping person can lead to a rape conviction punishable by up to six years in prison. A Swedish investigation into the crimes was launched, then dropped for lack of evidence, and then started again as prosecutors sought to question Assange about possible molestation and rape. By then Assange was in Britain, making it harder for Swedish prosecutors to question him. They sought an international arrest warrant for him that was issued in November 2010. Assange surrendered to police in London and was freed on bail, receiving support from a wide range of celebrities including filmmakers Oliver Stone and Michael Moore. He then moved into the Ecuadorean Embassy in London in June 2012, putting him out of reach of British authorities. He has remained in control of WikiLeaks, which released hacked emails relating to the Hillary Clinton campaign in the final weeks of her failed White House run. Civil rights activist Peter Tatchell said outside the embassy that he and others had gathered to show solidarity with Assange and WikiLeaks. He said Assange was being “hounded” because of WikiLeaks’ work in shedding light on the “terrible things” done by the U.

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The trailer includes key moments from both franchises, and honestly, it kind of makes us jones for the good ola. The Hobbit trilogy has been a fun spectacle, but Tolkiena? version of The Hobbit was never conceived to be an epic to rival Lord of the Rings. Ita? a smaller story, and thata? OK, but that seems to have gotten lost in the need to go bigger to create something that can stand toe to toe with the epic clashes in Lord of the Rings. That parity has never been more apparent than here, where both franchises crash together in a mishmash of epic-ness. The Hobbit: The Battle of The Five Armies opens Dec. 17, 2014. KSiteTV has stumbled upon a very interesting tidbit in the latest issue of Entertainment Weely that seems to indicate that even though Supergirl will be on CBS -- and Arrow and The Flash are both on The CW -- we cana? rule out some epic crossovers since the three DC comics superhero series may very well inhabit the same TV universe. Supergirl (which was actually passed over by The CW) is currently being developed by Greg Berlanti, who is also a producer on both Arrow and The Flash. There you have it. That should make the geeks in all of us very, very happy. The network has debuted a tantalizingly creepy little teaser clip, with some stark visuals and characters that look to set up the direction of the new season. The next season promises to be a game-changer for the hit fantasy series, considering theya?

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Jon just made the first steps of forming an army. -- jonsnow kitharington wunwun ianwhyte serdavos liamcunningham gameofthrones. Can't even explain why. -- Tormund had some good arguments to convince the wildlings joini. Sniper, the African grey parrot, could be seen in video filmed on. Located in Borivali West in Mumbai, India, across from the. But we all know what they say about too much of a good thing. Refusing to leave. Teaser-Trailer. om - 2 weeks ago 01:35. The film entered in 100 crore club in its first week and its songs are topping every music list. In India, everyone is trying to rap and the credit goes to the film’s songs. Patel can next be seen in 'Hotel Mumbai' - which explores the terrorist attacks at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in India in 2008. 'Hotel Mumbai' was. Wibbitz - Bang Entertainment - on March 11, 2019 00:56. Short films in India are attracting investors and established Bollywood players, spoiling audiences for choice.