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OMG I almost pissed myself at Shit is On and Shit is On Even More titles. Loved also the I Fucked Up and Bros on a Search too. Extremely accurate. That is Meera because we see her in that Behind the Scenes video that was recently released in that exact position, by a tree, except it was filmed in daylight so that is a camera filter or post-editing to make it seem like nighttime. If that is Benjen coming to the rescue, then I guess he just found a horse somewhere, because last we saw in season 1, his horse returned to Castle Black. The black fur matches the fur she is wearing in the picture where she seems sad. She’s made it to castle Black only to find Jon dead (cough). Thomas Sandstone: I think they decided to put the Targaryen symbol on the armor to emphasize just who this knight is fighting for. Exactly, I don’t recall the show ever saying the Kingsguard wear white armor. White cloaks are different, and this Knight would have taken off his cloak while fighting. Visually, it’s nice to have the Targaryen sigil on the armor to signify a different time in history when Targs were in charge. Wasn’t there some rumor that Yara and Theon end up somewhere in Essos at the end of Season 6. I assumed Yara was in some brothel, somewhere in Essos. If that is Meera, I’m worried about her, what is she doing alone outside. When Davos draws Longclaw he is looking past Ghost at the door being beaten down. I think the NW men with him are Jon loyalists getting ready to defend his body. It’s seems to me the question, it Davos is in a room full of enemies who could he be talking to when saying “I am not a very good fighter I apologize for what your about to see”maybe Ghost. Those are the Nights watch brothers who are loyal to Jon, he is saying it to them before Thorne and his fellow mutineers break down the door Yea, I think the Umbers are taking the place of the Manderly’s for the show. The trailer scene could be the same one, shot day for night.

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Davos will say that LF can’t be trusted, so the news about Brynden may not even be true. Jon(who does not know LF or King’s Landing politics) will say that Sansa should have accepted the Vale’s help. By saying that Ramsay received a raven, Sansa avoided these arguments and she was able to motivate the men around her, by giving them a false sense of hope. In a way, it is similar to the way Sam got men to support Jon’s candidature to Lord Commander in the books. Now Brienne will go tell Blackfish that the North is rallying against Boltons, so Blackfish and remaining Riverland houses will support Sansa. The Northerners will rally to battle thinking that they have Blackfish’s support, and Blackfish will rally to battle thinking his has the North’s support. In the end (if everything goes as hoped) Sansa will get the support of both the North and Riverlands. But this is GoT, and rarely do things go as planned. Can’t be just the mark, otherwise they would have used it already on someone to pass through the Wall. Like the hell is the Five Forts of Yi Ti guarding from. Perhaps some shit went haywire with the White Walker magic. There is only a bit of detail about it in the books. Something along the lines of they got all kinds of people from all over the world to come help her, but they didn’t say what actually worked in the end. Iirc. Besides, all the focus on little Benjen in the flashbacks has to pay off in some way. Why tell Jon about an army that could as easily be against them as for them anyway. If dragonglass can kill WW I would think so can dragon flames. Then that ending happened and I that’s how I know that this is the saddest episode of GOT yet lol. And even though we now know how the WW were created, we still don’t know what their motive is.