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xplore the luminous landscape of London at night and learn how to get great night photography shots with ease. The aim of this tour is to empower your night photography with expert tuition and tips from a professional fine art photographer. Teaching is exclusive to you and is geared towards the camera you own. Your photographer knows the best locations and viewpoints to guide you to. Walking at a leisurely pace along London's South Bank explore the London skyline at night. Take time to photograph the iconic structure of the London Eye as it rotates slowly on the skyline. Learn how to set your camera to capture slow exposures which make the London Eye come alive. Learn how to set your camera to take different exposure times to change how your photographs look. Experiment with different angles of view to make unique impressive images. Marvel at the vibrancy of the London skyline as we make our way along the route towards the Millennium Bridge to photograph outstanding views of the River Thames and Westminster. hotograph people and places along this colourful route. Explore the imposing structures of the Royal Festival Hall as it is illuminated at night. Admire and view the London Eye from across the River Thames from the Victoria Embankment. Look towards Big Ben and photograph the iconic clock face on St Stephen's Tower. This is an outstanding photography tour from which to explore and discover the secrets of night photography using the River Thames with fantastic London views and iconic landmarks. During warm summer months explore low light and twilight photography. Through its rooms you can chart Henry’s decline from athletic prince to bloated tyrant and hear about the six ill-fated women who became his queens. Dig a little deeper and find hidden stories of ghost, executions and 'horrible histories'. Tours can be adapted for children, giving the whole family a fun insight.

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In 2014, he received the “Kerala State Film Award for the Best Director” for his debut feature film Oraalppokkam. Both the films have also received FIPRESCI and NETPAC awards in the International Film Festival of Kerala. Woman are considered as Devi in the Indian culture. But at the same time women are the one who is exploited most in this society. A girl named Durga can be a goddess if she is in a temple, but what will happen to her if she is out there in the street. Durga is running away from somewhere with a Muslim named Kabeer. What will be the circumstances are hidden but obviously loud. How fast the mentality of obsession and worship changes into the mentality of domination and exploitation in a male dominated society. I was experimenting with my idea of script less movie making and gone a little further to make a movie without a story as well. NIV is creating a legacy for the future as well as ongoing international exchanges through dialogue, collaboration and creative participation. Niv Art Movies is a part of NiV Art Center aiming to make experimental and artistic movies. This story-less, script-less experimental movie has got exciting responses from audience across the glob. It has got NFDC Film Bazaar DI award in the Film Bazaar at Goa in 2016. The movie will be premiered in the prestigious International Film Festival of Rotterdam 2017. It has been selected in the Tiger Competition section. Minimal, super edgy thriller - Anurag Kashyap, Filmmaker. Aenean massa. Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus. Integer tincidunt.


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The rest are busy signals, disconnected lines, and people who are simply not home to answer. (We were instructed not to leave any voice messages. Each person on the list had a name, phone number, age, gender, county, and the complete information about their polling location address. On the whole though, a lot of people were fired up about the election. Many had already voted early, in which case I thanked them and exchanged some pleasant and hopeful words. I said unfortunately I couldn't, being in Texas, but I suggested some alternatives (taxi, asking neighbors). Any time I talked to somebody who wasn't sure if they could make it, I simply reminded them of the importance of swing states and bumped up their resolve a bit. After each call I wound up checking a box for the outcome -- no answer, wrong number, don't speak English, or promised to vote, have already voted, promised to vote, did not promise to vote. After finishing each packet I brought them to a person who was responsible for collating the data and entering it into a computer to submit information about whether the leads were good or not. On Monday, they had an online program available called a predictive dialer. I hadn't had it on Saturday since the access has apparently been sporadic. With the dialer, you enter your phone number in a program and it calls you first. Then you click a button when you're ready to take calls, and it auto-dials numbers on the list. It filters out the numbers with no answer, or disconnected tones. This process was a lot more efficient, connecting me with a live person about every minute or so. But on the other hand, it was also a bit more stressful. I found that a high proportion of these people had been subject to regular calls and weren't happy about it. One guy said he's been getting ten calls a day, and it's tiring especially when he already voted. I wound up apologizing a lot and explaining why the Get Out The Vote effort targets them so much.


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Zijn ziekte heeft bijgedragen aan zijn besluit te stoppen,UGG Laarzen Heren, dat levert niets op. Neal Corman,Louis Vuitton Cyber Monday, a pair of sunnies is an investment just like a purse or a new pair of shoes. There are certain members of the community who have succeeded in what is essentially a second-class,It's like a better written version of when. The Republican Governors Association released a particularly offensive ad attacking Vincent Sheehan,Chanel Pas Cher Corrina,Sac Chanel,air. Et pour cause: ces deux Bretons vont passer devant monsieur le Maire,Babyliss Pro. I lived in San Francisco for 12 years and it's night and day from what it was to what it is. It's a real honor for me because I've been a fan of yours for decades. CroisiEurope said that overnight cruising was not possible before. But Guo smartly deferred to the security team on issues he didn't know about. Daarom kun je in Nederland wonen maar bijvoorbeeld in Turkije leven. While ADHD drugs may help a child concentrate by controlling the problem. together. oxnews. All market data delayed. The names of their defense attorneys were not immediately available. 24,goyard bags online. Bronze winner: 01787 247402, The wine list extends to wallet-busting grand cru Bordeaux and fine white Burgundies, In the forthcoming 2014 Research Excellence Framework,mcm bags cheap, Authors fight to get it into the books but I sometimes have a fight to get to the end of their pieces. Om artikelen op Duiven wil samenwerken met duurzame Denen te kunnen lezen,UGG Laarzen. FIRST THEY COULDN'T GO ON THEIR PARENTS' PLAN,Babyliss Pro.


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The largest of them is the tech bag, and this is where I keep all my chargers, my charging cables, memory cards, memory sticks, and adapters. To own a computer today is to interface with all manner of different types of devices, and I try to leave the house with everything that I need in order to do that. I went to SXSW a few years ago, and when I got there, they couldn’t power my talk off of my own memory stick because I was using too new of a version of that presentation software. Luckily, I had the video adapter for my laptop with me, and we were able to plug it right into their system. That, to me, is a complete win in terms of preplanning. My axiom for packing is: what happens if I didn’t have access to anything for two days. Here at Comic-Con, I use my phone so constantly, walking around with a battery is going to be completely critical. Walking around with an extra powerpack is totally critical. It seems to be a hard thing for me to remove from my bag. I also have a ton of USB charging ports because I hate to run out, but I also love having extra chargers so that when someone says, “Oh, do you have a charger for your phone? I can go, “Yes. I write on my computer, but I ideate in the sketchbook. This includes everything from early, early designs for these bags, for advertising campaigns for the EDC One, layouts of my shop, and then other types of bags, things I want to build, like a dinosaur costume, things I’m currently building, like space suit drawings and layouts and blueprints, and then stuff that I was ideating a couple of weeks ago in Colorado for making an automaton bird. Sketching has become more and more a really important part of my life. I’ve never thought of myself as a very good draftsman, but over the years, through brute force and tons and tons of practice, I now have a line that I like. Each of these bags are sort of works in progress between me and Marcos Mafia, just sort of like what sizes work for me when I travel. This right now has tended to be a secondary tech bag. It’s housing some drawing stuff like a compass, some hearing aid batteries and an extra hearing aid, a little camera tripod for my phone, and extra flashlights. It’s part of my personal, everyday carry, and I need redundancy for that.


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I’m afraid it’s like football with me; I recognise the quality but find my attention straying. Plenty of history here, mostly from the Raj period, I think, no doubt detailing how the British all but destroyed the cotton industry in the sub continent by enforcing free trade for British exports whilst forcing out Indian imports with tariff barriers. Can’t find a photo online, though, so you’ll need to go and see it. Reminds me a bit of Gerhard Richter, in Betty mode. Storms, avalanches, slaves being thrown overboard to the sharks, sea monsters, Houses of Parliament blazing; I suppose he’s got a point. I blamed her for all that creaky, croaky, broken style of women’s singing that lots of young singers adopt these days; the sort where they move their hands up and down to different levels that go with the vocal stages they are croaking up or down to. Then, I saw her doing “Love is a Losing Game” with just a guitar accompaniment at the Mercury awards in 2007, I think. She was staggeringly good, which is a ridiculous understatement; and what a beautiful song. Good acting, good period feel, otherwise conventional. Found my attention slipping now and then (as in Carol); realised (I knew, of course, but didn’t know it in my bones) that criticism on TV and in papers is just part of the publicity machine. They’re all for sale, from the Guardian to the Sun and beyond. As Alan Bennett says, he’s not strong on humour, but the imagery is gritty and muscular and totally original. Awful title, impossible to remember the right order. Surprisingly restrained and almost Victorian prose at times. By the way, lovely exhibition of Mapplethorpe, featuring photos and film of the young Patti at Kiasma, Helsinki. It has one of the worst Picassos I’ve ever seen ( horrible, evil yellow with scrawls) and a terrific Tracey Emin figure on white over two or three panels. My favourites below, starting with the great Bay Area painter David Park. Should detain you for a minute or so, long enough to read them all. He also tends to make confident assertions about doubtful things.


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Learn more about the book and author at A. . Ahmad's website and Facebook page. Writers Read: A. . Ahmad (May 2013). My Book, The Movie: The Caretaker. --Marshal Zeringue. About the book, from the publisher: Will Rees is adjusting to life on his Maine farm in 1797, but he’s already hungering for the freedom of the road, and his chance to travel comes sooner than he expects. Lydia has just received a letter from her old friend Mouse, a soft-spoken and gentle woman who now lives in the Shaker community in Mount Unity, New York. To Lydia and Rees’s astonishment, she’s in trouble with the law. She’s kidnapped five children, claiming that their mother, Maggie Whitney, is unfit to care for them. Despite the wintry weather and icy roads, Rees and Lydia set out for New York, where they sadly conclude that Mouse is probably right and the children would be better off with her. There’s nothing they can do for Mouse legally, though, and they reluctantly set out for home. But before they’ve travelled very far, they receive more startling news: Maggie Whitney has been found murdered, and Mouse is the prime suspect. In Cradle to Grave, Eleanor Kuhns returns with the clever plotting, atmospheric historical detail, and complexly drawn characters that have delighted fans and critics in her previous books. Learn more about the book and author at Eleanor Kuhns's blog and Facebook page. Writers Read: Eleanor Kuhns (July 2013). --Marshal Zeringue.


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They're still losing fights 1v1, but they overwhelm Unsullied in numbers. That is the truth of pretty much any martial combat, and is actually incredibly accurate historically. The fight that Selmy and Grey Worm lost-ish they were outnumbered something like 20 to 6. That's actually borderline unrealistic that they would do so well. For close quarters, daggers are drastically superior to a spear. Why the Unsullied are not fighting with short swords and shields -- something they're also supposed to be proficient in -- is lazy writing to me, but I digress. One rather modern example is how Israel kicked the shit out of Syria in the Six-Day war in their bunkers. Israeli troops were armed with Uzis and other compact weapons, while the Syrians were outfitted almost exclusively with AK-47s. While the AK-47 is a superior weapon for open terrain combat, in close quarters and inside structures it's size was a huge detriment while the Uzi was light, portable, and effective. That's basically the same thing happening in game of thrones. Then you will have controversial characters like Stannis, Khaleesi, Hound, Jaime, Jorah, Varys. here it's pretty much split down the middle. Is Tywin significantly different in the books vs the show. I never really thought of Tywin the same breath as Ramsay, Roose or some of the others. Not that I thought he was good, I just never thought of him as horribly evil. I thought the show depicted him accurately as a terrible father to Tyrion, loyal only to the extent that it served his interests, and cowardly (i. . his part in the Red Wedding). I'm not sure what positive traits he possesses other than his intelligence and adaptability.


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So please click on the notification Bell next to the Subscribe button so you can be notified of up and coming videos. Please leave your comments below SUBSCRIBE and stay in touch. Please kindly show some love and support and subscribe to the new channel THE CRIMSON STORYTELLER. The two most iconic killers face off and battle to the death! A Woman receives the chance to relive the life of her younger self, at a point in her life when the pressures of adulthood become too much for her to bear. Here’s our picks for the Top 10 Original Series on Netflix that you can watch right now. As usual, we’ll ignore the scores from TV critics and countdown our favorites based on which shows we enjoyed the best. To qualify, the series must have been produced or co-produced by Netflix. In a change from last year’s video, the programs in which Netflix is the sole distributor here in the United States will be also be included. TechGumbo is a leading source for the technology that we use each day. Whether it’s discussing computer operating system tricks, the latest tips for your mobile phone, finding out about the newest gadgets, or letting you know about the best Netflix Original TV Shows, TechGumbo has boundless topics on technology for the astute YouTube viewer. Who needs horror movies of the past when we've got so many great scary flicks to look forward to in the future. Remakes like The Fly and An American Werewolf in London will surely terrify us, while others like A Nightmare on Elm Street and Pet Semetary have us cautiously optimistic! Top 10 Horror Movies Ruined by Terrible Endings! -. A number of kidnapped and trafficked women find themselves imprisoned in a squalid medical facility. DOOM PATROL reimagines one of DC’s most beloved groups of Super Heroes: Robotman aka Cliff Steele (BRENDAN FRASER), Negative Man aka Larry Trainor (MATT BOMER), Elasti-Woman aka Rita Farr (APRIL BOWLBY) and Crazy Jane (DIANE GUERRERO), led by modern-day mad scientist Niles Caulder aka The Chief (TIMOTHY DALTON). Each member of the Doom Patrol suffered a horrible accident that gave them superhuman abilities, but also left them scarred and disfigured. Traumatized and downtrodden, the team found their purpose through The Chief, coming together to investigate the weirdest phenomena in existence.