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Turns out, this was one of the rare instances where I walked out of a horror movie with just some gripes about the movie, instead of the usual where I’m escorted by members of suicide watch because I tried to end my life multiple times in the cinema. Yes, I would rather end my life than sit through the entirety of shit like Ouija, Anabelle and fucking Sinister 2. This isn’t a horror movie with possession, bent bodies and nail-filled puke. Neither is it about ghostbusters with old tape recorders and giant cameras. Only, imagine if Tom could only maneuver in the dark and Jerry’s only shield is light. That’s probably the most apt description of this movie. This makes for a very exciting and kan cheong movie at parts, especially in the final act. Jerry and friends also have a secret weapon which is a black light, and when Jerry uses the black light to make Tom visible and simultaneously shines the flashlight at it, it burns. There was this one time, Jerry’s friend had no light, so he used his handphone screen light and the whole cinema BURST OUT LAUGHING. Unlike James Wan’s efforts in The Conjuring films, Lights Out directed by David Sandberg doesn’t give you goosebumps or make you worried for the characters or turn non-believers into believers or make you have sleepless nights and wet your bed for 300 days straight. Rather, this is like the best fucking carnival haunted house game ever.

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The only way to fit in is to beat them at their own game. Cast: Maja Pankiewicz, Dobromir Dymecki Wet Pavilion (UK) Director: Teva Cheema A kid witnesses the disintegration of his older brother's love life in a car wash. Gannon Betty loves animals, she loves them so much that everyday she puts 30 bowls of food outside of her home to feed them. She feeds skunks, raccoons, cats, foxes and the occasional opossum. Cast: Vladimir Bolshedvorskiy Enforcement Hours (USA) Director: Paloma Martinez In a climate of xenophobia and confusion, a San Francisco hotline aims to provide limited assistance to a targeted population. Gloria's Call (USA) Director: Cheri Gaulke From the cafes of Paris to the mountaintops of Samiland, a scholar’s life is forever changed through her friendships with the women artists of Surrealism. Cast: Gloria Orenstein Guns Found Here (USA) Director: David Freid Every gun sold in America has a serial number. A few brave citizens are tasked with tracking them. Las Del Diente (Spain, USA) Director: Ana Perez Lopez Three women discuss the social pressure of having kids while celebrating the uniqueness of their bodies. Food and space. Memory and reality.

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He further expressed that it would be unfortunate for the Congress party to neglect the sentiments and interests of its core constituencies of Jammu and Ladakh regions and follow the Kashmir centric policy. rof. Virender questioned those who talk of financial autonomy of the state when the state has always to depend upon the Centre grants not only for the development activities but also to pay salaries to its employees. He added that it looks mockery when those leaders who siphoned out their shares out of the Centre grants meant for the development activities, talk of financial autonomy of the state. he Spokesperson said that GST is beneficial for the state economy for the traders and for all sections of the society and added that it would provide transparency in the taxation system and curb the corruption. Ch. Lal Singh hon’ble Minister for Forest chaired a Janta darbar at Kathua Ch. Lal Singh hon'ble Minister for Forest chaired a Janta darbar at Kathua in which Ch Sahib distributed plants. Jugal Kishore Sharma Member of Parliament Lok Sabha Bjp Jammu Poonch was the chief guest at the same occasion. Moreover he added that the service to humanity is the greatest service to mankind and everybody should follow the teachings of Swami Ji. e thanked each and every persons present at the occasion by narrating few words of Swami Vivekananda “I am proud to belong to a religion which has taught the world both tolerance and universal acceptance.

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The remaining scale test must be completed between July 1 and December 31. This document. 20, 2011 (76 FR 3485) and on April 4, 2011 (76 FR 18348), concerning required scale tests. Those. Despite the same specifications for the explosive donor and polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) gap in both tests, calibration of shock pressure in the gap versus distance from the donor scales by a factor of 1. 5, not the 1. 75 difference in their sizes. Recently reported model calculations suggest that the scaling discrepancy results from the viscoelastic properties of PMMA in combination with different methods for obtaining shock pressure. This is supported by the consistent scaling of these donors when calibrated in water-filled aquariums. Calibrations with water gaps will be provided and compared with PMMA gaps. Scaling for other donor systems will also be provided.

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Xander Robin’s possibly autobiographical Are We Not Cats harkens to a time when New York’s punk, New Wave and dispossessed underground was represented on film by such films as Ulli Lommel’s Blank Generation, Susan Seidelman’s Smithereens and Desperately Seeking Susan, and Jim Jarmusch’s Permanent Vacation. Things haven’t changed all that much for the young people who comprise New York’s hipster proletariat, as represented here by Eli (Michael Patrick Nicholson). Eli’s a friendly enough chap, but he lacks the drive and passion for life necessary to make a living in the Big Apple. Here, however, Eli’s having a particularly rough week. Not only has he been dumped by his girlfriend and fired from his garbage-route job, but he’s also been thrown out of his immigrant parents’ apartment. They received an offered they couldn’t refuse and decided to pull up stakes for Arizona. His mother invites him to visit, but he wouldn’t last a week in the desert sun. On a delivery run upstate, Eli befriends a shady rock entrepreneur, Kyle (Michael Godere), and his kooky, blond-wigged girlfriend, Anya (Chelsea Lopez). When Kyle observes the chemistry growing between Eli and Anya, he warns him not to take everything about her at face value. After a very weird night together, it’s clear what Kyle meant about Anya’s hidden personality traits. In a shocking conceit that some viewers will find difficult to digest, Eli’s trichotillomania complements Anya’s trichophagia, but only to the point where tragedy overcomes the generally dark comic tone.

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Correa said she recently was swamped with medical bills after complications related to her multiple sclerosis, so she went to a Charlottesville law firm. When Heyer walked out to meet her, she was ecstatic to see the friend she had known growing up in Greene County. Heyer jumped in and guided Correa, who was uninsured and is a mother of six, through the daunting financial process. She was a “young white woman who died standing up not just for people of colour in general but, also the people of colour that I love, that I worry about, ” said Correa, who is biracial, black and Hispanic. “She died for a reason. I don’ t see any difference in her or a soldier who died in war. We will not let Heather go in vain. George Christos said: “Very sad that our country continues to see this hatred and that a young life was lost as a result. Her friends were organising a candlelit vigil in her memory on Sunday night. Heyer was a challenge to raise sometimes because she was so strong-minded, but that didn’ t upset Bro. She always encouraged her to be independent and think for herself.

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The screenplay is crisp, and the cinematography is beautiful. It’s directed by Brad Furman and written by Ellen Brown Furman (Brad’s mother), based on the autobiography of the same name by Robert Mazur, a U. . Customs special agent. Art Shrian from myNewYorkeye, had an opportunity to talk to the wonderful director Brad Furman. I could not even get up to pee, since the movie was so tense and gripping, honestly. I really enjoyed, the tension, thrill, drama and everything about the film. Good Job Brad! Brad Furman: (laughs) Thank you very much. Thanks! AS: So tell us about how did this movie came along.

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In 2015 James Holmes was convicted of the murder of 12 people and got over 3000 year sentence for injuring 70 in a horrificattack that seemed to come straight from the pages of a comicbook. Clad all in black body armour, sporting a gas mask over hisorange hair and with an arsenal of weapons, his 2012 attack isladen with inconsistencies surrounding a second shooter, the oddarrest and conflicting witness testimony. But it's the rumored Sandy Hook, LIBOR scandal, MK Ultra and CIAconnections that have conspiracy theorists questioning everythingfrom an imposter in court and mind controlled zombie to gun controlagendas and black op cover-ups. On this episode we tear open the cellar door and descend deep into the depths of depravity as we talk about the Monster ofAmstetten. A disturbed fiend, a merciless abuser, and a master ofdeception, Josef Fritzl. From his troubled adolescent life in Nazi occupied Austria tohis early perverted behavior and sexual crimes we'll examine themaking of a monster. We'll also cover the 24 years of torture his family suffered,the other crimes he's suspected of committing and the incredibleway in which he hid his horrific acts behind the face of asuccessful businessman and loving father. On this episode we look at Edward Snowden, Julian Assange,Wikileaks, the newly formed fifth estate and the ensuing war onwhistleblowers. The current raging debate surround the sharing ofclassified cables and state secrets and the slow erosion of ourprivacy online. Through the life of Julian Assange and the creation of Wikileakswe cover the incredible history of data and secret documentreleases such as the Guantanamo torture techniques and ScientologyManuals, culminating in the Bradley Manning leak of the Iraq warfiles and the now infamous Collateral Murder video. We'll also take a long look at former NSA employee Edward Snowden, who is now in exile in Russia, and whose revelationssurrounding the NSA and it's global spying network and espionagepractices have changed the way governments are seen today.