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Why did Fasano even make an issue of it. Does anyone actually believe that legislators don't cuss or use colorful metaphors all the time. Does anyone actually think that such language could actually cause anyone any harm. Does anyone think that the problems Florida faces are so minor that we should be worrying about things so ridiculous. Fasano reprimanded her for the remark, saying that the president should be respected, regardless of who is in the office. That remark wasn't the problem and, again, we have bigger things to worry about. Most media reports gloss over the rest of her remarks focusing on the dueling inappropriate comments. The problem is that while those are sexy, headline-grabbing remarks, the fact that Storms repeatedly referred to discredited smears of the president and used ridiculous logic while discussing actual public policies is the real story here and few (outside of NPR) are letting the public know about it. This argument has been widely rejected as not even remotely true, but you couldn't blame an average citizen for believing it, since the media repeats it. Storms, though, is held to a higher standard since she is an elected representative of the people. She is supposed to know better and is supposed to do her homework on behalf of her constituents, not just repeat Fox News talking points. As anyone who has been paying attention knows, Obama said, quite clearly and repeatedly, that he would opt in to the public finance system if, and only if, John McCain would agree to stringent rules that would limit not only what the campaigns did, but 527s, political parties and other groups as well. Obama knew, based on Republican history, that the candidate would abide by any agreement, but would then outsource the dirty tricks to these other groups. Obama acted on that knowledge and said that things had to be done fair and honest or that he wouldn't handcuff himself and give McCain an unfair advantage. McCain and his people rejected these conditions, so Obama stayed out of the public finance system.


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nd an ancient evil has awakened. Game of Thrones season 1 introduced fantasy and epic fans to the cutthroat and brutal world of Westeros and the lengths to which people are willing to go to sit on the coveted Iron Throne. The Game of Thrones first season aired on HBO in 2011, and with all the plot twists and new characters GoT throws at viewers. Game of Thrones is over, and if rumors are to be believed, we could be in for a two-year wait for the eighth and final season. I'm sure you'll agree that that is way too long for our next fix of Jon, Dany and Cersei. Reliving the entire action from Seasons 1 through 7 again. There are so. Game of Thrones” returns to HBO on July 16, and we're looking back at the first six seasons. Season 1 established the show's central conflicts from its very first moments. Need a refresher on the many, many, many things that have happened on Game of Thrones before Season 7. Get caught up on Game of Thrones with our handy season 1 recap - complete with gifs for your viewing pleasure. Despite whatever Syrio Forel may say, the god of death comes for a whole lot of people on Game of Thrones, whether it's today, yesterday, or tomorrow. Game of Thrones is a series based on George R. . Martin's best-selling 'A Song of Ice and Fire' series.


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You see Land doing the same thing to YOU that his ancestors did to your ancestors. Like the English, we shall rule this empire with a handful of men. It would be a mistake to claim to educate the native. All that we could give him would be a half-knowledge—just what’s needed to conduct a revolution! . He would have preferred to conduct the war without officers, with only technicians and functionaries. . I mentioned the idea to a couple meatspace “people” and they were very concerned. “Do you want to be put in a fucken nuthouse? Guess yer kinda right. “People” think it’s just a “metaphor” when I say “we’re living in a neo dark age”. Through some morbid twist of fate a twelve year old boy wanders across the strobe dance floor. You can tell he’s a Chad waiting to happen, in fact he’s chadder than most adult males already (I have a little cousin like this I love him! he has blonde hair and blues eyes. Now, in the language of The Giver (which is a gr8 children’s book btw) what “stirrings” do you think are taking place in the minds, hearts, and cocks of these homos.


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The more southern latitudes have more sun than that. Arianne also remembers a green-haired Tyroshi girl, perhaps Dany in disguise, but you could make an argument about the lack of Viserys. You would have served the Archon as a cupbearer and met with your betrothed in secret, but your mother threatened to harm herself if I stole another of her children, and I. To Tyrosh, to court the Archon’s green-haired daughter? . You would have served the Archon as a cupbearer and met with your betrothed in secret. When Dany would have been living in Braavos, it would have been during the height of the Long Summer where temperatures would have been much warmer. It helped them remain hidden for more than a century from the Valyrian Empire. If, as the top comment suggests (and as I agree with), the house with the red door was the Sealord's house, then these schmucky Lannister guards aren't going to get to see the inside of the nicest manse in the city. I don't think Dany memories point out to any ostentatious luxuries you would expect if they were hosted by Braavosi 1%. One of its rooms had great wooden beams with carved animal faces adorning them. The lemon tree could be seen outside a window from that room. This is the sort of thing where GRRM is getting into Dany's head, looking for details that people remember about their childhood. It doesn't necessarily mean it'll tie into the plot; it already has plenty of symbolic meaning to Dany's character arc. That makes sense, I suppose; it was supposed to be a pretty secret deal signed with the Sealord.