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ondon Panoramic Tour and Tower of London A whistle-stop tour of London’s famous monuments. Have your cameras ready for our photo stop at the spectacular Tower of London. Buckingham Palace and Horse Guards Parade Visit Horse Guards Parade and Buckingham Palace - an unforgettable experience. Savour a sumptuous lunch with a traditional 2 course meal. St Paul's Cathedral and City of London Uncover the history of our capital city, from the Great Fire in 1666 to the Blitz of 1940-1, as our tour takes you to the key locations where it all began. Drive through London's financial district, visit the iconic London landmark of St Paul’s Cathedral and witness Sir Christopher Wren’s masterpiece. River Thames Boat Ride Take to the water on a River Thames boat ride and travel along London’s array of attractions. Take to the skies on a London Eye experience and enjoy breathtaking views of London from the luxury of your glass capsule. Discover how to make the most of your camera, develop your passion for photography, and learn how to create stunning urban landscape compositions. ake in the fun of Soho, the grandeur of Trafalgar, and the classic market at Covent Garden while you learn the hottest secret insider urban photography tips and tricks from your guide. All you need to bring with you is a passion for photography, a creative nature, and some good walking shoes.

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I think this is the only and best solution to defeat this protection, but maybe you have something better in mind. I’ve tried making a DVD copy and the Cinavia kicks in on that too. Thanks. If you are not using the latest version, you may try to update your software to see the result. This is the very latest version that does NOT have the Cinavia bug in it. You should never have to worry about Cinavia for quite a while. It’s about time DVDFab has a solution for standalone players. I burned an MP4 file to a DVD and played it on a Sony Blu Ray player. About 16 minutes into it, a message popped up saying something to the effect of content was unauthorized to play on this disk, disabling sound. However, what’s interesting is we put that MP4 onto a thumb drive and played it directly and it worked. Does that mean the UK release by Entertainment One is not Cinavia protected.

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1 Lady Crane I just couldn't like her. The friendly woman who helps Arya for no reason and finally gets killed by the Waif because Bianca payed for it. Actually I don't like any of the actors in Braavos, although I loved their plays. Part 15 of the Return makes us wonder what's up with Audrey. Many exciting things happened in the Return Part 15. In-depth look at the new teaser trailer for the season finale of Game of Thrones. Part 14 of the Return was a great one so check these out. Beyond the Wall will see Jon Snow and his crew go north of the wall. We recap the top moments in the Return part 14 We are Like the Dreamer. This video uses a hypothetical timeline to sort the events in the order they happened. The photos don't give much away but we now know the filming has started.