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There's still parts of the world I want to see other than Mexico and Jamaica, both of which I have now been to twice. There's adventures I want to try, like hot-air ballooning and the experience of Mardi Gras. I still want to parasail-now mostly because it seems the Universe doesn't want me to, given I am 0-for-2 when it comes to trying. Other goals aren't that exciting: I'd like to pick up another rental house at some point and pay off my credit cards by the end of next year. It's a start to the list and it does feel good to start thinking that a long, happy future does exist for me. I am, however, still very well aware there's no guarantee that tomorrow exists. I want to have someone by my side with whom I can enjoy them. It turns out my 22-year-old self and my 38-year-old self have a lot of the same life goals. I want to fall in love and have an engagement that ends in a wedding this time instead of a funeral. Normal Girls Eat Cheeseburgers Cache Translate Page I grew up eating meat. We were poor and ground beef was inexpensive and versatile. I never really considered myself much of a meat eater, however, and always said I would easily be able to give it up. I knew I needed to make some changes to my diet but just couldn't motivate myself to do so. I had a sinus infection at the time but despite following the directions, I kept throwing up my Amoxicillin-and everything I ate. So, my system had been cleansed, though not in a traditional manner, as recommended before starting a diet lifestyle change. Other than missing bacon (mmm bacon) and the convenience of meat, I did not find it hard to be vegetarian, though I did find a few chain restaurants to not be vegetarian-friendly. Over time, I started to notice I kept getting sick and finally was able to attribute it to onions. My dad was allergic to them and it turns out as much as I love them, they don't love me. It also turns out that onions are used to flavor about 95% of vegetarian dishes and cannot always be left out.

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Move on Irina Ratcu It's true, the leaks came out months ago and most large lines are correct, the wight hunt, the frozen lake attack, the battle between the Lannisters and the Tyrells, then the Targaryen ambush on the Lannister army, they're all being filmed as we speak. Now the Dany x Jon sex scene, LF's death by Arya Jon's Targaryen name and all the other smaller scale stuff are hard to prove since they're all being filmed indoors but so far the leaks have proven to be 100% correct. I just hope they don't rush b shit way too fast as they have in the past or worse since there are only 7 eps. Striker163 It's clear some of this true, but also some of it is bs, and some of it is completely miss interpreted FonkeyMonkeyFox No bs it seems. Jeffxd Sounds like crappy fan fiction bio drando Not fan fiction believe me Margaret Choffel why would Jon give up his title. Do they send an instant ravengram to Dany for a rescue. Who brings the White back if Jon is hurt, and the rest have ridden off on Dany's dragons. Then who does the presentation of the White and who is going to listen to Jon if he is no longer King. So what what Sam finds out about Jon's heritage if he has given it all up. These spoilers should only be taken with a huge bucket load of salt. Oh and is it Cersie or Dany that Jon refuse to bend a knee to. Benjamin Limb I kinda would love jon snow vs euron 1 on 1 fight to the death to save yara and get mad respect from yet another female cast member. Kritz Great vid. Channel was recommended and I gotta say I enjoyed watching enough to subscribe lol. It's more fitting that he be called Aemon, after Maester Aemon at the wall. Jon was close to him, and Aemon obviously recognised something in him. When Jon was younger, at Winterfell, he always pretended to be Aemon the Dragonknight. If he knew his own heritage, he would realise she's his AUNT. Just because Jon has Targaryen blood doesn't mean he would be comfortable with incest - he's far too honourable for that.


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Probably the best known version of this line is fromWoody Allen, who said: I dont want to achieveimmortality through my work. In Greek mythology Tethys or Thetis was thepersonification of the feminine fecundity of the sea. Shewas the daughter of Uranus and Gaia, and the youngestfemale Titan (or Titanide). Eventually she married herbrother Oceanus, and together they had more than 3000children, namely all the rivers of the world. Undoubtedly because of these origins, Tethys is a namethat has been given to, amongst others, a tropical seathat existed during the Triassic era in what is nowSouthern Europe, and to a moon of Saturn, one primarilycomposed of water ice. Note that this is one instance where it appears Terryviolates his own unwritten rule that trolls should havemineral names. Perhaps this is simply because we arelooking at this early book in the series with hindsight: theonly rock troll to appear up to this point lasted aboutthree paragraphs and didnt have a chance to introducehimself. Glenlivet is a well-known Single Malt Scotch whisky. Tethis is describing a planet designed according to aworld-view that is about as ancient and as widespread asthe idea of a Discworld itself. Andindeed, in our universe Augustin Fresnel was the 19thcentury inventor of the Fresnel lens, often used inlighthouses to concentrate the light beam. Its five-year mission: to explorestrange new worlds, to seek out new life and newcivilisations to boldly go where no man has gonebefore. Terry remarks: The point is that Krullian isnt Swedish its just a language that looks foreign. In the same way, Ihope the hell that when Witches Abroad is translated thetranslators use some common sense when dealing withNanny Oggs fractured Esperanto. This is one of those candlesticks with a flat, saucer-likebase, a short candleholder in the middle and a loop togrip it by at one side. Wee Willie Winkie is a MotherGoose nursery rhyme, and traditional illustrations alwaysshow Willie going upstairs carrying a candle. Wee Willie Winkie runs through the town,Upstairs and downstairs, in his nightgown. apping at the windows, Crying through the lock,Are the children all in bed. Note that in the UK until a few years ago the pubsopened at 11 a. .


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roken agreement. Cognitive Psychology 23: 45-93. Eberhard, Kathleen. 1999. ? he accessibility of conceptual number to the processes of subject-verb agreement in English. Journal of Memory and Language 41: 560-578. Franck, Julie, Gabriella Vigliocco and Janet Nicol. 2002. ? ubject-verb agreement errors in French and English: The role of syntactic hierarchy. Language and Cognitive Processes 17(4): 371-404. Langacker, Ronald. 1991. Concept, image and symbol. Vigliocco, Gabriella, Brian Butterworth and Merill Garrett. 1996b. ? ubject-verb agreement in Spanish and English: differences in the role of conceptual-constraints.


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They are mentioned in the first few lines of dialogue as threatening the flowering trees of the city of Agra (the city which is the home of the Red Fort and the Taj Mahal, two major symbols of the Muslim Mughal Empire in India). The film deals with a Muslim owner of a small shoe factory. He decides to stay in Agra, but his brother moves to Karachi and gradually life becomes very difficult for the brother left behind. Garam Hava proved controversial even after more than 20 years since the events depicted. It had a delayed release because of fears of communalist violence. It was supported by the government agency, the NFDC and submitted as India’s entry for Best Foreign Language Oscar. The interview in 2014 was conducted at the time of the film’s re-release. (You need to click on the link and watch the interview directly on YouTube). The director Deepa Mehta was born in Amritsar in Punjab in 1950. She moved to Delhi as a child and graduated from the University of Delhi. In 1973 she migrated to Canada and started a film career as a writer and documentarist. She directed her first feature in 1991 and as well as English language features in Canada she has returned to India to make four features. All three films were controversial ( Fire addresses lesbianism and Water, the treatment of widows in traditional Hindu culture). Her 2012 adaptation of Midnight’s Children was less successful (but still well worth watching). The music is by A. R. Rahman and the actors include the current Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan in an early role. Like Train to Pakistan its focus on Punjab means that the complexity of religious, social and cultural relationships are explored in some detail. The kite-flying is a joyful competition which ironically underlines how the community will later be divided by the violence of the communal violence in the lead up to Partition.