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Post them, paste them in this sub, thanks: Jon isn't King in the North anymore by his own decree. He signed Warden in the North in his letter to Sansa last season. That's game 1 season of inconsistencies in this ridiculous text. Arriving in Winterfell without her armies contradicts their last conversation in Dragonstone too. Most of these details season have to be found by standing right there as they're filmed. Most of us have and you wouldn't speech we band of brothers half of this info from a script, nor would they drag you from location to location as they film. I couldn't get past all the typos and inconsistencies here. You completely lost me when you said Jon and Dany didn't show up with her armies, after they clearly said they'd meet them along the road, on the way throns. Dany is all about dramatic thrones, oof are the showrunners. But Rome wasn't built in a day, and it's only the first month of the year. So we thrones just have to be patient. e do not deliberately spoil other game, but we do not hide ourselves away either. Another Game of The sopranos wikipedia episode has leaked online. Tormund and Gendry ride for Winterfell, whilst we see a burning Castle Black in game background. Write to me in PM, we will talk. ant to add to the discussion. I can prove it. Write to me in PM, we will discuss. inter is Coming You commit an error. Who else, what can prompt?

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Yes and the archer who kept missing was Edmure Tully. He is the guy who actually got married at the Red Wedding. He is supposed to be alive as well but in the hands of the Freys. He really never even did anything of note in the show, but he always seemed so. capable. I don't know. I can tell the guy is a fucking beast. He reminds me of Ser Barristan (of the books, not the show). Old and grizzled but can still take down just about anybody. I hope they don't screw too much with the book dialogue from that scene. I assume this means Sean Bean gets a cameo next season. Other than that, it should be next to identical from the book. Based on what they did last season, they'll cut out all of the awesome dialogue and make it a 1v1 battle between Ned and Arthur. Seriously, those fuckers messed so much shit up by trying to get it done in 7 seasons. I understand cutting Aegon and LSH but the Dorne bullshit doesn't make any fucking sense. Ellaria kills Myrcella but strands the last heir to Dorne with a pissed off Jamie? LMAO. ClutchFans has been bringing fans together to talk Houston Sports since 1996. Join us. Your comments from last night's game, potential roster moves, player quotes and pictures.


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Just like book Stannis said, “sacrifice isn’t supposed to be easy, otherwise it wouldn’t be a true sacrifice. He did what he did because he thinks that it’s the only way to save the world. All these people blindly hate him for it but what would you do if the only way to save the world was to sacrifice your child. Luckily none of us will be faced with that decision, but Stannis was. And Selyse really shocked me with how much she cared at the end. The ultimate tragedy in all this is that it’s become pretty obvious at this point is that Stannis is not Azor Ahai reborn. That means that Shireen ultimately burned alive for nothing. Only one thing can spark a censorious backlash. Rape. They think if they moan enough, rape will no longer be a subject explored in art. It’s another Occam’s Razor issue: for it to be true, we’d have to have several improbable things. A Blackfyre descendant who is the same age as Aegon; 3. A Blackfyre descendant who looks so much like Rhaegar that someone who had met Rhaegar can see the resemblance through blue hair. The other model is much simpler and relies on nothing improbable: all you need is a blond haired baby. (And, no, very young children with similar hair and similar skin tones are not distinguishable by people who do not know them well: and it would be harder to recognize them once dead because 1) most of what you use to distinguish similar looking young children is behavior; and, 2) everyone looks different when dead, anyway. However, nephew Aegon introduces a real moral dilemma for our 1a protagonist: does Daeny follow the rules of primogeniture, or does she accept that she has earned the right to rule as she sees fit. Also, can she trust Aegon to rule as she sees fit given that Daeny has very definite ideas about what “fit rule” really is. After all, how would they be able to tell if he’s fooled Connington and Tyrion (two very shrewd individuals, after all). If Doran, who has met Rhaegar, can be convinced, then Aegon is quite convincing. If they’re trying to rescue her, they won’t be going on about how risky and dangerous an escape attempt is and trying to talk her out of it.


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24: SMOKING CESSATION, WEIGHT REDUCTION AND INSOMNIA 317 Obvious requirements are a comfortable bed and a dark, quiet environment that is neither cold nor overly stuffy. Avoidance of any central nervous system stimulants in the hours before retiring is commonly advised, with tea and coffee particularly in mind. On the other hand, it is considered that a warm milky drink may be of benefit. Alcohol may facilitate sleep onset but cause waking later in the night, so is not usually advised. Poor sleepers sleep even more poorly if the period immediately prior to retiring is spent studying. Conversely, many people find that light reading or an easy-to-watch television programme is of assistance (see Horne 1992, Parkes 1985). However, we shall see that the stimulus control method specifically proscribes any activity other than sleep in the bedroom. A heavy meal, taken soon before retiring, or vigorous exercise, is not recommended. There is an idea, however, that regular exercise does promote good sleep. It may be the case that this is more to do with establishing a regular, healthy routine of work, rest, play and eating. Too restrictive a diet and hunger exacerbate insomnia. If possible, times of retiring to bed and rising in the morning should be fixed, although lie-ins are fine at weekends and during holiday breaks. Daily naps are not precluded although it is better that these are taken at a fixed time of the day. However, in the initial stages of treating insomnia, it is a good idea to prohibit napping until the sleeping pattern has been restored. We are aware of a recommendation that a nap should not extend into dream sleep, on the grounds that this will interfere with night-time sleep, but we have not located any supporting evidence. There are special recommendations for people whose employment requires a shift rota. Many patients will be taking night-time sedation and may have done so for some considerable time, maybe months and even years. Nowadays, however, doctors are much more reluctant to allow repeat prescriptions of sleeping tablets, except perhaps in the elderly. Sleeping tablets can be helpful for shortterm insomnia (up to 4 weeks). Thereafter, patients find that when they try to do without them, the insomnia returns, sometimes with a vengeance.