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Sinai started his collection. This led to a lifelong passion for collection badges, which now includes up to 8,000 federal, state, city, local and railroad badges. It also includes the largest collection of historic humane law enforcement badges in the world. Having bought, sold and traded badges for over 50 years, some of the most thrilling finds are rare badges from Brooklyn. We're pleased to announce that Mr. Sinai is also donating a portion of his collection to the Brooklyn Collection. By featuring the good work done by Brooklyn's protectors, we aim to shine a light on the everyday members of our community, who in times of trouble take on the mantle. Light refreshments are served and everyone is invited and welcome to join and share in the warmth, knowledge, and friendship within the congregation. Or a multi-layered exploration of racism and how outsiders are excluded. The Knaves of CST under the direction of Artistic Director, Diana Green, determined that this was the right political climate for this provocative play and they will be on hand before and after each performance to discuss the issues that the play brings up and to hear audience feedback. Merchant will be performed in modern costume with modern music and even live music.

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Reading Coraline to this H? g H? h Ngo. This music takes me to the dephs of the City, and its infinite laybrinth of massive hallways, corridors, stairwells, and skywaks, all within the probably most epic megastructure ever conceived for SCI-FI. Anyone else use this music for their Nemesis board game sessions. Reminds me of the GFS Valhalla from Metroid Prime 3 JackQueSlack23 3 ? “Good morning” Slack said as she woke up at 6:30. It was light, lighter than she expected. “Huh. she muttered. She picked up her phone, dialling her friend.

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. the Federal Reserve will release the latest data on industrial production in July. Economists are looking for a rise of 0. percent, compared with a 0. percent increase in June. Manufacturing and mining have been showing signs of life lately, and this data may be an early indicator of economic momentum in the third quarter. Nelson D. Schwartz NAFTA talks begin; Retail earnings; Consumer confidence money. nn. om. That’s some serious math right there.

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Joker uses Harley's jealousy to his advantage, until Harley figures out that's just what he's doing, and turns the tables on him by playing him at his own game. Moving to a new city, heart ache from a long lost love and facing the past with a new future. He's elated, ecstatic, giddy. ntil he realizes he just destroyed his only reason for living. We'll follow Joker through his cycle of grief over this sudden revelation. As both his lover and shrink we'll also delve into the thoughts and insight of Harley Quinn. Another story on how Gomez and Morticia met and their life together before they had children. Based on 1990's cast with some TV elements thrown in. It's cold outside and he gives her his spiked leather jacket to wear. Floating away in a yellow balloon definitely wasn't in my plans. And getting stranded on an island with no hopes of escape and the only company I have is my psycho ex-boyfriend, was NEVER supposed to happen.

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Grey is, of course, the predominant Stark color, the House Jon associates with and desperately wants to be a part of. Black, on the other hand, is, of course, the color of the Night’s Watch. Joining the Night’s watch is commonly referred to as “taking the black”. But thinking in terms of the Dance of Dragons, the assassination of Jon Snow becomes even more nuanced because Jon faces the greatest betrayal imaginable, delivered by his Black Brothers. This event will undoubtedly force Jon to shed the color black, just as he did in the show. Also important to keep in mind that green is, generally, a color associated with spring, rebirth and, within the context of this story, with the magic of the old gods and the children of the forest, a magic Jon already has by virtue of him being a warg. In addition to that, he has already undergone an actual rebirth when he was brought back from the dead (or will do so in the books). In conclusion, it seems to me that the colors black and green are placed in opposition to each other in the series and tend to signal a war of cataclysmic proportions, much at the same scale as the War for the Dawn. The Nightfort is one of the abandoned castles of the Night’s Watch along the Wall, the only one whose steps up the side of the Wall were carved into the ice. This is significant because the Nightfort is by far the most magical castle on the Wall, with steps carved into the ice and this crazy, weird element that didn’t actually make it into the TV show: The magical Black Gate is a hidden subterranean gate that allows passage to the other side of the Wall and is as old as the Wall itself. It is set deep in a wall of the well at the center of the kitchens and is made of white weirwood with a face on it.


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Wonder if they’ll reveal that to Jon next year so he can meet his other cousin, Danaerys, and learn he’s a Targaryen and a Stark. When they showed Sam into the library I don’t think I’ve seen him any more at a loss for words because he was so awestruck. It is because of her that Jon is name King in the North. I hope they keep a close eye on Littlefinger because, as usual, he’s up to something and it kind of spooked Sansa. I’m so sad that the long night has come but I’m happy I have HBO NOW so I can watch the whole thing over and over and over again. Oh, more time must have passed since their last scene than is made apparent”. Also, if they showed all the characters travelling, people would whine that they’re “wasting time” with them. People are just reacting to what the writers and the actors said in the HBO videos. To be honest, when I watched the episode I didn’t get the vibe that Sansa was angry and jealous, etc. But, it looks like the writers will be going that way next season. I love both of them (and all the Starks, for that matter) so I do hope this “conflict” they’re clearly setting up won’t last long throughout season 7.