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They all laughed of course taking that to be a joke, but we know better. He certainly pissed off Jaime with his comments to Cersei about wishing to become the King beside her and also having a poke at him saying at least he’s still got two hands. No idea what this gift will be to her to show he’s trustworthy. I would be retching also doing that job emptying the piss and shit pots. Assisting the Grand Maester in the mortuary couldn’t have been much fun either. I jumped out of my seat when the arm with greyscale shot out of the hatch, but I guessed immediately it was Jorah’s even before he spoke and asked Sam if the Mother of Dragons had arrived on Westeros. His prediction to Arya saying they both would be dead by winter was correct after he robbed the man of his silver. However, he must have had respect for them and buried their bodies albeit he forgot the rites said at funerals in the Faith of the Seven. I can only see the home page, but then I can’t move from there to anywhere. Whispers of Westeros is unavailable to visitors outside the United States. I didn’t get goosebumps or any kind of feels. (( The mass murder of the Freys was cheap.

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Stephen Robinson You can tell how shitty this movie is, when they would rather talk about McDonalds Monopoly than the movie. Snackers The Sorcerer Apparently, the McDonalds Monopoly is or was once rigged and the guy who ran the whole thing kept the winning pieces and shared it with his friends and family. Blast Action You know a movie is bad if it has you quoting from Employee of the Month. BefuddledWizard try harder to troll mang DarkKnightFanBoy It's funny because the actress playing the younger sister is actually older than the main girl lol Leanne Who. The trailer for John Wick 2 played during Ouija 2 TheAmethystDreamer Hey would it be possible to send you pieces to the monopoly thing. Sabrina Loizides-Merideth And now there's a sequel coming out. an't wait for the review of that. Sabrina Loizides-Merideth I saw that. pparently it's a good flick. KDog1265 Sabrina Loizides-Merideth No joke, the sequel is at an 81% on Rotten Tomatoes. GalanDun Hammermor Speaking of Oculous, why was WWE Studios involved with that film. Arrowdodger They do ones without wrestlers in them, too, I think since they manage to usually turn a profit on it, so it keeps the side business worthwhile.


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I had been a little bit familiar of this your broadcast offered bright transparent idea. IE still is the market chief and a huge element of other folks will pass over your magnificent writing because of this problem. I am completely new to blogging however I do write in my diary every day. Addition to the collection stoked I got this on Blu-ray ain't seen it in forever. Never seen this one but it sounds right up my street. I decided to rewatch Alice, sweet Alice (1976) for tonights entertainment. Freddy returns once again, this time stalking and seeking his revenge on the surviving teens who defeated him through last go round. But this time, they have a little help from the ghost of Freddy's own mother. This was the first time Freddy would go against survivors of his rampage more then once, and would continue onto the next film in the series. Once again, the effects aren't that great, and Freddy's ressurection at the beginning of the movie is pretty lame, but some of Freddy's best quotes are in this one, and it has a interesting enough story. -. After an attack by Freddy Krueger is mistaken for a suicide attempt, young Kristen is sent to a mental hospital where she finds the young teens there are also being stalked by Freddy in their dreams.


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Movies like Harold and Kumar go to White Castle, but without the irony. Popeyes Chicken; Bed, Bath and Beyond; Applebee’s; Staples and many other brands are written as plot points in Little Nicky; Click; The Zookeeper and that twin movie, respectively. Then, when the movie comes, there is heavy cross promotion between the studio and McDonalds and at least one key scene set inside McDonalds that features “cute” callbacks to the commercial. I know of several places where this is in development. You introduce a new sub-brand of Lucky Charms with a slew of ads cofunded by a studio and a brand. You pump the brand for a year or two, then mKe a cartoon series. Reboot from Gore Verbinski and, of course, Battleship). It’s bizarre and a little scary how big those directors are and how much money was spent on options and production budgets. Our generation might not like it, but the next one will see it as totally organic. I’ve been reading about these board game movies for years, but I think the Battleship flop has finally stemmed the tide. When people hear about a Monopoly film, I think most people, hopefully, roll their eyes. As cynical as I can be sometimes, I don’t think more than one or two of these feature length advertisements can be released without people starting to take notice that they’re being force fed an hour and a half advertisement.


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I think even a semi restored house Tully could be a problem for Littlefinger. And her mother didn’t really like Jon because of the whole affair thing. It doesn’t mean that they don’t love each other, but it’s just typical sibling tension. He hasn’t actually learned his lesson from trying to pay attention to what she’s feeling. We all want a leader who’s going to be decent and honorable. And I think he’s definitely entitled to be running Winterfell, although Sansa might have a problem with that, I fear. Her relationship with Jon Snow, I think, is an indication of what’s going to come. Jon doesn’t acknowledge everything his sister has done for him, after all that they’ve been through. And it’s not that she’s looking for praise or anything. She did it because she wants revenge and also she wants her home back. You deserve it. We’re standing here because of you.