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I went down to the steps and shouted don’t fire until you can see who you’re firing at. When we got to the station master’s office, he was lying down, having been shot dead inside the office. The assistant was sitting at his desk shivering, and asked what was happening. We told him the train is not going to move until daylight comes,”About mid-day, the next day Geoffrey and the Indian troops managed to get to Amritsar railway station. “The military guarding the trains at the station were in Pakistani army uniforms, getting ready to return to Lahore. The Indian people knowing that I was from the Pakistan army told me that they no longer want the Pakistani military to be here but allowed me to continue my journey to the Himalayas. There he was told to coordinate with the unit in charge of sending migrants to Pakistan. Like most migrants to Pakistan, Mr Langlands was required to get clearance from the Pakistan desk of Delhi. They had to clear some payments and I had no problem with that. From Delhi, I took the emergency flight by air to Lahore.

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Tyrion's 7-year plan gives her an excuse to leave Essos and get to taking the Iron Throne, though I suspect Tyrion will be the one coming back in 7 years to enforce that deal. Very quickly and well, they changed the directions of multiple plot arcs. More importantly, in the discussion of the episode, Benioff or Weiss said this was inspired Lincoln's initial efforts to treat with the South. Given what happened next there, I suspect what's gonna happen is that Dany will first have to lead the united Khalsar against the slaver cities and free them. Either Yara and or Theon reach her before that, or after, just in time to ferry her to Westeros. Either way, by the end of the season I predict the Slave cities will be united under Missandei and Grey Worm, and Dany will have finally set sail to Westeros, Dragons and Dothraki in tow, on Ironborn ships. I suspect the Lannister-Tyrell alliance will win and exact terrible vengeance, paving the way for the small folk to desperately wish for Dany's arrival. About time they moved that stupid plot along though. Count me in! If Dany is true to form, she'll exile Tyrion for violating her intent with the slavers and then she'll go bed down with 2-3 different mercenary captains for 3 more seasons rather than reward him for his intelligence and political acumen.

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In order to curtail their power, Aurangzeb ordered the execution of Tegh Bahadur. So, the tenth and the last guru, Guru Govind Sing founded the military brotherhood or the Khasla meaning the pure. Apart from this, Aurangzeb destroyed many temples and reimposed Jazia. Aurangzebs death set off the rapid decline of the Mughal empire. THE SIKHS: The Sikh community was founded as a religious section by Guru Nanak. Guru Govind Singh, the tenth and the last guru of the Sikhs transformed the religious sect into a military brotherhood. Maharaj Ranjit Singh was the greatest Indian ruler of his time and founder of the Sikh rule in the Punjab. He was ordered by Emperor Aurangzeb to embrace Islam, he refused and was executed. THE COMING OF THE EUROPEANS: The Portuguese were the first among the European nations to trade with India. In 1498, Vasco da Gama discovered the sea route to India and reached Calicut.

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The only thing I'm still bothered with is how the ironborn are basically a plot tool for GRRM to fuck the Starks over with. Balon's invasion of the North makes no tactical or emotional sense. It's so retarded and out of nowhere that it's obvious GRRM just needed a way to fuck Robb over. It's only portrayed second hand through robb telling cat during her pov chapter. Very loyal to Robb even after his death. Not a thot. Being raped and losing your brothers at the same time must suck. He doesn't even talk to her returning from the west. Robb was fed up with the Tullys actively sabotaging the war effort to that point. The following part about Robb not loving her was said by Jeyne though.

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Thanks for draggin the rest of us with you, ya fuck. I have learned throughout the years we as chief's fans are. When my wife had cancer a doctor showed her pictures of a cancerous cell being destroyed and told her to picture this going on in her body. I actually do put some credence in the mind-body relationship. When my baby was in NICU, I had to pump milk for her. One of the nurses suggested I look at photos of her while I was getting her milk. I always produced more as I looked at photos, or while I was sitting with her in the NICU. Must be the bottom rung of Hell, because it's freaking cold and snowing in KC today. My son was 4lbs when he was born and i fed him with what looked like an eye dropper. Today at 22 he has shoulders as wide as a doorway and eats us out of house and home.

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Long absent from his children’s lives, he reappeared at the height of their fame to flog stories to the tabloids, and one incident at a Dublin pub offers a revealing glimpse of the brothers beyond all the bluster. Loaded up on post-concert drinks, Liam hears that his father is outside. He’s ready to physically attack him, and Noel is captured on camera with his arms around his brother, holding him back and trying to talk him down. It’s a poignant snapshot of the sort of real fraternal love and concern that both brothers spend the rest of the film trying to deny ever existed. It is being delivered to the chairmen of the House and Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday. The letter comes just two weeks before lawmakers are expected back in Washington for a lame-duck session, when Congress will be under a serious time crunch to pass the annual legislation that authorizes military programs. Negotiators came close to striking a deal on the measure before Congress left town in September ahead of the election, but came up short on a handful of provisions, including what do to about the sage grouse and how to handle LGBT protections. Democrats are not explicitly threatening to filibuster the bill if it contains he LGBT provision, but the number of senators signing on to the letter makes it clear that is an option. “This letter sends a message about how strongly and widely-held our belief is that this amendment would seriously jeopardize existing important workplace non-discrimination provisions,” said Blumenthal, a member of the Armed Services Committee and the conference committee negotiating the final defense bill. The dispute started in April, when the House Armed Services Committee adopted an amendment from Rep.