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From the season finale i believe that the script for the season 8 that was leaked is totally valid, Because spoilers ahead Euron used his ships to carry the golden company from Essos to Westeros,which they will then use to conquer the country whiles they are fighting the Walkers and the Army of the Undead. eaked scripts sounds legit to me. But those scrips are true now that this finale is come. But it's really sad scripts, got is turning boring and without ideas. I've read about these leaks as well and i'm not its legit as people may not like he outcome. Especially that last part with vyserion obliterating the wall with white fire. Why is he very concerned about who Daenerys sleeps with. He was acting the same way with Dario Naharis and adviced Dany to leave him in Essos in season 6. One of the theory suggests that he made a shady deal with cerise after he heard that she was pregnant, and what why he was lurking outside of Dany's cabin maybe because he felt guilty for making that deal. Another theory says that may he tyrion has become the new Jorah and that why wasn't so cool about Dany and Jon hooking up.

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3. Po kreceniu scen zjadania konskiego serca przez Daenerys, odtworczyni roli - Emilia Clarke, ktora lepila sie od sztucznej krwi, utknela z tego powodu na. Wynik bitwy nad Czarnym Nurtem to jest jakas porazka, ja mysle ze to westeroskie, kurwa glupie spoleczenstwo, te kurwa banda imbecyli ktora walczyla za tych kurwow karakanow od Lannisterow to jest jakies kurwa nieporozumienie. Aerys was tak nie wyruchal, jak wyrucha was Joffrey, kurwa. To jest dramat, ze w tym antyludzkim krolestwie, w tym krolestwie w ktorym maesterzy kurwa nie byli w stanie napisac, ze Stannisa Baratheona zbezczeszczono, ze ten czlowiek jest prawowitym nastepca tronu, ze te dworskie KURWY. Dworskie KURWY jego zone oskarzaly bezpodstawnie, ze to nie jest czyms wartym tego, by tego czlowieka wprowadzic na tron. Bedzie was Joffrey ruchal w dupe, bedzie was Joffrey kurwa dymal tak, jak was Aerys nie dymal. Ta kurwa, ten maly karakan, jebany Tyrion smiec, zniszczy was. Varysy, Baelishe, Tywiny, maesterzy beda wam kurwa odbierali smak zycia wy kurwa idioci. Ja mam to w pizdzie kurwa, bo mnie stac na wszystko.


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. gave them generous land donations). By the thirteenth century, however, it was decided to finally update the official Church laws on incest to reflect the fact that they were using the new Germanic method of reckoning blood relatives: thus the Fourth Lateran Council of 1215 officially lowered the number of degrees in which marriage is forbidden from seven to four. Actually, the new rules in 1215 were slightly more strict in that two persons are related within four Germanic degrees of kinship if they share the same great-great-grandparents, which means that third cousins or closer were forbidden to marry (which was still far less than forbidding marriage between sixth cousins). Euron is just a beast, I felt hatred and admiration looking at him. Hoffe euch gefallts:) Musik:Ki:Theory - Enjoy The Silence Programm: Sony. I OWN NOTHING. MUSIC: Position Music (Joseph William Morgan). I don't think it's likely to be copyfukt, so I'm uploading. Her incredible physical preparation and her enigmatic gaze make her a magnetic woman who attracts the eyes of all.


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You get all. he. Adrian: (voice over) We interrupt this programme to annoy you and make things generally irritating. Mr Orbiter:. with a large piece of wet paper, (gesture) Turn the paper over - turn the paper over. BBC world symbol again and hold throughout the following dialogue. . Adrian: (voice over) Good evening, we interrupt this programme again, a, to irritate you and, b, to. Jack: ( voice over) Good evening, I'm the announcer who's just been given this job by the BBC and. I'd just like to say how grateful I am to the BBC for providing me with work, particularly at this time.


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Worf. No, there's nothing unusual about my ears - Dr. Forrester. No, they weren't horny when they made their outfits. No, we Erisians seldom pray, it is much too dangerous. No, we don't morally censure: We just want the money. No, you are not just BIG BONED! rofessor-Monkey-for-a-Head. No, you can't buy a Monty Python at the Pet Shoppe! No, you do not even understand yourself - Kosh to Sheridan.


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Starting next July, Lyndon and Johnson will become Northern Vermont University, although the separate campuses will remain. The new education program will be launched in the fall of 2018. Sharon Twigg, the chair of the writing and literature department at Johnson, says the new curriculum will focus more on critical thinking and problem-solving rather than memorization. The traditionalist, father-of-six, Mr. Rees-Mogg, 48, has been a loyal supporter of Mrs. May and her Brexit agenda. However, he is said to be giving “careful consideration” to his political career, friends claimed. In an interview with the paper, he sidestepped questions about his ambition, saying: “I think if I threw my hat into the ring, my hat would be thrown back at me pretty quickly. Over the past few months, backers of Mr. Rees-Mogg have begun an energetic “Moggmentum” online campaign aimed at persuading him to stand and building his supporter base.


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