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Connick, representing Famous Players-Lasky in- had purchased the California, Imperial. The the house caved in and one occupants was thrown across room by the impact side of of the its PASSAIC HOUSES SOLD. Passaic, N. J. March 3. The Playhouse and Montauk here have been purchased by Fabian, of Paterson, N. J. who operates two picture theatres in that city. The policies of the local houses will, remain the same. Gilmore is not a newcomer to, the screen, having been seen in pictures issued by Triangle, Metro and Mary Humphries with B. C ' also districts; Levin's Coliseum, which it is4 expected will be closed this week. The committee in charge of arrangements includes Charles S. Negotiations have been pending for fortnight the past whereby Ruth Chatterton would become a film star, for at least Films.

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Sure enough, the jogging footsteps approached but halted fifteen yards off. Her view was blocked by the park shrubbery hiding both of them, but she heard panting. Resting a palm flat on the flagstone sidewalk, she leaned to her left and found his distorted reflection in the restaurant window across the street. He was only a dark shape in the soft lighting of the park, but she made out his hooded sweatshirt and ball cap. She lost him when he moved forward, resuming his pursuit. When he did, Nikki thrust herself upward, ready to bat his face with the three-foot roll of Turkish wool. He pitched forward, bent over in a stoop, desperately fighting gravity and losing. Rook crash landed with an “oof! on the slate flagstones, managing, at least, to shield his face, putting his forearm between it and the sidewalk as he dropped. While she dabbed the dried blood from his upper lip and nose, she said, “Rook, think back over the past year. Satisfied, he lobbed it into the trash can. “What’s wrong with us, Nikki. Two old lovers with unfinished business running into each other on a New York sidewalk?


Bob Montgomery is the grammar school prodigy who plays chess expertly. Bette Davis is the horrid little pop-eyed girl who spouts Freud every time you take her out on a date,. Until Clark Gable took her out on a date. Marlene Dietrich is the refugee you'd like to salvage from war-torn Europe and it's six, two and even she started the war). HfiHfJ BUVS THE ENTIRE STOCK AT GREAT SAVINGS the program and will be heard here for the first time. The complete program is as follows: i Handel Owrture o the Fire Music (Arranged by Wullner) n Mendelssohn. cherzo from Octet, Op. 550 Thomnon. Symphony No. 2 Allerro. Largo Vivace. Scherzo with Trio Andante moderato Allerro con spirito Lareamente INTERMISSION IV. KachtnaiunoH.

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Yes, I thought his scene burying a father and daughter he robbed back in Season 4 was touching. Now for my least favorite scene in the opener: Cersei and Jamie. Cersei, for some reason, appears to be putting her faith in Euron and the iron born. Sansa was right when she said the people who get in Cersei’s way tend to end up dead. But apparently, she didn’t even bother to mention her plans to Jamie. My Episode 2 bet is Ed Sheeran. OK, OK. Seriously, my Episode 2 bet is no one. I'm thinking she joins up with the Band of Brothers who wind up at Eastwatch By The Sea. But that may take another episode to materialize so my choice this week is Septa Unella. Last seen, she was being kept alive by Cersei for a slow, torturous death at the hands of the Mountain. Ashley White, digital producer: This week still feels like it's going to be a lot of build up. While photos show Jon Snow and Petyr Baelish exchaning presaummadly heated words, I have a theory on what is going to happen to Little Finger.

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