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It (the attack) is a cowardly act and I condemn it firmly. We use them to uderstand how our users use the site and adjust the website, so is is easier and more pleasure to use. The game of Ouija is not over yet and will bring further death toll. Once again we find ourselves in the terrifying, full of mysteries of the afterlife, where no one can be trusted. Jan Kowalski, Katarzyna Cichopek, Mariusz Pudzianowski. Operation impossible Tyrion Lannister Is A Traitor Theory. And there's simply no way he could've predicted AND banked on all those chaotic outcomes. But I strongly belive it that these videos about Game of thrones theories should be stopped all together. Think about it, George RR Martin spent 20 years of his life in writing first 5 books(1994-2014) which is roughly 50 hours of the show. It is quiet possible that 1 person in 100 would guess the right thing but even if you are right you would ruin the pleasure of watching it happen without knowing, for others who didn't guess. I belive that this is like robbing the writer and the makers of the show of their plot. And moreover, if your theory is wrong you are just embarassing yourself. Its ok for people to keep guessing and talking to each other but its not ok for people to make FRclip videos out of it just for the sake of some views. Like I said it is like robbing the writer of his plot. I URGE ALL THE VIEWRS TO STOP WATCHING THESE STUPID JUVENILE ATTEMPTS and be patient for the real show. Shalla Ahmed Il y a 5 mois I call BS Connor Il y a 5 mois you made like 10 in-depth videos off this supposedly 100% plot leak with every important detail but none of this tyrian betrayal shit was in them.

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If you didn't think you could hate anyone more than Joffrey you would be wrong. Ramsey Bolton is now the top evil MF in the world of GOT. For people who this rape was the thing that turned them off the show haven't been paying attention. In the books, Jeyne Poole is treated so insanely terrible, almost a sexual Reek. Replacing her with Sansa, a character we've known for years makes it more emotionally scarring because we have a relationship with the character rather than just disturbing and disgusting. If anything, the change in the story has now made her the ultimate victim. It should b e very interesting to see how this event effects things in the future, because in the book Ramsey raping his wife was more or less another scene just to remind you what you already knew, that he is a terrible monster and that he has complete and utter control over Reek. But we already knew those things, so it wasn't really even that necessary. Their importance to the plot has really been moved up from where its at so far in the books, and I just don't think these characters as they are written are pulling it off. The two sneak into the Water Gardens dressed as Dornishmen—we're one short step away from a cross-dressing comedy here—snag Myrcella, and at exactly that moment the Sand Snakes show up for combat (and dialogue) that would not have been out of place on Xena: Warrior Princess. Let's just hope that Areo Hotah—he's the guy with the axe—locks them all up for the rest of the season. I've seen people talk about how she got an Academy Award nomination but hadn't seen for which movie. Also I love how the internet is suddenly not so harsh on the Sand Snakes after Tyene's scene with Bronn. The sand-snakes are terrible to the point of annoying. The whole sub-story comes across as half-baked in the show. It was as if a community theater were attempting to recreate it.

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We run through the entirety of the Beanbean Kingdom as glass cannons, killing nearly every boss in just 2 turns. Extremely challenging fights coupled with the demand for great execution makes this a very engaging speedrun. I have run this game in over 20 marathons since I became WR holder in April 2017. Blindfold donation incentive can be utilized many ways. Shadow is a very fluid speedgame where you have to balance speed with killing enemies. While Neutral Any% has been featured in the past, No CCG is an extremely different category. By preventing use of the Chaos Control Glitch, movement through stages is more fast paced with less downtime. Since its introduction, Neutral No CCG has quickly become the most popular category. Status: Decline Neutral (No Chaos Control Glitch) 00:22:00. I was just wondering if anyone can help with my slow laptop its a samsung RV515 500GB HDD 4GB running windows 7AMD E-450 APU with radeon (tm) HD graphics 1650 Mhz 2 Core(s) 2 Logical It was bought from new in may this year but appears to be very slow. I have attached antispyware log, Malware log and hijack this log. It is taking over 2 minutes to start from switch on and web browsers are very slow as well I have IE, Firefox and Chrome, particularly IE is very slow. Updater (YahooAUService) - Yahoo! Inc. - C:\Program Files (x86)\Yahoo! SoftwareUpdate\YahooAUService.

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(33 points). Bring clothes and supplies for survivors to local immigration headquarters. (53 points). Paint a stately, magnificent portrait of world or state leader after they’ve turned into a Clicker zombie. (40 points). Find some friends and some bubble blowers and create as big a deluge of bubbles raining down on children in a Mexican plaza as you can. (43 points). UPDATE: Allrecipes. om contacted us with this helpful page: (46 points). Create a mechanism whereby when the passenger in a wheelchair spins the rear wheels, the chair goes nowhere, but the rotation of the wheels powers an overhead fan that cools the passenger. Find that person and give a heartfelt thank you by creating something for them or doing something for them. Caption the video with what they did for you. (21 points). You must follow the instructed activity for at least 1 minute. For those outside of the US: on the same day, at 12:00PM in your local time, go to the most prominent landmark in your city dressed as a publicly known sci-fi character or monster “tourist. You must provide an image of the character in front of the landmark.