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The main features of this report were the recommendation of ending separate electorates and reservation of seats in the Legislature. Secondly, it sought dominion status for India under British rule as against the demand for complete independence, which was being raised by some leaders like Hasrat Mohani. Muslims were, by and large, opposed to all the three proposals mentioned earlier. The Khilafatists including Maulana Madani were however not in favour of separate electorates because they understood that the time had come for open elections. They 26 Ibid. p. 91. 156? Colonialism and the Call to Jihad in British India however were not prepared to give up on the issue of reservation of seats in the legislature. They also insisted on complete independence from British rule and not the watered down version of dominion status. Maulana Madani had now been appointed as the president of the Jamaat Ulema Hind and had now become the most important Muslim cleric in India. Those who mocked at him included the Westernised barrister Muhammad Ali Jinnah, who openly displayed his contempt for the clergy while simultaneously championing the cause of Muslim identity politics. Jinnah would never lose an opportunity to show his utter disdain for the Maulvis. Maulana Madani was his favourite whipping boy along with the ubiquitous Maulana Azad. Another critic of his who lost no opportunity of denigrating Maulana Madani was the iconic Urdu poet and philosopher Mohammad Iqbal. In fact, Iqbal went to the extent of dubbing him as a non-believer.

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First, a little refresher on what the PEN E-PL9 does and why you might want to upgrade to it rather than continuing to rely on your smartphone camera. The PEN E-PL9 is a lightweight camera that still features support for interchangeable lenses, and is in fact compatible with many of Olympus’s existing M. The camera itself is outfitted with the Olympus TruePic VIII Image Processor, as well as 16 different art filters that can be applied to your photos to make them stand out without having to worry about getting your camera’s settings just right. Of course, if you want to exert a little more control over how your images look, you can forgo the art filters and use the camera’s Advance Photo modes. These allow you to choose an advanced shooting style and will automatically apply the settings necessary to achieve it, letting you add an extra touch of polish to your photos while at the same time removing all the guesswork for photography newcomers. If there’s one area where a smartphone still has an advantage over more conventional cameras, it’s in snapping selfies. The PEN E-PL9 attempts to erase that advantage by sporting an LCD display that can be flipped 180-degrees so you still have access to its controls while you’re pointing the camera at yourself. Regardless of where the camera is pointing, you’ll be able to use the LCD display to focus your photographs and navigate the camera’s menus through touch controls. Add to that ability to shoot 4K movies and transfer your photos and videos to a smartphone via Bluetooth or WiFi, and this sounds like a pretty decent camera for someone looking to expand their photography skills beyond what a smartphone will allow. Zuiko 14-42mm F3. -5. EZ lens, a camera bag, and a 16GB SD card. Olympus PEN E-PL9 headed to the US and Canada dpreview. om. The findings showed that inadvertent activity such as misconfigured Cloud infrastructure was responsible for the exposure of nearly 70 percent of compromised records tracked by IBM X-Force that runs spam traps globally and monitors cyber attacks daily. Ransomware reigned in 2017 as attacks such as WannaCry, NotPetya and Bad Rabbit hit several industries.


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In 1908, France outlawed nude photographs—which made Agelou’s postcards all the more desirable. Due to the clandestine nature of the work, it is difficult to assess how many erotic photographs Agelou actually produced during his brief lifetime—which makes his work all the more collectible today. Jean and Georges were killed in a car accident in 1921. Maud d’Orby —a singer, dancer and star of operetta. While Birkin had appeared as a cinematic object of desire as far back as Antonioni’s Blow-Up, Varda had no interest in continuing this trend. The resulting two films — one a documentary-like fiction, the other a fiction-like documentary — are signs of two major feminist icons of very different sorts finding ways to explore their own stories. Birkin plays a single mother named Mary-Jane who can’t help but fall for a seemingly oddball schoolmate of her daughter, the rather banal and not particularly charming Julien. By eliminating the charm and slowing the narrative, Varda frames this story as one of empathy. The film never over-accentuates the stakes of its drama, allowing for sequences that naturally increase both the emotional desire while leaving spectators in suspense as to what physical intimacy will develop. Instead of playing it for big laughs or big melodrama, Varda’s camera simply peers into the kind of lonely soul who would desire someone willing to spend time with her, even if only for the adolescent escape of video games. Varda and Birkin co-wrote the script from Birkin’s original idea, but Varda went even further to make this fantasy story into one of realism: she cast her own son, Mathieu Demy, as the young Julien, and they shot many sequences in Birkin’s own home — with the actress’ two children, including a young Charlotte Gainsbourg — as well. The result allows Birkin to remain at once rather comfortable in her role while always placed at an emotional vulnerability in the story. Just as in the previous film, Birkin mirrors Varda’s peering but sympathetic camera — she seems to constantly bare her soul and dreams, yet her wistful confessions always carry a rehearsed element. She will appear to bare her soul while never truly sharing it. When Birkin explains that looking into the camera embarrasses her, Varda, speaking from behind the screen, immediately requests she stares. Varda constantly creates new environments to test Birkin’s resolve.