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This is a fascinating group of profile points that makes for terrifying and strange conversation. He encouraged me throughout the process of creating the show and is also the brainchild behind my logos, artwork and upcoming merchandise. I am lucky to call him a friend as well as a colleague and will be joining us on our many adventures down the rabbit hole. He has had many interesting personal experiences, a few of which we touch on in this episode. P. . Send me the emails about your anomalous, large insect sightings. But first, Ryan and I discuss big Interstellar news, and then touch on a flying humanoid report out of PA. Shearon is known for his work in the field of cryptozoology, most notably for compiling artists impressions, of the Beast of Lytham from eyewitness accounts. Shearon's cryptozoological art was on display at the 2005 Weird Weekend, an annual conference at the Centre for Fortean Zoology. His work can be found in publications of the Fortean Times, Paranormal Magazine as well as the cover artwork for IDW Comics for the Angel series, 30 Days of Night, The X-Files, Alan Roberts Wire Hangers, H. . ovecraft's The Call of Cthulhu, KISS, Mars Attacks, Judge Dredd, Hellraiser and Clive Barker's Books of Bloodand also horror magazine Fangoria's Trinity of Terrors. We discuss what started him on the subject of UFO's, his work for many related publications, his upcoming book and the future of UFOlogy. Ryan has written for numerous publications, including Open Minds Magazine, Phenomena Magazine UK, and UFO Truth Magazine. Speaking on the UFO topic, he has been featured on ABC News, Fox News, and The Science Channel. His first book, Somewhere in the Skies: A Human Approach to an Alien Phenomenon, will be published by Richard Dolan Press in 2015.

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Often, such situations seem impossible to predict. The backlash against Keurig stemmed from a tweet by the company saying that it would pull ads from Mr. Hannity’s program after the host seemed to justify Mr. Moore’s reported conduct involving teenage girls by calling one of the encounters “consensual. Mr. Hannity later said he “misspoke” though went on to discuss the possibility of Mr. Moore’s accusers lying for money or political purposes. Because the public is so divided, any criticism of a brand tends to produce its own backlash. That dynamic is often visible on companies’ Facebook pages, which can turn into unlikely battlegrounds for political posturing. At the same time, others expressed their support for the brand. Still, one company received more than 2,000 letters protesting such casting. In 1992, Sprint was asked if it would continue to work with the actress Candice Bergen who played “Murphy Brown” after then Vice President Dan Quayle criticized the character in a speech for having a son out of wedlock. And as recently as 2004, companies like Lowe’s dropped adds from “Desperate Housewives” because it was viewed as too racy. Papa John’s found itself in unpleasant territory after John Schnatter, the chief executive, said on an earnings call that the N. F. L. hurt his company’s sales by “not resolving the current debacle” with players who refuse to stand for the national anthem.

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She bit down on your now swollen lip, so hard that you winced. Lynn didn’t care though, your tongues continued to roll over each other’s mercilessly. Your hands got lost in her hair, grabbing a fistful of it and dragging her head upwards. She smirked deviously at you, her nails digging into your ribs as she trailed her fingers down your torso. She returned her hands to your breasts, roughly palming them until your nipples were hard, her fingers twiddling and tweaking each of them. Every so often she would pinch at your skin, causing you to groan. She replaced her hands with her lips, sucking and biting your collarbone before making her way down your chest. You writhed beneath her relentlessly, bucking your hips and yelping with each bite. She finished the attack at your hips, looking up at you before biting each of them harshly. She crawled off of you, dragging your jeans with her. You spread your legs for her, edging closer as she hooked her thumbs around the waistband of your underwear and removed them from you carelessly. She spread your legs once again, slotting in between them, your body ached for her, literally and figuratively. You rolled your head back in anticipation, closing your eyes as her fingers toyed with your clit. Before you could do anything else, she pushed two fingers deeply into your tight centre. “Shit, Lynn” You gasped, expecting her to allow you to adjust. Instead, she rammed her two fingers inside of you even faster. You subconsciously arched your back to fit her fingers, scratching at any part of her you could, your groans and moans growing even louder.

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Given the way you could see Meribald and Elder Brother combined, one could see how a direct conversation between her and with “Gravedigger,” who she bested, could lead to the Cleganebowl as many rumor. It could kinda fit him, and with Euron up Aeron is not out of the question. I guess the events of the kingsmoot are going on now, we will start seing the Ionborn story like half way through AFFC and then I guess some dudes will narate the important stuff of the first half. One second I’m here thinking it’s not so bad that some of my faves don’t make into it, rather than being mischaracterized, and the next moment I’m jumping over the place because of a casting call. I’m overly excited by Euron coming in, I’m pretty sure Vic and Aeron are out (which is sad considering the main interest of their storyline is their family relationships) but this still means there is hope for a decent Ironborn arc and some sass contests between Asha and her nuncle. Also, yay Tarly, and considering the show’s dynamic so far, I think Sam and him are gonna meet again, and that should be hella interesting to watch. I expect the Daynes, if they appear at all, to have the Mediterranean look. Maybe one of Euron’s crew (the one that blows the horn perhaps). Now, collecting signatures to the “Mads Mikkelsen for Euron now! campaign. Goes to show he will be important in the plot (unlike Victarion). I think that we’ll spend significant less time in the north too, depending of the outcome of the Boltons vs Stannis battle. There is that Faceless Man hanging out in Oldtown (Pate), so why not swap Arya into that place instead. Her FM training is bound to be coming to an end soon after the Mercy chapter in tWoW anyway. One Sand Snake (Nymeria? off to KL, one Sand Snake (Tyene? off to Oldtown, and the third one doing whatever.

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Baha. Agreed. Euron is. wful. Books Euron way worse too. KL loves a bunch of manipulative losers it seems. Bahh. Kitty van Dijk 7 mesi fa Euron has quickly become my husband's favourite character, so he would definitely be happy if this were true xD I doubt he would hold the throne for long, but it would be interesting to see him there for a while. MC History 7 mesi fa Can it be please a,,What if Joffrey refuses the proposal of the Tyrells and marries Sansa instead. Or What if Jon manages to save all the Wildlings at Hardhome, so he has a great Wildling army against the Boltons. Chips1914 7 mesi fa Kinda an odd one but what if randyll tarley had been named hand of the king. Either after Robert's rebellion or after Jon Arryn's death. Robert definitely seems like he can respect a worthy and honourable opponent (like he did Barristan Selmy) and it would have been a smart political move. Lady Ashara Dayne 7 mesi fa I prefer book Euron, I can’t stand his guts in the show for some reason. Don’t like his show presence Chris PH 7 mesi fa If Euron becomes king, then hopefully Melisandra can sacrifice him and use his king's blood for victory in the long night. Euron Greyjoy will be a major fookin problem season 8 Gurjeet Hundle 7 mesi fa I like this. What if Euron's Wedding present to Cersei is Dragon Binder.

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From hilarious social segments to amazing how-to's and DIYs, BuzzFeed Yellow will entertain, educate, spark conversation about all the little things that matter in life. Komentar Khalidkk1285 Khankk1852K? l? Tahun Yang lalu 531st Brooke Madison Tahun Yang lalu I could tell which ones Ned and Keith read. Laura Susan Johnson 2 tahun yang lalu Narrators: The Snooki Book. Don't remember, but a cute little fella with glasses (NOT Zach K. who also did the Oreo melted cream with strawberries dipped! Gummi Bear Oxyclean Shitstains. I believe this is Carol, a tiny little lady with glasses who was also in a Girls with Small Boobs Problems video. Paul Quinn 2 tahun yang lalu best one Ugly Girl Does 3 tahun yang lalu ooooh it's the Bic pink pen for ladies, the stationery equivalent of LadyLike here on BuzzFeed. DarkMaster2975 3 tahun yang lalu what they mean by a type of gummy bear. DarkMaster2975 2 tahun yang lalu oh ok OverlordOkami 2 tahun yang lalu There's this one brand of sugar-free gummy bears that made everyone who ate them have the worst diarrhea of their lives Dean L 3 tahun yang lalu Right before this video, I had an advertisement about how you shouldn't sell stuff on Amazon. Hollywood Drawings 3 tahun yang lalu Who else thought Ned suited the voice of the testicle one. BaconNEggs 3 tahun yang lalu You missed another on gummy bears that had something to do with alien propulsion Kherson 3 tahun yang lalu How can you get more Amazon Product Reviews. Visit Zeerk get all the Amazon Product Reviews you need. Done With Josh Dun 3 tahun yang lalu I finally get the joke on the last one. Lidia Dunn 3 tahun yang lalu 00:23 sounds like Chris.


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Laser shit. Leo Blaze ? ? Wtf are these weird noises. Everytime the guy talks, she finishes his words or joins in, like Him: oh shiii Her and him:iiiit Glad someone else noticed there was someone else making weird sounds. Hakudan2 ? ? It's not confirmed to be 2 years of wait DAMNIT, it might be next year depending on the post production process and such. Jaimie's actor said they start working in like two months from now. The selfish and eager me hopes it's not, but at the same time I would rather wait and get a better show, than have THE FINAL SEASON (:c) be rushed. I dont think she will llive long enough or loose it she had her prophesized three children dont think another is in the cards. Jessica Bryant ? ? I hope not, because I can see her killing it. Azir GF jinx BF Tyrion noticed her rubbing her stomach. She could have easily been toying with Tyrion by pretending there was a child in there. Doing so would mess with his emotions because Tyrion is empathetic and she knows that.

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Scroll down for video An unidentified worker from 'one of the big' US mobile networks claims that a customer brought in severely heat-damaged S7 Edge that had supposedly exploded, reports PhoneArena. The owner of the phone is said to have been charging it overnight and had recently turned in their Note 7, following the firm's massive product recall. Samsung eventually recalled the product and ceased production entirely following numerous reports of the batteries overheating and exploding. The latest report is not the first time that an S7 Edge is said to have exploded. A man in Ohio recently sued Samsung after he claims that his handset overheating in his trousers last month, allegedly leaving him with second and third degree burns, reports PhoneArena. The site has also reported on another S7 Edge owner who claimed that their phone exploded while charging overnight. The troubled Korean technology firm eventually had to recall and cease production of its Galaxy Note 7 earlier this month. After going on sale on 19 August, reports of overheating batteries began to trickle in. The company initially began a replacement programme for buyers to exchange faulty handsets for new ones. However, after reports of the replacement devices exploding, the firm was forced to ditch the product altogether. The Brazilian-born Spain international has earned a reputation as somewhat of an old fashioned combative striker, causing defenders problems with his physicality. But it seems there's another side to Costa, with the 28-year-old recently taking time out of his match preparations to enjoy some down-time with his pet dog Bella. Costa, the former Atletico Madrid star, showed his softer side as he played with his pet dog at his home swimming pool. The in-form forward took to his Instagram account to upload a picture and a video ahead of the west London club's EFL Cup clash with West Ham. The picture showed the Chelsea star in high spirits as he posed while holding his white pooch - and another snap from a different angle displayed his drenched dog appearing just as happy. Costa is a keen dog lover, having owned a Yorkshire Terrier before he accidentally reversed over his pet and killed it. But it seems Costa has moved on from the heartbreaking death and the Blues star is intent on taking better care of his new pet pooch.

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“We all clean the toilets together, on Gandhiji’s birthday,” the secretary answered, “as a symbol to show that we understand his message. Gandhi had many messages, some ignored, some misunderstood, some as relevant today as when first enunciated. Most Americans — many middle-class Indians, for that matter — know what they know about the Mahatma from Ben Kingsley’s Academy Award-winning screen portrayal. But they taught him how to move the masses — not only middle-class Hindu and Muslim immigrants but the poorest of the poor as well. Lelyveld shrewdly examines Gandhi’s noble but doomed battles to achieve them all. He made a host of enemies along the way — orthodox Hindus who believed him overly sympathetic to Muslims, Muslims who saw his calls for religious unity as part of a Hindu plot, Britons who thought him a charlatan, radical revolutionaries who believed him a reactionary. But no antagonist was more implacable than Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar, the brilliant, quick-tempered untouchable leader — still largely unknown in the West — who saw the Mahatma’s nonviolent efforts to eradicate untouchability as a sideshow at best. Hindu-Muslim tension still smolders just beneath the uneasy surface. Untouchability survives, too, and standard-issue polychrome statues of Ambedkar in red tie and double-breasted electric-blue suit now outnumber those of the sparsely clothed Mahatma wherever Dalits are still crowded together. Here's an Op Ed in the News criticizing of Nawaz Sharif's Aug 13 speech at SAFMA: Nawaz Sharif’s speech on Aug 13 at the Safma seminar “Building Bridges in the Subcontinent” continues to make waves two weeks later. Media attention has focused mainly on some of his observations which seem to question the basis of Pakistani nationhood. These remarks have caused surprise and consternation even among some long-standing supporters of the PML-N, which claims to be the successor of the party which led the Pakistan movement in pre-partition India. Hardly anyone from the top ranks of the PML-N, apart from the newly appointed spokesman, has sought to defend the party leader’s verbal escapade. Pakistan and India, Nawaz said, had the same culture and heritage, ate the same food, spoke the same language and shared the same way of life. Despite the many things the people of the two countries had in common, he said, they were now separated by “a border”. And it is untrue because, though the Muslims and Hindus lived on the same soil for centuries, they inhabited two different spiritual worlds. Almost as outrageous as Nawaz’s assertion about the Indians and Pakistanis having a common culture is his assertion that they worship (pujte hain) the same God.

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I contacted Eddie (Gutierrez, Ruffa? dad), then Annabelle (Ruffa? mom and manager) and it was like we had a meeting of the minds. We will start in October for the preliminary selection of contestants and immediately start with the shoot in January 2007. Wilson Tieng, Solar CEO said. ? e don? have a time slot yet, but we will have about 13 to 15 episodes for the first season,? Mr. Peter Chan Liong of Solar Entertainement replied when asked how long the first season would run. ? ll format which is coming to our country is always adaped to our own, so I. We? e not only, actually looking for the physical aspects of these aspiring models but also what? good inside. Susan Trinidad, project assistant of Solar Entertainment said. One of the most celebrated celebrities in Philippine history, Ruffa Gutierrez-Bektas followed the footsteps of celebrity parents Annabelle Rama and Eddie Gutierrez.