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Gorgeously applied vocal harmonies are layered over the California-based singer's sparse and effective ukulele chords and melodies, and with her inspirational and warm lyrics, you're bound to find yourself humming them long after listening. It’s also a return to Kanye’s days of deep-crate digging to find samples from the catalog of Black excellence in music. The album feels intimate, like Taylor is whispering stories from her life and how she lives it into the ear of the listener. A sample of her daughter Junie at the end of “Never Would Have Made It” is especially poignant. All the elements of a classically beautiful work of art are there, but chopped up and rearranged in a Cubist framework until they are unrecognizable and became a new form of art. It’s a smart move for an artist like Taylor, who is as much a brand and reality star as she is a singer and dancer. He began playing the drums when he was 14, and often performed with his brother. Food was Mr. Paul’s second passion after music, she said. In 1994, the group entered the Billboard chart at No. 1 with the album “Far Beyond Driven,” which sold 1. million copies in the United States. Abbott, and his brother Darrell, known as Dimebag Darrell, started a group called Damageplan. Gale, a former Marine, stormed the stage just minutes into the band’s performance in front of a crowd of about 250 people. The band released five albums between 2007 and 2016. In an interview in October, Mr. Paul said the group was making plans to record a new LP. His father, Jerry Abbott, was a country songwriter and survives him.

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Stifling thought, the universities, in league with the NCAA, have failed their own primary mission by providing an empty, cynical education on college sports. The most basic reform would treat the students as what they are—adults, with rights and reason of their own—and grant them a meaningful voice in NCAA deliberations. A restoration of full citizenship to “student-athletes” would facilitate open governance, making it possible to enforce pledges of transparency in both academic standards and athletic finances. Without that, the NCAA has no effective checks and balances, no way for the students to provide informed consent regarding the way they are governed. A thousand questions lie willfully silenced because the NCAA is naturally afraid of giving “student-athletes” a true voice. Would college players be content with the augmented scholarship or allowance now requested by the National College Players Association. If a player’s worth to the university is greater than the value of his scholarship (as it clearly is in some cases), should he be paid a salary. If so, would teammates in revenue sports want to be paid equally, or in salaries stratified according to talent or value on the field. What would the athletes want in Division III, where athletic budgets keep rising without scholarships or substantial sports revenue. Would athletes seek more or less variance in admissions standards. Should non-athletes also have a voice, especially where involuntary student fees support more and more of college sports. Might some schools choose to specialize, paying players only in elite leagues for football, or lacrosse. In athletic councils, how much would high-revenue athletes value a simple thank you from the tennis or field-hockey players for the newly specified subsidies to their facilities. University administrators, already besieged from all sides, do not want to even think about such questions. Most cringe at the thought of bargaining with athletes as a general manager does in professional sports, with untold effects on the budgets for coaches and every other sports item. “I would not want to be part of it,” North Carolina Athletic Director Dick Baddour told me flatly. After 44 years at UNC, he could scarcely contemplate a world without amateur rules. “We would have to think long and hard,” Baddour added gravely, “about whether this university would continue those sports at all.

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agyis csak hisszuk(es nekem ez a befejezes baromira tetszik ). A film vegen, az egyetlen eletbenmaradt ferfiu elmondja a nyomozononek( Bye bye man nevet), igy megsem szabadultak meg tole. In this slide show you can see the meatball-looking hellhound that follows the Bye Bye Man around, the Bye Bye Man being creepy in the library, and the makeup they used to make the Bye Bye Man a weird combo of Voldemort and Jigsaw. Click on the link in my bio and find the podcast tab to listen. Don't forget to suggest my next movie in the comments! Yesterday, the 10th episode of my podcast hit the site. In the meantime, click the link in my bio for more stories and movie reviews! Three friends stumble upon the name, and suffer copious amounts of tiresome platitudes. Apart from saying or thinking, what will make him go away. None of these territories are explored, making the narrative utterly ridiculous. TBBM doesn't entirely suffer, as some cool trickery is used to confuse the central trio near the end. Bu dakikadan sonra baslayan olaylar zinciri, akla hayale gelmeyen aksiyonlar? baslang? ? ? . Onemli olan bu korkunc olaylara sebep olan seyin ne oldugundan ziyade, kim oldugudur. he Bye Bye Man’in varl?

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izzy In October 2014: Harmony Howse released the single “Do That Thing” by Layzie, Shawn “Hydro” Owens, Jr. and Gramm. Krayzie released “Headhunters”, yet another single from his alleged final album Chasing The Devil. “I would say it has the usual dark, eerie Bone feel to it but it’s a lot of storytelling. The majority of the album is telling the story of what I’ve seen, being a part of the business, things that I’ve experienced myself and what other people have gone through. It all comes together from the beginning to the end. ? ? rayzie In November 2014, Layzie appeared on the track “Rehab Is For Quitters” on Lost In The Music 2, the mixtape from Naples, Florida rapper Anthony “Burgos”. Jeremy Howse also appeared on the mixtape on the track “Katie”. Cole released his third studio album, the certified gold 2014 Forest Hills Drive. The record’s fucking crazy. Crazy. Bizzy got on it, too. ? ? teve Lobel In January 2015: Caine featured Trae Tha Truth and Layzie on his single “Gotta Eat” in advance of his debut album release. We had a mutual friend who grew up with them that put us in tune with Bizzy Bone.

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The Midwest was once a very shrubby place It’s hard to visualize what the landscape in the Midwest looked like prior to the European invasion down through the first half of the 19th century. There were, of course, towns and trade routes, especially along the rivers, but it was a land with few fences or readily marked boundaries in the sense that we know them. A broad area of the country around the western Great Lakes and running south to Texas functioned as the transition zone between the Eastern forest and the Western prairies. It was a landscape of great diversity, an intricate mosaic of landscape types, all of them highly dependent on fire to maintain their distinctive characteristics. Overall, the land ranged along a continuum from mostly treeless open prairie to shrub prairie to savanna to woodland to, rarely, closed-canopy forest. The native peoples used fire as a management tool and maintaining and shaping the diversity. Yet this management was holistic, non-linear, intuitive, spiritual, and tended to enhance biodiversity, unlike most of the control-prioritizing methods we employ today. Surveyors’ notes from the early 19th century often include mentions of shrubs such as American hazelnut. A typical comment might read, “scattering timber, principally burr and white oak, hazel and hickory undergrowth. That is, they were traveling through shrub prairies and savannas where shrubs intermingled with trees and prairie plants. Other noted shrub species included New Jersey tea, four species of dogwood, wild crabapple, wild plum, sumac species, roses, prairie willow and prickly ash. Species prevalence depended on soil type and moisture availability, but all—more than thirty species— were adapted to fire, with the shrubby adaptive ability to easily spread vegetatively and to rapidly regenerate post-fire. In areas of very frequent fires where shrub barrens developed, even some species of oak took on a shrubby form. The vanishingly few modern examples of shrub prairie also demonstrate their value as wildlife habitat. These remaining landscapes tend to be on moist, sandy soil and include not only some of the species listed above, but also chokeberries, huckleberries, blueberries, grasses such as big bluestem, and flowers such as prairie violet. They are home to shrub-dependent birds, pollinators and wildlife such as herptiles, amphibians and mammals, including some rare or endangered species. Disappearing native shrubs Our cultural landscape amnesia is so great that, during the time much of this landscape was being physically erased by farms and towns, memories of it were concurrently erased, or if spoken of, were disputed or even disbelieved. Unless we learn otherwise, we tend to think that the current landscape is how it should be.

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She is now lady Bolton, has no connections to Tyrion, has no control over the Vale anymore, has a penchant for feeding people to hungry dogs and for some reason is defacto ruler of WF despite Bran being there - I struggle to see how this is in any way where her book character is headed. The 5 year gap ended up screwing with his story in a big way and he has admitted to regretting putting in some foreshadowing in the earlier books that will now not come true. Sure, he has mentioned that he is not going to change the endings even if fans predict them. The problem is that I think he is stuck and not sure how to get the characters to their original endings. I do think he knows, for now, who ends up on the IT, who ends up at Winterfell etc - but these things were decided on way, way back with his five central characters and where Jaime was the central antagonist. Which is why I think GRRM has several different options on what to do with Sansa - she is not central to the main plot of the books. The show's ending for the characters will be their only ending and will be canon. In terms of characterization and theme, I agree that at this point Sansa is pretty radically different than I expect the book character to go, but the writers have never been particularly faithful to GRRM's themes or (increasingly) character directions, so she's not unique there. I think that for the writers they'll consider the ending to be the same if it conforms to things like who rules what, who marries who, etc. The show has so far given her the title of Lady Bolton, although the significance has yet to be explored, ie, are the Bolton lands producing enough to pay for an army. I have been expecting show Sansa would also wind up with the Vale, one way or another. She spent very little time there and has no emotional connection to Robin (TV Sweetrobin), who seemed understandably indifferent to her the last time we saw him. Even if the show kills off Robin in Season 8, there's no reason to believe that Sansa would somehow get the Vale, having no claim to it. Arya won't be an assassin once she finishes her list, but once everything is settled at Winterfell and the war is over she may decide to roam around having adventures. We will see. But in S7 leaks there is a very clear set-up for her conflict with Cersei in S8. She is telling Jon that ignoring Cersei is a huge mistake. And she has no role to play in the war against the WW.