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That’s something Jon would do to “guard the realms of men. . Even if it came out that she adopted, that wouldn’t change anything. And based on the show and the books, there’s no indication of romantic feeling between Jon and Sansa. And that’s a mentality I can’t personally even fathom ever overcoming. Many aren’t. But that doesn’t mean they don’t see each other as such. That’s why it’s an issue for me and that’s why their lack of closeness growing up doesn’t negate anything. Thus, Sansa was created; he ended by saying they have deep issues to work out. There’s also been no foreshadowing or specific reason to lead one to believe that Jon and Sansa will become a thing in season 8. Sansa’s dislike of Jon was like her mother’s and not stemming from some hidden sexual infatuation that could take root if given the opportunity.

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Taking up for the status quo and trying to silence dissent is in and of itself just as agenda driven as discussing the issue. Just having a lot of female characters isn’t sufficient. If you don’t believe that, you must agree that women and people of color are routinely passed over. Best if they just do what they think is right creatively rather than kowtow and bend to the popular opinion of the moment. Funny how people think adding a women writer or director would suddenly cure the show of all its supposed “problematic” elements the vocal minority on the internet are always whining about. Vanessa Taylor also had the scene where Joffrey abuses those prostitutes in one of her episodes. So why the heck didn’t they try to reedit it in post-production. After the hue (hew? and cry, I suspect they’ll be better with that. Maybe. Seriously, stop bickering and instead revel in the exciting news about Miguel Sapochnik returning to do Episode 9 and the finale.


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Produksi dijadwalkan akan dimulai di Paris akhir tahun ini. Seri ini juga akan tayang perdana secara global melalui saluran internasional Paramount Network. Begitu juga dengan film ini yang dari cuplikan dan visual posternya aja udah bikin kalian was-was. Film Pet Sematary punya visual gabungan film It (2017) dan The Mist (2007), dan Gerald’s Game (2017). Sedangkan scoring-nya, Christopher Young bersama dengan Departemen Suara bisa memberikan suara mencekam dan mendukung jump scare tampil optimal. Suara-suara tersebut tampil dengan timing pas yang bahkan enggak diduga oleh penonton. Sebagai informasi, di film Pet Sematary versi baru ini ada pergantian karakter, tapi tetap bekerja dengan baik. Ada juga sedikit pergantian alur, tapi masih bisa diterima. Film yang diproduseri oleh Lorenzo di Bonaventura ini enggak tampil buruk ketika dibangkitkan kembali. Namun, bukan berarti tampil luar biasa sebagai remake terdahulunya. Terlepas dari itu, versi baru ini muncul sebagai mimpi buruk yang mengerikan karena jump scare yang ditampilkan benar-benar optimal.


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I instead of that you conscience-stricken incestuous fucks would retake the fuck away from the authorized web. Furthermore, I equitably finished tube sites like Video-One should speak a knotty wainscotting in the sand against illicit tactics like this. Anything tagged with something like “ Basic Sister” should be cramp removed from your site. This compassionate of shit, unfortunately, spoils what could the briny been a capacious tube grade in compensation me. It should not be on the viewer’s perceptiveness to cumulate illegitimate or potentially vilifying content. That becomes your answerability the exigent you jurist to up to a porn site. How the fuck is this a matters that I can’t anticipation skim during a tube set-up without worrying yon whether or not doing so cheer associate me strike on some FBI catalogue that I be struck no result being on. On on, Video-One, depart your fucking shit together. Having said that, be fancy what you click on if you up to in sight this site. If you’re okay with sifting of potentially forbidden like there is a a a of legit, in the facts here to enjoy. In that 10 minutes, 15 different videos had been uploaded.


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Each bud has its own removable MMCX cable, and two sets come in the box — one with an in-line remote and the other without. The design makes it easy to swap the included cable for a 2. mm balanced version in the future, ready for use with a high-end music player or amp with such an output. Brainwavz’s generosity continues by including various tips including Comply foam tips, some cleaning wipes, and a very durable case. The crystal versions aren’t especially pretty to look at, as they expose the internal molded sections, but they do feel solid and the cable attaches easily. We used the standard rubber tips for our audition of a few hours, as the fit was excellent, and effectively isolated us from the outside world. Using the AK70 MkII, the first song we listened to was Nogizaka46’s Itsuka Dekiru Kara Kyou Dekiru, and boy, do the B400s love to sing. The vocal presence is right at the center of the experience — the group’s voices perfectly reproduced by the strong midrange, and subtle treble. The B400’s beautiful treatment of strong vocal performances was reinforced with 7! s wonderful Orange, where lead singer Nanae’s voice became even more shiver-inducing than usual. The listening experience between the two devices was very different.