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Besides, thanks to a little incident called Watergate, the 1976 law was meant to rein in presidential power and how presidents declared national emergencies. In fact, there’s no significant shift in the situation in recent days or weeks suddenly rendering such urgent action needed. However, we do have lingering crises with healthcare, opioids, climate change, aging infrastructure, family separations at the border, economic inequality, environmental devastation, right-wing and white supremacist terrorism, and more. But no. Besides, Trump has spent 2 years of an entirely-controlled Republican Congress to do something about immigration. While there’s been no significant shift in the situation that suddenly renders urgent actions unnecessary. Ahead of the midterms, he warned about a dire threat from a migrant caravan, only to essentially drop the issue after the elections. Sure, asylum seekers in the US have been on the rise, but seeking asylum is legal. And Trump thinks he’ll lose his base if he abandons it. So he’s creating a panic and going to any length possible to get it done. Essentially, given the context, Donald Trump’s national emergency declaration is illegal and sets a dangerous precedent if it succeeds. Under Article I of the US Constitution clearly states, “No Money shall be drawn from the Treasury, but in Consequence of Appropriations made by Law. So only Congress can make such laws relating to public funds in non-emergency situations. Thus, no one person can seize control of our nation’s public funds. And even if Trump can declare a national emergency to get the money he wants, that’s not enough to build a wall.


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The three main characters Henry, Theo and Isabelle isolate themselves in their own world of disturbing obsessions, games and sex in an empty apartment. In theory, this is a great base for fantastic story, but the reality isn't even close to it. There is something so flat about the book, like the reader's total indifference towards the characters, their abusive relationship and especially the ending. I should've loved the book because it touches all those interesting topics like cinematography, rebellion and sexuality, but instead, I was utterly bored. I was really interested in how this dreamy incestuous threesome will work out but then suddenly the characters were eating cat food, spouting vomit at each other and smudging poop on themselves like Indian war paint and all of that was something I really couldn't swallow. The author did so much better job with the ecranisation of the book. In the screen adaption, directed by Bernardo Bertolucci, extraordinary actors like Eva Green, Michael Pitt and Louis Garrel are simply remarkable. Henry's whole personality, even though he's our narrator, was that he's bisexual and he was afraid to get out of the closet. We know far more about the twins than him, despite the fact we spent entire book in his head. That's quite depressing and makes it really hard to feel attached to both him and the plot. The relationship between Henry, Theo and Isabelle started out as rather fascinating and captivating, but turned out to be gruesome and sick. Besides, their bond was written about without any real depth. When Bertolucci wanted to film it, Adair wrote the screenplay and rewrote the novel as The Dreamers, although in an epilogue he explains that the book and film are deliberately different. It’s a quick read (borderline novella), but twisted and interesting. The story is set in Paris in the riots of May 68 and concerns a young American student who befriends twins at an arthouse cinema they regularly attend.


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To deny her a friend because Gilly is a wildling is just plain mean. The Baratheon’s will never see the wildlings as equals. I’m so happy he’ll be joining Jaime in Dorne, even if his betrothed isn’t. Nice Small Council Cersei’s got, what with sleepy-eyed Mace Tyrell doing double duty as Master of Ships and Coin, Qyburn as Maester Frankenstein, and Kevan as Master of Not-Being-Cersei’s-Lapdog. “You are the Queen Mother. Nothing more. Bye, bitches. Off to Casterly Rock. In just two weeks, Game of Thrones will return to HBO for its eighth and final season, and on Monday, the network released two new promotional videos for the. She's a mean and petty ruler, far more the series' villain than the Night King. In a set of two new promos (both of which aired on Sunday night as TV spots), we see. Get Yours Now at 3CASES. OM. Worldwide Shipping! Share.


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Lagu ini agak bittersweet karena waktu itu saya sadar akan meninggalkan New Zealand dan teman-teman masa kecil saya untuk kuliah di Thailand. To be honest, baru di akhir 2014 saya melanjutkan menulis lagu ini dengan inspirasi dari sebuah summer romance. Lagu ini menjadi lagu yang agak romantis yang saya interpretasikan sebagai lagu perpisahan sekaligus lagu untuk memulai satu hal yang baru. Saya menulis lagu semuanya dari pengalaman personal karena kalau tidak saya merasa cuma pura-pura bercerita tentang hal yang saya tidak paham. Saya merasa publik sudah bisa lebih menerima musik yang agak asing, seperti yang saya mainkan. Selain 80’s synthpop yang sedang menjamur dan mendominasi chart, banyak genre lain yang muncul dari skena alternative. Thailand punya banyak musisi keren yang siap diulik dan saya excited untuk menjadi bagian dari musisi generasi baru ini. Pilihan yang sulit antara Mulan atau film seperti The Incredibles karena keduanya punya tempat spesial di hati saya. Film adalah bentuk seni yang bisa memikat atau mengejutkanmu, butuh kesabaran dan pemahaman lebih untuk benar-benar menangkap pesan yang ingin disampaikan pembuat film dan buat saya itu keren. Hobi saya lain yang tidak banyak orang tahu adalah belanja pakaian bekas. Saya ingat saat itu tidak banyak orang yang datang, tapi mereka yang datang adalah orang-orang yang memang benar-benar ingin mendengarkan musik saya. Saya masih ingat weekend itu dengan jelas karena momen itu juga merupakan salah satu pengalaman tough di mana saya digembleng dengan kekecewaan dan patah hati. Di kondisi paling vulnerable, saya merasa tidak punya filter saat tampil. Saya merasa begitu mentah dan jujur sebagai musisi yang membawakan setiap lirik dengan emosi dan memori di baliknya. Bukan berarti orang yang tergila-gila popularitas tapi lebih sebagai musisi yang karyanya dapat diapresiasi oleh orang dari mana saja.


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hours. Especially the second 'tape', not often you get to see a film through Zombie's eyes. Pure awesomeness! A melting pot of parody, social commentary, metaphors and symbolism with pretty strong acting cast and great special effects. So original and fresh, got a feeling similar to the one I got watching Train to Busan. Without spoiling anything but I felt they killed the tension that was building up and also spoon fed to the audience his internal struggles dumbing down the final product. Gave it 8 as well so obviously liked it have to dig it up again. Even my mate who watches nothing but the latest CGI Hollywood blockbuster was cracking up at it. The last few minutes is the best acting that I've seen this year. Clubber Lang (MrT! and Hulk Hogan. Wowee. Then comes Rocky IV with that robot-like Russian punching machine. oh man. 10yo me came out of that cinema pumped, punching the air and high on life.