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So for me I see this when I see Euron, he seems to be a Greendreamer not seer and he uses shade to enhance those abilities. He appears to have seen some very interesting visions going back to childhood and by and large they seem to have corrupted him in some ways. So you get prophetic visions, the Blue lips, a King tied to Water, The Night Walker, His silent Crew, and his focus and Dany who he wants as a bride. I can actually go much more in depth but I am sure at this point you get the idea. So while he has his own story their are clues within Euron that point to the true storm, and what I believe is a desire for the one the call Stormborn. Euron and Stannis have symbolism and clues within their story that seem to reflect what the Night King is and wants. The clues are clever but not that hard to see when all the pieces are on the table. You know being able to post pics to point to clues is so much better than the other site. This is more book related but I read a theory once where they pondered whether Bloodraven tried to contact Euron the same way he contacted Bran. This gave or awaken the greendreams in Euron and that's why he can see things even if sometimes he doesn't understand what he sees or his mind twists it.

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Sandor Clegane and then Tyrion himself led sallies to defend the city, Sandor fleeing after the first and Tyrion being severely wounded in the second sortie by Ser Mandon Moore of the Kingsguard. As Tyrion passed out, the joint Lannister-Tyrell army arrived and destroyed Stannis' forces. Stannis, observing from the south bank of the river, was evacuated to Dragonstone by his sworn knights with several hundred troops. In addition, in the novel the royal fleet is present and draws Stannis's fleet into the trap. Although some ships upriver manage to escape the explosion, several royal galleys are sacrificed to the wildfire. The only two major holdouts which still supported Stannis instead of Joffrey were the garrison at Storm's End itself, as well as Dragonstone and the islands of the Narrow Sea which were difficult to assault due to their isolated nature (though Dragonstone and the isles sworn to it are technically part of the Crownlands, not the Stormlands). The defenders of the city numbered some 7,100 troops, consisting of 2,000 veteran gold cloaks, 4,000 newly conscripted, ill-trained, and poorly disciplined gold cloaks, 800 sellswords, and 300 knights and men-at-arms. Tywin's main army in the Riverlands consisted of some 20,000 men before clashing with Edmure Tully's forces; the size of the army he brought back to King's Landing after the Battle of the Fords, and the size of the Tyrell army went with them, is not revealed. For those unfamiliar, let me define; a bro is an anti-intelligence touting, alpha-male douchebag with easily identifiable social privilege and an affinity for macho bullshit. They tend to hunt in packs, demean women and minorities, and did I mention that they were douchebags?

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But if you include the number of views on the HBO Go and its standalone HBO Now app, it will become 16. million of viewers. This is impressive considering two episodes of the GoT season 7 were leaked online. By the way, “The Dragon and the Wolf” episode did not leak, which could be an explanation for its huge success. But then again, although “The Spoils of War” and “Beyond the Wall” episodes leaked, it didn't have any impact on its ratings. To put things into perspective, the 12. million viewers don't just make the Game of Thrones season 7 finale the most watched episode of the series. It also broke records on other networks internationally, putting it ahead of the AMC show The Walking Dead. The eight and final season of Game of Thrones is set to have six episodes, which will premiere on April 14, 2019. It took two years for the production for the final season.

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