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Naturalitha It's the Rains of Castamere JC Murzali ? 2. The Cleganes must fight, and only Sandor is worthy of his House's Sigil. Personally my money is on Jamie as she hasn't even considered him as an option, they may be twins BUT he's still the younger of the two. I'm curious to hear your prediction Ser gaberial dunne ? 2. The white walker babies. hat do you think about that. Maybe the babies will bring down the protective wall. I don't think the Mountain will be able to be killed like a normal man. I am still hoping to see the Hound lop his head off with one massive swing of his sword. Dooky ? 2 ? curezilla I bet the Hound will burn him to death Berd is the Word ?

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You spent a good chunk of Tuesday’s Ask the Maester column discussing this, and there have been approximately 874,931 “IS JON DEAD? articles on the Internet in the last few days, but we need to take one more deep dive. Welcome to our hell, show watchers: This has been the primary topic of discussion in book land since Jon’s A Dance With Dragons arc ended in the same place, and it’s time to take the theorizing mainstream. But I also can read (and watch): Pretty much every additional piece of information that we’ve gotten on the show and in the books support Jon’s continued existence. For starters, we’re talking about the dude who survived three arrows from Ygritte. I’m going to keep telling myself that a handful of close-range shiv shots isn’t that much worse. He could warg into his wolf, like Varamyr Sixskins did in the Dance prologue. Or, infinitely more likely, he could pull a Beric Dondarrion and use one of the Lord of Light’s “Get Out of Death Free” cards. Thoros of Myr is a red priest, and he managed to resurrect the Lightning Lord as many times as Arya stabbed Meryn Trant on Sunday. Why have her return to Castle Black if not for this. Why have her talk to Thoros about how he worked R’hllor’s magic. I concede that in a sprawling tale like this, not every plot thread will come together in the end to form a neat bow; however, I refuse to accept that the secret of Jon’s parentage falls into that category. As Andy Greenwald reminded us a few days ago, Benioff and Weiss landed this gig by answering correctly when Martin asked them to identify Jon’s mother; that’s a pretty clear signifier that this reveal is going to matter in a major way. If Jon is really Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen’s son, he has as strong of a claim to the Iron Throne as anyone else in the story.


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HOLLYWOODFLIP: What is the personal message you may want to instill with the audience of this short film. CJ: I have two -- First of all, do not judge a book by its cover. I've heard the saying thousands of times, but it never made more sense to me than when I stepped into Joy's shoes. Secondly, if you are going through a difficult time in your life, whatever it may be, know that you are not the first person to go through it. Others have gone through the same or worse and have come out on top. There are people out their who care and want to help. HOLLYWOODFLIP: Do you know if the short film will be shown in any other film festival and where they can follow to watch it. CJ: To my knowledge, the film is just beginning the festival submission process. HOLLYWOODFLIP: Any parting kudos to anybody you want to reach out to. The message of the movie sends a positive message and what a way how to end the movie -- the last scene is powerful. A struggling rubber plantation worker (Blay) in Liberia is tired of the political unrest of their workers union. When his cousin invited him to come to New York, he needed to leave his wife and family. In the big city, he learned how to hustle in life without giving up his integrity. He found a job as a cab driver and soon got comfortable, and wiser.


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Hakim O'Neill memutuskan tidak menahan Cosby hingga vonis ditentukan. Namun sang terdakwa tidak diperkenankan ke luar dari rumahnya. Karena ia memiliki banyak rumah, jika ia ingin tinggal di rumahnya yang berada di negara bagian lain, Cosby mesti terlebih dulu mengenakan alat pelacak GPS. BBC mengabarkan, lebih dari 50 perempuan mengungkapkan bahwa Bill Cosby pernah melecehkan mereka. Mereka diberi obat penenang--Quaaludes yang menyebabkan kelumpuhan sementara-- lalu diperkosa. Akan tetapi, karena adanya undang-undang pembatasan ( statute of limitations ) dalam sistem hukum AS, hanya Constand yang berhasil membawa kasusnya hingga ke pengadilan. Undang-undang tersebut memberi tenggat laporan tuduhan tindakan kriminal. Rentangnya beragam, mulai dari 3 tahun sejak kriminalitas itu terjadi, hingga tak terbatas--tergantung negara bagian yang menerapkan. Statute of limitations yang berlaku bagi kejahatan seksual di Pennsylvania adalah 12 tahun. Constand menyatakan pelecehan yang dilakukan Cosby terjadi di rumah aktor itu di Pennsylvania pada 2004. Constand adalah karyawan di tim basket Universitas Temple, sementara Cosby adalah almamater, sekaligus donor, universitas tersebut. Mereka pertama bertemu dan berkenalan dua tahun sebelumnya. Cosby, menurut Constand, memberinya anggur dan tiga pil, yang disebutnya obat herbal. Korban lalu pulang ke rumah ibunya di Toronto, Kanada, dan, setahun kemudian, menceritakan peristiwa yang menimpanya.


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Taking inspiration from Vatican Shadow's infamous projects on Hospital Productions, Plaggona's sounds are deathly and menacing in every way, utilising the darkest corners of industrial and power electronics to precipitate the listener into an endless spiral of doom and gloom. This is heavy gear, and only fit for those of a certain disposition. Unpredictable as ever, Erroi presents four oddball grooves that defy categorisation but are pretty awesome in their own right. On the flip, the title track presents an ensemble of rusty and dusted down drum machines working in perfect mayhem together. The first half of the mix ebbs and flows with the laidback drowsiness of his selections, which flit between post trip-hop beats, ambient, IDM, electronica and crunchy post-punk pop. Originally comprised of UK legends Mark Broom, Andy Turner and Ed Handley (with Dave Hill joining in later on), the friends often hung out at UXB Studios (Broom's home) in London - a meeting point for a lot of other seminal producers from the period like Baby Ford and Stasis. The outfit was later reduced to just Broom and Hill. Repeats was a departure from their more techno oriented work, and drew inspiration from alternate electronic sounds of the '90s such as IDM and ambient, also incorporating house and electro on this collection of deep, reflective and emotive sonic journeys. The result is a set of breathtaking beautiful solo piano compositions that were, according to the press release accompanying the set, inspired by his pet passions: science, history and explorations. It's perhaps for that reason that Houndstooth has decided to offer up this retrospective of the shadowy artist's most admired remixes. Starting off as a rhythm and blues guitar player back in the '60s, the cult movie saw him move onto more experimental territories, and enter the broad genre that is referred to as 'prog-rock'. You have everything from fast percussion sequences, to gnarly guitar riffs, and distorted voices, all wrapped in an early, gritty electronic bed of sound. This one is clearly for the samplers, a diggers dream come true; and now available again in its original format. While this is technically a debut under his real name, we've already gotten a taste of what the talented producer can offer beyond the dancefloor.


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They weren’t willing to get raunchy like Wet Hot American Summer. Solee: Right. Or super slutty like, well, ALL movies like this. The one time someone actually removed her top, it was very specifically off-screen. I liked when they knew they were in slow motion though. Solee: That was funny. “Whhhaaaattt’sssss hhhaaaappppppeennnniinnnnnnnnggggg? Mikey: That was a part of what kept me interested in the movie: they had this situation where they were inside a movie, which they took further than pretty much any other similar movie I can think of, and I was interested in how the rules of their movie universe worked, and to learn more about it. Solee: You mentioned the flashback earlier, but I forget to say that I really liked how they did that. The weird pillars of goo dripping down as the flashback took over. That was cool. Mikey: And it was fun that they exploited that feature to escape from the badguy later too. One of my favorite gags was how they all hopped over the “Summer 1958” lettering. Silliness!


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Ralph Terry on baseball cards Cache Translate Page Ralph Terry pitched twelve seasons in the major leagues, mostly for the Yankees. His best season was 1962, when he went 23-12 with a 3. 9 ERA, and won the World Series MVP for allowing just 5 runs in 25 innings in three starts, including a complete game, 1-0 shutout in Game 7. He has recently written an autobiography, Right Down the Middle. For Ralph's 1958 card, Topps took his picture in New York in his Yankee uniform but when they got ready to issue the card he had been traded to the Kansas City Athletics. Cool beans? Far from it: Global warming is helping to wipe out coffee in the wild Cache Translate Page. Cost of living in Baghdad less than Amman, Beirut and Riyadh Cache Translate Page Cost of living in Baghdad less than Amman, Beirut and Riyadh. At STANLEY Convergent Security we design, install, service, and monitor electronic security systems that integrate intrusion, fire, video surveillance, access control and monitoring applications. While the landscape of our industry has changed dramatically, our culture of innovation and drive to make online trading accessible to everyone continues to drive us forward. Who We Are Teach For America (TFA) is a leadership development organization focused on the systemic challenges facing children growing up in poverty. While potential is equally distributed across lines of race and class, opportunity is not, and we seek to correct this injustice. We recruit, train, and support talented and ambitious leaders from all Administrative Assistant Cache Translate Page NY-NEW YORK, If you're looking for work as an Administrative Assistant, OfficeTeam has an opening for someone who is results-oriented and deeply passionate about growing their career. What you get to do every day - Conducting and coordinating internal training courses - Composing correspondence and proofreading materials - Assisting s Office Clerk III Cache Translate Page NY-NEW YORK, If you love organization, order, and people, Robert Half has an excellent career opportunity for a highly motivated, self-starter as a General Office Clerk.


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. That ambiguity and mystery was part of a more or less conscious marketing effort. “These were very shrewd businessmen,” notes Murch; the less the Kennard company said about how the board worked, the more mysterious it seemed—and the more people wanted to buy it. “Ultimately, it was a money-maker. By 1892, the Kennard Novelty Company went from one factory in Baltimore to two in Baltimore, two in New York, two in Chicago and one in London. And by 1893, Kennard and Bond were out, owing to some internal pressures and the old adage about money changing everything. By this time, William Fuld, who’d gotten in on the ground floor of the fledgling company as an employee and stockholder, was running the company. (Notably, Fuld is not and never claimed to be the inventor of the board, though even his obituary in The New York Times declared him to be; also notably, Fuld died in 1927 after a freak fall from the roof of his new factory—a factory he said the Ouija board told him to build. In 1898, with the blessing of Col. Bowie, the majority shareholder and one of only two remaining original investors, he licensed the exclusive rights to make the board. What followed were boom years for Fuld and frustration for some of the men who’d been in on the Ouija board from the beginning—public squabbling over who’d really invented it played out in the pages of the Baltimore Sun, while their rival boards launched and failed. It was marketed as both mystical oracle and as family entertainment, fun with an element of other-worldly excitement. This meant that it wasn’t only spiritualists who bought the board; in fact, the people who disliked the Ouija board the most tended to be spirit mediums, as they’d just found their job as spiritual middleman cut out. The Ouija board appealed to people from across a wide spectrum of ages, professions, and education—mostly, Murch claims, because the Ouija board offered a fun way for people to believe in something.


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Asked by Geoff Moore 83 if he had any advice for today s young people, David fell back on three points TV s Judge Judy once told a graduating class in Connecticut: Number 1: You only have one chance to make a first impression. Number 3: choose a career for which you are suited; everything else is a hobby. In my lifetime of hiring people, David added, I always favoured people who were good at sports. They spend five days of the week preparing to be perfect for two minutes on a Saturday afternoon. Never forget, he said, you don t have to be perfect all the time; you just have to be perfect at the right time. I was brought up believing there is no difference between French Canadians and English Canadians, David explained. I wondered whether my faith had been misplaced, he confessed. Old Quebec is rural, not adventuresome, still clinging a bit to the past. If you have any investment to make in Quebec, now is the time to make it, he advised. But don t forget, David concluded, It takes a sense of humour to live in this town. SOLTENDIECK reporting for E-TALK O n August 21, 2013, CTV televisision announced that Devon Soltendieck 2002 joins etalk as the new reporter for Canada s most-watched entertainment series. Joining etalk in its mission to profile and nurture Canadian talent, shine a spotlight on home-grown music, film, fashion and television, and provide a unique Canadian lens for international entertainment news, Soltendieck joins anchors Ben Mulroney and Tanya Kim, senior reporter Danielle McGimsie, and fellow reporters Lainey and Traci Melchor. Soltendieck made his etalk debut Monday, Aug. 26 at 7 p.