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They've both been through a lot and Arya wasn't at the house of Black and White long enough to be turned into a killing machine heartless robot. Pred rokem Jasmin rosado Sansa never learns thats why she still has littefucker around, she has never been loyal to her family like her other siblings. Pred rokem matthew m I can't understand why they went this direction with the Wight capture mission. Dany's counsel never answered what this plan accomplishes. Could they really think Cersei would join them, and what would that even add to their army. Or is it that they just want to tell Cersei hey, timeout on the war, we're gonna go save mankind first, then we'll pick up where we left off later. Considering how Drogon just melted her entire army, I think Cersei woulda been happy to wait whether she believes in Wights or not. Remember she saw him meeting with Tywin Lannister back when she was captive at Harrenhal, so she knows he has no loyalty. Pred rokem Aditi Goyal i also dont get why the north lords are being so critical about Jon's trip. Pred rokem Comrade Maestro No, no, no and no, you can't annul a consumated marriage with children this the highest level of bullshit that the show reaches. imme back my dirty bastard Snow born out of rape, none of that forbidden love shite. Pred rokem EmoFurry 125 the annulment makes no sense Pred rokem Skyler Maves I'm gonna be honest about the Jon x Dany relationship, it kind of freaks me out. We're meant to see it as ok because their the 'good guys' while Jamie and Cersei's relationship is meant to be shown as disgusting.

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Jadi tidakkah orang PAS pelik mengapa tuduhan tanpa bukti lebih mudah dipercayai sungguhpun anda mampu menggariskan hukum-hakam yang jelas membuktikan bahawa itu adalah bibit fitnah. Terimalah hakikat orang PAS tidak begitu mahir dalam cognitive warfare. THE DEDAK 90 MILLION STORY Apabila audio Nik Abduh itu disahkan sebagai suaranya, saya secara peribadi agak terkilan mengapa beliau tidak sekadar mengaku kesahihan audio itu setahun yg lalu. Ini kerana saya yakin ramai orang PAS akan mampu menerima penjelasan bahawa wang UMNO yang diterima itu adalah bukan rasuah dan bertujuan bagi menjalankan aktiviti. Hakikatnya bukan saja wang UMNO diterima diperingkat kepimpinan. Ramai juga orang UMNO yang menghulur wang ringgit kepada pasti dan program PAS. Cuma setelah berdiskusi dengan beberapa rakan kepimpinan PAS dan membaca penerangan Nik Abduh, saya mula faham tentang perkara ini dengan jelas. Daripada kekecewaan terhadap sikap Nik Abduh mengambil pendekatan menafikan atau dengan kata jahat BERBOHONG, saya melihat ia merupakan satu strategi yang normal. Dari sudut agama, saya telah dijelaskan mengenai kepentingan menjaga kerahsiaan yang diberitahu dalam surah Al-Isra:34 dan juga At -Tahrim:3 begitu juga hadith yang menerangkan bagaimana seorang itu adalah munafik apabila mengkhianati sesuatu amanah sehingga dia meninggalkannya. Namun bukankah berbohong itu juga adalah sifat orang munafik. Ibnu Syihab berkata, “Aku tidaklah mendengar sesuatu yang diberi keringanan untuk berdusta di dalamnya kecuali pada tiga perkara, “Peperangan, mendamaikan yang berselisih, dan perkataan suami pada istri atau istri pada suami (dengan tujuan untuk membawa kebaikan rumah tangga). (HR. Bukhari no.

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Reyne). Her best buddy and co-worker Jay. Punch the Parrot ? (Nathan Strauss) doesn? think much of Mark, and might just be crushing a little on Skye. Tail is a romantic comedy fable that pays homage to love and big, gorgeous 1980s cheese ball entertainment. Kris invites Jon over for their fourth date, where they end up talking and laughing all day. When they come to the realization that everything is going so well, the pressure to keep the momentum going brings everything to a halt. WRITER: Andrew Hamer DIRECTOR: Andrew Hamer PROD: Marcus Mizelle CAST: Dan White, Robert Fleet, Paul Rae, Greg Perrow Set in 1921, an American lighthouse crew on the small island of Three Skeleton Key become unnerved when a ship ignores their beacon, running aground on the reefs surrounding the island. They soon discover that something is on board the ship, and it's not human. WRITERS: Christina Eliopoulos DIRECTOR: Christina Eliopoulos PRODS: Elizabeth Kinder, Alex Laviola, Adam Thomson, Eve Grace Penoyer CAST: Joe Cortese, Azhy Robertson, Stephen Badalamenti, Janis Dardaris, Tara Murtha, Mark Gindick, Katherine Sigismund Yianni is the star and celebrated host of TONIGHT AND EVERY NIGHT, the talk show that plays in his own beautiful but fractured mind. On one fateful day, Yianni who suffers from dementia, wanders out of his house and comes to the aid of a lonely and lost little boy. Naive and impressionable, six year old Ryan wants nothing more than to be accepted by his older brother, Van, and his two friends Kevin and Richie; to Ryan, Van and his friends are gods.

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Something about the walkers coming out of the water to attack (hazzy). It's obvioulsy heading towards a Walkers vs Dragons (and remaining main characters) final battle royale, which will be sweet. Then it occurred to me that it'd be awsome if the Walkers were able to kill and reanimate a dragon. They went missing for large chunks of the story in the books. If you watch Thronecast a lot of the actors from the show have been saying the same thing, episode 10 will break the internet. For this reason I think a lot of what I'm about to suggest will happen in ep 10. Mel will try to resurrect Stannis by burning Shireen and ask the lord of light to return his chosen one, Azor Ahai, to the land of the living. Stannis will stay dead but Jon will be resurrected. If they want to be really dramatic they can have him returning from the dead when his body is being burned, walking out of the flames with a flaming sword in his hand. That would mirror Danny surviving the flames at the end of season 1. The TV show is different and seems to be heading towards Jon dying and being resurrected with the heavy handed hints that Shireen is for the BBQ this season and Ollie glowering in the corner every time someone says 'wildlings'. Those chapters were an absolute nightmare to try and read. More than once i fell asleep mid sentence while reading those.

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Sitting alongside Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, the history-steeped Gothic showstopper is one of the world’s most spectacular churches. It’s also been the site of all of England's royal coronations — with the exception of two — since the crowning of William the Conqueror in 1066. ith your guide and prebooked ticket, which entitles you to fast-track entry, head inside to learn more about the abbey’s storied past. Follow in the footsteps of some history’s most fascinating characters, from Elizabeth I to Queen Elizabeth II, as you walk down the black-and-white checkered isle toward the Coronation Chair. Peer out at the 900-year-old College Garden while you stroll through the impressive Cloisters, and spot the graves of some of the world’s most famous wordsmiths, including Dickens, Hardy and Tennyson in Poets’ Corner. fter touring Westminster Abbey, take a stroll to Horse Guards Parade or along the Mall to watch the Changing of the Guard. Listen to your guide talk about the ceremony’s history as the Queen’s Foot Guards, in their cherry tunics and bearskin hats, or the plumed Household Cavalry pass right in front of you. inish your tour outside Buckingham Palace, the Queen’s official London residence. See the balcony where William and Kate kissed before the public after their wedding in 2011, and hear stories of intruders and princes scaling the. Children (below 15 years) pay ONLY ticket price to London Dungeons! e will guide you on an exploration of London’s major landmarks. After witnessing this impressive, traditional ritual, we'll head to Westminster. Enjoy a comfortable and relaxing transfer in a private luxury vehicle with up to 3 people in your group and a multi-lingual speaking driver from London Gatwick Airport to your centrally located London hotel or destination in central London.

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Word spaghetti is when ever some Western fucktard tries to group together tons of overly elaborate words in an effort to come off as highly sophisticated. If only these dipshits had known that true geniuses speak plainly with very simple wording because they actually want their listeners to comprehend their speech. Not to pick on him constantly but the great orator, Barrack Obama. Is one of the greatest offenders of word spaghetti. It's odd how no one seems to want to tell Obama that he can not speak English worth shit, LOL. Obama only comes off as eloquent if you abide by the rule of thought that words are used only as a means to express your intelligence. Rather than the actual application of spoken words. Obnoxiously pretentious Western gamer Monocle man: Dynasty Warriors is everything that is wrong with modern gaming. For we wish to be reminded of the dull reality and the grim truths of our societies. So that we can further contemplate the futility of our existence. This is why we, the West is on a mission to seek enlightenment through video games in our highly enlightened attempts to seek the answers. We, the West seeks an artistic renaissance of new age Leonardo Da Vincis through the maturity of video games. The Far East's childish notion that video games are games are but an eternal conflict that plagues the great minds of the West and eternally plagues our misery.

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My bow (rei) to my fellow karateka was done in respect and fellowship, my bow in my house was to avoid eye contact or a casually thrown blow. Karate lead me to other life-skills that would become inseparable from my martial arts, I began to read Zen, Oriental philosophy, in fact pretty much any martial arts related stuff I could get my hands on. My world became indivisible from my karate; I would wash dishes at home with my leg on the sink to stretch, I would do press ups with my sister sat on my back and every task became just another way to train. So woven together was my karate and my everyday life that it is difficult through recollection to untangle the two. At this time extraordinary juxtaposition had occurred within my young life, but it was more than a simple half division, because karate began to act like a bright light that not so much dispersed the grey and black world I had inhabited, but illuminated it better and allowed me to navigate towards adulthood with a sense of purpose and clear rules. But as an older man I am acutely aware that the brightest light also makes the darkest shadows. My karate club became my life; it was the constant that nourished me, it was the benchmark to which I held myself (and unfortunately others as well). It changed from a leisure pursuit to a Way (Do), I had acceptance and belonging. When, for the most part, you are valued and feel part of a family, all be it an extended one, this has an astonishing effect on your self-esteem and how you present yourself to others. My grades went up at school, I started to date girls (liked that one! and I fought back, not always winning, but that is not the point, the point is that for the first time I fought back. For this was the Golden Age of Martial Arts, the days of Bruce Lee in the cinema, Kung Fu on the television and Kung Fu Fighting on the radio. Martial arts became my spiritual chlorophyll giving me the energy to overthrow past limitations imposed on me by another’s uncaring attitude.