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Wilson 4. out of 5 stars the films in this box are. POPCORN (1991) a killer stalks a cinema; look out for Dee Wallace DRILLER KILLER (1979) Abel Ferrara's 'video nasty' CUTTING MOMENTS (1997) anthology of 5 tales AMITYVILLE CURSE (1990) abandoned house of demons and ghosts, the 5th Amityville film SERVANTS OF TWILIGHT (1991) based on a Dean R. Hobo With A Shotgun is pure over-the-top cinematic mayhem that makes up for with heart what is absolutely, gloriously lacks in conscience. It’s a balls-to-the-wall splatterfest revenge flick of positively epic proportions that revels (as well it should) in its sheer, uncompromising lack of anything even remotely resembling good taste. If you’re feeling tired, this is one movie that will wake you the fuck up, and fast. The Hobo (that’s all we ever know him as) has ever reason in the world to want to pursue revenge on the Drake clan after they fuck him up in a most undignified manner, but rather than satisfy his bloodlust, he just wants to save up 50 bucks to buy a lawnmower and get in the yard-care business. When the hoodlums threaten to shoot a baby in the store, The Hobo decides he’s had enough, grabs an old pump-action shotgun off the pawn shop wall, and starts blasting. Soon (after paying for his shotgun and shells, naturally) it’s all-out war as The Hobo, together with his teen-prostitute-with-a-heart-of-gold sidekick, Abby, starts taking the city back one shotgun shell at a time. While it doesn’t have the social conscience of Robert Rodriguez’s Machete, the first “real” movie to be based on a “fake” Grindhouse trailer, and certainly lacks its all-star cast (Hauer is, I guarantee, the only person in this flick you’ve ever heard of), it’s every bit as heartfelt and earnest an homage to the golden years of exploitation cinema, and maybe even more fun, precisely because it’s completely unburdened from trying to make anything like a relevant point whatsoever. Hobo With A Shotgun is here to party, and if you’ve got any sense whatsoever, you’ll join right in.

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But suddenly in this night, racing across the east lawn in the wake of the liberating raven, the boy discovered a strange grace in his ungainly body. Now, as the raven circled over the boy, carving the fat moon with its pinions, he too flowed, glided, skated across the lawn, into a meadow, toward the woods. By the time John turned off the county highway onto the beech-lined approach road that served the state hospital, the cloud cover was worn thin, but it was nowhere threadbare enough to reveal blue sky. A four-foot-wide concrete shelf protruding from a wall served as a bed, made comfortable with a thick foam mattress. Billy stared at the ceiling, but perhaps he did not see it. Although he blinked from time to time, he never changed focus, his steady stare like that of a blind man lost in thought. But his fresh-cream complexion had in less than a day curdled into a pallor. A gray tint shadowed the skin in the hollows of his eyes, as if those two fierce flames, now extinguished, had produced a residue of ashes. But though greasy with a scrim of sweat, the pale skin felt cold. Caravaggio led a troubled life, brought to trial eleven times. Maybe because he was tormented, he rejected the classical idealism of Michelangelo that other painters still embraced.


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Saudi Arabia fears the Iranian model of “Islamic democracy”. It also fears Iran’s growing economic and political power in the region. The Saudi oligarchy is propped up by Israel and the United States. I am not claiming that Assange has done this deliberately to deceive the public. In 2009, the French journalist Guillaume Dasquie published an article in Intelligence Online, claiming that Hassan Nasrallah, leader of the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah had been trained in North Korea. The article, widely distributed throughout the US Congress, was later proved to be a hoax. (7). But his approach assumes that Wikileaks serves the function of stopping the war. While Wikileaks has revealed many US war crimes, the possibility of covert intelligence penetration of the whistle-blowing site cannot be overlooked. Wikileaks can be made serve the cause of peace if a full and critical analysis is carried out every time the corporate press misuses it to trick the public into supporting an imperialist agenda. The final phase in the War on Terrorism will be to destroy the last obstacles to total US economic and political control of the planet.

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Eaten away by the thought, I explain the situation to my Lead. Just a week later, I have a meeting with HR, my Lead, and the Design Director where they explain that they have plans for me. First, they were already talking about giving me a senior position. They believe I deserved it, and I just need to improve some small areas to get it. They chose to be open and tell me what I have to improve, to make sure I get the promotion within 3 months. For the second thing, the director shows me a graph on a big screen. It goes from the left with Adam Badowski, Head of the studio, then move to the right to the Directors, Leads, Seniors, Specialists and finally Juniors on the right end. He points at a little square close the left edge and says “I would like you to take this position”. Lead AI Design. A whole team of designers, just for me. Oh yes.

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Mutus art lives this paradox, and collage is her expressive vehicle. The best piece in her Susanne Vielmetter show, A Funny Kind of Scent (all works 2012), is an incredible gnarl of twisted beauty, a fascinating creature assertive and confident against a field of stars. Like a blocky and voluminous Picassoid form, Mutus woman has substantial visual weight. She is dressed up and accented with a fashionable scarf, yet stares intensely out of an eagle eye, a mongrel of hair and deformity, unselfconscious. Against that night sky, the woman is unexpectedly less a nightmare than a simple fact. Mutu cannot quite translate the heat of her small works to match the scale of her larger installations in sculpture, painting and video. In her Kibaba installation, the circle of female elders is quite arresting at first, each wrapped in Beuys felt and wearing individual masks and hairstyles. However, the unavoidable feeling of festivalism blocks the provocative details of the piece. Circling the women hang wine bottles dripping into a number of bowls. If Kibaba comes from the Swahili proverb Haba na haba hujaza kibaba (Little by little, fills the pot), then this congregation of powerful women lends itself nicely to a space charged against the violence of domestic alcoholism and the terrible rituals of female circumcision. Mutus oft-repeated throne motif, which appears in Vielmetters final gallery, deserves to be defended against any claims that it is dully generic.

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There is no way that Dany, who has raised herself up from being a pawn to her abusive brother, will suddenly turn on the little people. It’s not happening and it’s high time people get over that obsession. For starters, cersei is married to another and of all people a king no less If these are not enough then comes the fact they are twins and grown up together. Now you tell me how is jamie-cersei is even comparable to jon- dany If you don’t want trolls posting then stop feeding them. Well, they didn’t grow up together and they have no idea they are actually related. Plus, they are targaryens and that’s what targaryens do. Jk Wildlings are as bad as the old way Ironborn, they raid and steal the women, but Jon is perfectly ok with them, and apparently so are the northeners now, so I guess he would be happy to have them in the alliance. Everybody have double standards when it come to there favorite character. Example, some people see Dany burning slave master and they applaud, then when Arya kill Walder Frey same people say she is crazy assassin and there is no way for her to have normal life, and other way around. He did not do it to impress his men, he did it out of fear of losing their support. And it even wasn’t his idea, Theon has always been so weak that he got truly manipulated into making stupid decisions.

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throughout the night’s events. For information, call 305-664-8070. 13TH ANNUAL HAUNTING In addition to the required overOF FORT ZACHARY TAYLOR, load of candy treats, the little gobCRANE POINT’S HAUNTED lins can indulge in games, crafts THROUGH OCT. 30 HOUSE. OCT. 30 and costume contests. There is an educational twist, learning environIn the Middle Keys, Crane Point’s Days and nights of ghoulish mental-friendly ways to reuse items Haunted House inhabited by ghosts, delight are planned for the Civil for costumes, decorations and fun ghouls and freaky characters will War-era fort beside Key West’s set a spooky tone for the year’s eeri- Atlantic Ocean shore. This year three activities, all amid the beauty of Nature. Events will House is at the center of the proptake place from 8 to 11 p. . today, erty from the right-of-way.

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Leak - S08E Leak. Back late early but small portion its alleged script already online by Reddit user. After finishing GoT 7, fanverse has started getting into next installment. After S07E02, I wonder. Yara et. al. were aware of Euron's threat. After hearing that her allies have been taken hostages, Dany decides to make an alliance with Jon, then she sends a raven to winterfell, Jon sends Davos to negociate, after hearing from Davos that Dany wants to prpose something Jon decides to meet Dany. Val, you may have overlooked that Varys, being with Dany when she arrives at Dragonstone, was at Sunspear in 6:10. So, either Dany lands at Dorne or Varys gets on a ship and rendezvous with Dany's fleet. But with all that you are dealing with, it makes sense you would overlook some small detail.