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Where I think it’s bad that her training was “glossed over” on the show is that things she can do now seem less believable, especially to non-readers. Readers and people that know there’s more to her book training can at least tell ourselves that she’s supposed to be able to (that) and accept it. As an example I’ve always hoped that she’d speak to Daenerys in Valyrian when they meet. If she does that on the show now I expect a lot of people are going to say, “What. Meanwhile Arya was punished and struggled to succeed according to those same rules, so she disparaged the rules and the authorities that attempted to enforce them. And Septa Mordane, as you so rightly point out, made Arya’s struggles worse by constantly disparaging her and making little attempt to actually teach her how to succeed. Though Sansa was being insufferably prim and proper and smug as well. But she didn’t attract the septa’s attention, Arya did with her loud outburst. So Arya blaming Sansa for attracting the septa’s attention is plain wrong, and GRRM with his writing makes it plain. FWIW, I disagree with you that the show has done a good job of presenting Arya’s nuances. I was disappointed with the show’s treatment of her time in Braavos, although I take your point that it would have been slow-going to watch her learning languages, etc. I was disappointed but I could live with it, until her final throw-down with The Waif, when my disbelief overrode my willingness to give the showwriters some slack. She’s attracted to power, hooked on Littlefinger, being manipulated, and suspicious of or disappointed in all three of her siblings. And she welcomes her long lost sister home wanting to be called “Lady Stark. It’s all rather petty, especially for someone who thinks of herself as a leader. The knights of the Vale won the battle and they rode north for me.

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Dick Van Dyke celebrates his 90th birthday with flash mob With News Wire Services. The Nintendo Wii introduced motion controls via a wand-like controller, the Wii Remote, and championed an intuitive and approachable method. A mastery of alien-looking gamepads with their multiple buttons and protruding joysticks was no longer needed. So effective were its approximations that Nintendo soon issued protective cases and sturdier wrist straps to protect nearby people and objects from Wiimotes released during the course of play. Predating the iPhone announcement by two months, the Wii helped mould consumer and industry standards for mass market, user-friendly tech design. The seventh generation of video game consoles saw the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii launch within a year of each other: the Xbox successor in November 2005, the PlayStation 3 and Wii nearly 12 months to the day afterwards. Of the three, Nintendo's Wii was the least powerful, neither could it double up as DVD or Blu-ray player. But six years on, and smartphones were in the ascendency. The Wii's audience did not migrate towards the Wii U but rather went elsewhere. By 2016, Microsoft had quietly retired its camera-based answer to the Wiimote, PlayStation pivoting its Move controllers towards a Virtual Reality headset. Nintendo looks ahead to March 2017 and the launch of a new console, the Nintendo Switch. American Airlines said two of its 18 checkpoints in Terminal 3 now have the automated screening lanes. United Airlines was installing three such lanes in Terminal 1 on Monday. The Transportation Security Administration said the new automated lanes are estimated to reduce wait times at screening checkpoints by 30 percent. The systems automate many of the tasks at screening checkpoints, including drawing bags into the X-ray machines, returning bins back to the start of the line, and diverting bags that require additional inspection to a separate area. Cameras take photos of the outside of bags, matching them to the X-ray images of the inside.

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I also have one other idea, for one of your fantaxidermy creations, but I'll add that in it's own section at the bottom. I woke up one night and realized that I would like you to create a very special mummified fairy. I just picture one of your fairy pieces, but squatting on his haunches, like the nightmare from Henry Fuseli. Maybe it's captured and dried out in an antique glass lantern. This was something that could go in that padded drawer, carefully removed for display on the table or on the shelf in front of the mirror. Malplaquet House had even more luck when it fell in to the hands of the best possible buyers imaginable. Enter Tim Knox, British historian, former director of Sir John Soane’s Museum, (another restored London time capsule) and now director of the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge. Together with the renowned landscape gardener Todd Longstaffe-Gowan, these two passionate collectors purchased the 275 year-old East London ruin from the Trust for ? 50,000. In the 1850s, Malplaquet had seen the last of its wealthy tenants and was divided up into smaller lodgings and two shops were built upon the old front garden. Most of the double-fronted property would eventually just end up as storage space for the shops. When Tim and Todd came along in 1998, they had their work cut out for them. “Guided by historic documentation and surviving evidence, the forecourt shops were demolished, revealing the house surprisingly intact,” says Fyfe Mcdaid, the estate agency now listing the home for ? ,950,000. “Since then the owners have carefully restored the building and its garden setting, making Malplaquet House one of the most unforgettable secret houses of London. .

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I felt that in season 5, she really did take control within the context of her character, she did everything she could to survive. She’ll never be Brienne or Arya so the parameters of what she can do to survive are much more limited. Maybe she annoys you and she’s not the type of person you’d like in real life, but I think that’s different than saying she’s not an accurate depiction of a type of woman that does exist and actually is a lot different than the other main female protagonists on the show. And male writers are certainly capable of writing women characters just as female writers are capable of writing male characters. Their alliance with the wildlings will be a strong motive, but maybe they also won’t see Sansa as a credible person after her marriage with Tyrion, Ramay and pact with the wildlings. It didn’t matter to him, and maybe it won’t matter to lord Karstark and lord Umber. Maybe for some of them possibility to have woman and a bastard as rulers of the North is more horrifying that to have Ramsay in that position. It is hilarious that you mentioned Brienne when I did not as I said Cersei was my other actual example and for reference she is someone that I wouldn’t like in real life but it doesn’t mean that she isn’t strong. Queen of thorns is another that wow guess what is not violent either and uses her wit and her strength of character to dominate. It is to do with her character profession and you can disagree that she has not shown much in terms of that and that is fine, just please stop putting words in my mouth. I would feel exactly the same if she was a male character who had shown such little character progression and then they made it that he (Sansa) suddenly showed such an unwarranted character change. It was impossible for her to show any leadership qualities. Now, for the first time ever, she is on her own, she will make an important decisions for the first time ever. She is just rich and powerful, because her family is rich and powerful. She didn’t achieve anything on her own ever in her life. Sansa and Joffrey were also in a good relationship before Ned “betrayed” Joffrey.

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It's also a double whammy of overexposed properties in Marvel and Benedict Cumberbatch. Maybe I would've enjoyed it more with an unknown actor. Jerry Orbach the highlight for what it's worth LOL. It was pretty basic, and very bland, even if the topic itself was an interesting one. But Scarlett Jo my God, worth watching just to stare. Here you expect another ghost story and then it turns into something totally different. I didn't find the answers offered to the questions of personal responsibility and blame as sufficient as they may once have seemed, and actually thought them a bit pugnacious, but they're worth contemplating, nonetheless. Not the typical Coen Brothers' work though. Good film. Still a great film, holds up as a thriller by today's standards Imo. Stumbled across it on YouTube glad I did had almost forgotten all about it. Almost has a slight Hitchcock feel to it by not showing the truck driver's face. Has a realistic, relevant undertone and an engaging plot. Again had a plot twist, only this time more predictable. The movie seemed to focus on the red herring for most of the film, before we worked out what was really going on which dragged on. But nevertheless I enjoyed it for the genre film it was.