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Kerryn is listening to every word - I am listening to her voice now and I know what she is thinking. I’m so sorry, she is saying for making you - my children and husband - suffer, when we should be begging forgiveness from you. Last year she was initiated into the Buchenwald club, transcending her prewar Flinders Lane origins to make it to the Holocaust survivor club. She as much as anyone absorbed the lessons of my family who she adored. She almost singlehandedly organised the 70th anniversary of the ball, and learned the lesson that the boys taught - trauma does not silence you but we dance through it. As Gabe before his engagement lay on our bed holding his mother, he said, I’ll never be happy again, I’ll never dance again. Dad will show you how and you did and you will one day soon on your wedding, as will your sisters. Kerryn used to say, I don’t believe there is only one person you are destined to marry but she never regretted marrying me - I think - and she was certainly more than happy to count Gabi as a new daughter and repeatedly expressed confidence in the choices that Sarah and Rachel will one day make. The kids would say, I love you Mum and she would answer, I love you more. She meant it because her love was boundless and she wanted you all to know not only how she loved you, but that her love will sustain you forever. Those were her last words, and even when she was unconscious, her eyes would sparkle with a tear when we flooded her with expressions of our devotion to her.

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Lady Crane. But do remember expecting her to appear while that scene was ongoing. It occurred to me that there was nobody else in Bravos that we know of who would conceivably be motivated to save her. The looks of various Bravosi while Arya stumbled along made me think of her. Sign up at bovada to bet, might have a friend sign-up code if you want I doubt they kill her off. I tend to agree with this analysis: May sign up and throw 50 on Margery. It is interesting to see how things have changed to the final version. The only other person who could potentially save her is her old sword teacher Syrio Forel. He was last seen defending Arya as she split town and was assumed dead in season 1, but unless their head is seen completely detached, they're not dead; just waiting. God I hope not. And he didn't have a sword at the time, IIRC.

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Because if Bran was is and was, than what is and what was what this whole time. He’s Bran the Builder, Azor Ahai, Rhalor, Bloodraven, and he’s Rhaegar. Does he reset the past or send his conciousness back into someone else every time to try to end the inevitable end. So once he built the wall to prevent the others, than he reset time and sent Azor Ahai, then he reset time and sent the dragons. Is he the saviour who is stuck continuously in a loop and sending his conciousness into others and into the past and every time tying to kill the others before they kill everyone. This is poisonous tinfoil made food, watch out haha. And she will walk away with the skills she has learned to join in the final battle against the WhiteWalkers. A mark was all was needed to bypass the anti WW magic. It can’t be, otherwise they wuold have marked Waymar Royce in the prologue instead of killing him. What happened might be very plain to some people, but its hard for me to wrap my head around. Like many others who commented here, I thought that her highlighting of Jon’s bastard status and her own trueborn status as a sick consequence of LF’s words with her.

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4 years in the 2005a? 012 National Surveys on Drug Use and Health. We used logistic regression to estimate odds of past-year NMSU status. Significant yearly increases in lifetime NMSU prevalence were noted in Whites only. Other substance use (especially marijuana, other prescription drugs) increased odds of NMSU and StiUD. Research is needed to delineate health consequences of NMSU and inform prevention efforts for these understudied, rapidly-growing populations. Survey data revealed that four variables significantly predicted satisfaction: age, race, literacy, and optimism. Low-income adults in the current study were more critical of their healthcare provider's communication skills if they were younger, White, functionally literate, and pessimistic. Follow-up interviews confirmed this pattern and suggested it was a byproduct of patient activism. In low-income populations, communication satisfaction may be lower for groups that are traditionally active in doctor-patient interactions (e. .