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Full live coverage is available both in your web browser or your mobile browser, as well as through the Masters mobile app (available on iOS and Android). The app even offers personalized highlights, courtesy of IBM. Until now, the physical slider featured on the company's devices has been reserved to adjusting sound settings, allowing owners of OnePlus smartphones to switch between full volume, Do Not Disturb Mode, and complete silence, depending on the chosen position. Beginning with the OnePlus 6, however, it appears users will also be able to use the slider in order to begin the process of refocusing the handset’s camera whenever the dedicated camera app is open. As with the majority of features included in Oxygen OS, however, owners of the OnePlus 6 will most likely be able to disable the feature at any time if they wish to do so, while those who have purchased a OnePlus 5 or The Tweet sent out by the company includes a short, animated video accompanied by the caption “Slide to focus with the Alert Slider,” the latter element being the biggest giveaway in regards to what the feature entails. As with the majority of features included in Oxygen OS, however, owners of the OnePlus 6 will most likely be able to disable the feature at any time if they wish to do so, while those who have purchased a OnePlus 5 or 5T could possibly receive support for the feature in a future software update. OnePlus appears to be focused heavily on the launch of the OnePlus 6 at this moment in time, with recent rumors pointing towards a release sometime at the end of this month. In terms of specifications, the upcoming flagship is set to boast a large, bezel-less display, and a powerful Snapdragon 845 on the inside. In addition, 8GB of RAM and 256GB of internal storage will be included in the top-end variant, although pricing is yet to be announced. A new, camera-related OnePlus 6 feature has been teased by the company. The Chinese OEM has made no secret of its plans to launch the OnePlus 6 in the near future, with a number of teasers being released via the company’s official social media pages. Now, following previous gesture and spec-related teasers, OnePlus appears to have confirmed a new functionality for its popular Alert Slider. Today's models encompass everything from featherweight, business-savvy ultraportables that barely tip the scales at less than 2 pounds, to lap-crushing gaming behemoths of 10 pounds or more.

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Experts scoured historic sites including the Roman Forum, the Baths of Caracalla and the Pantheon as well as the Colosseum which was declared safe and opened to tourists on Sunday. These days it attracts more than five million visitors a year. The ancient arena has been shaken by earthquakes several times over the centuries and suffered severe damage in a 1349 earthquake which brought down its south side. It was also damaged by an earthquake in 1703 in the neighbouring region of Abruzzo. Nevertheless the third powerful earthquake to hit Italy in two months struck at the heart of Italy's cultural identity, destroying a Benedictine cathedral, a medieval tower and other beloved landmarks that had survived the earlier jolts across a mountainous region of small historic towns. Ri Sol-ju last took part in a public event with her husband on March 28, 'Yonhap News' reported, accompanying Mr Kim as he visited a commercial district and health complex in Pyongyang. She was pictured alongside Mr Kim in state media on 22 occasions in 2013 and 15 times in 2014, but only three times in the first three months of this year and not at all since then. A verdict is due in December, around three months before elections, when Wilders is hoping to unseat Prime Minister Mark Rutte's conservative VVD party, which rules in a fragile coalition with Labour. A poll on October 27 suggested Wilders will double his party's presence in the lower house, and trail Rutte by just two seats in the 150-seat legislature after the vote. Although Wilders has never governed, his line on immigration and Islam has set the tone of political debate in the Netherlands for a decade. Wilders' statement yesterday said Moroccans made up a disproportionate share of welfare recipients and criminals in the country. He has argued he is only saying what his constituents think. The Netherlands' 400,000 Moroccans make up about 2pc of the population.

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In the TV version the ironborn captains are impressed by Euron's sheer audacity at taking what he wants, which is a major aspect of their culture. In the books, Asha claims that Euron does not care about the taboo of kinslaying (and she is correct - he performed three kinslayings so far, though no one knows that), and if someone accused him of being afraid of being called a kinslayer, he would probably murder one of his own bastard sons just to prove that he is not. He does not admit that in public, though - but only to Aeron, who is being held captive by Euron. Given that Victarion was cut from the TV series, the show's writers may have had Euron publicly reveal he is a kinslayer to simplify the reason why the clergy will dislike him. However, Stannis Baratheon then attacks, almost all of her men are killed, and she is captured - and thus meets Theon again in Stannis's camp, where both of them are captives. In the TV show the Glovers managed to liberate Deepwood Motte off-screen, with the help of the Boltons. At the Kingsmoot itself so many presumed him dead that no significant effort was made to determine if he survived. Tristifer Botley tells her that in the past a Kingsmoot was ruled unlawful because the old king's son was away at sea at the time and wasn't allowed to present his candidacy as was his right. Aeron and the other Drowned Men hate Euron, so they would probably accept her proposal. Before Asha can act on this she is captured by Stannis, where she is reunited with her brother, whom Stannis intends to execute. Their captivity in Stannis's camp and the upcoming major battle between Stannis and the Boltons means a second Kingsmoot will only occur if they both somehow manage to survive and return to the Iron Islands. Apparently the TV series, based on knowledge of the next unpublished book, just condensed both elections together into one Kingsmoot to simplify events. The TV version condenses this so that Yara and Theon essentially take Victarion's place - but instead of taking the fleet east while secretly planning to betray Euron, they have openly turned against Euron.

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I was tired from the emotional rollercoaster of missing my flight, I was anxious knowing I’d have to tell the people I was working with what had happened and I was sad that I had missed out on an interview and the opportunity to see, first-hand, into the life of one of our customers. The only thing saving me was the fact that I was the client and so, even though I missed the interview, it still went ahead as scheduled. Our local research partner was gracious enough to include me in an interview that day. I was thankful. I was relieved. But now, that meant there would be four of us attending this interview. The consultant had called ahead and confirmed with our interviewee that it would be okay if an additional person (me! attended the interview. Our interviewee was very accommodating and agreed to have all four of us into her home. I was so preoccupied with resolving my own error that I didn’t consider, until later, how the dynamic of the interview would now be affected. As everyone was setting up I started to look around and take note of the environment. I noticed several pairs of shoes neatly arranged by the front door. I looked over at our host, I looked down: bare feet.