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A. 1987 B. 1983 C. 1973 D. 1977 Answer: B 17. In which decade was the SPICE simulator introduced? A. 1950s B. 1960s C. 1970s D. 1980s Answer: C 18. Who invented the first controllable flying AEROPLANE (AIRPLANE)? A. What groovy item was invented by Englishman Edward Craven Walker in 1963? A. Leisure suit B. Lava lamp C. Eight-track tape deck D.

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This six-part miniseries attracted the participation of an array of “name” African American directors: Spike Lee, Bill Duke, LeVar Burton, and Ernest Dickerson. NEEMA BARNETTE b. December 14, 1949, New York City PETER BARNES b. Dickerson, Bill Duke, Spike Lee) Movies: Spirit of Man (1989), Nobody Here But Us Chickens (1989), Bye Bye Columbus (1991), Hard Times (1994) Primarily a writer, Barnes wrote the play The Ruling Class, which he adapted for Peter Medak’s 1972 film starring Peter O’Toole. Barnes has written several teleplays for standard adventures that Hallmark Entertainment remounted, including Merlin (1998), Alice in Wonderland B (1999), Noah’s Ark (1999), and Arabian Knights (2000). Barnes has written scripts directed by Robert Tronson, Norman Panama, Mike Newell, Malcolm Clarke, David Hugh Jones, John Irvin, and others. Barnes has written all of the pieces that he has directed. Both Spirit of Man and Nobody Here But Us Chickens are omnibus collections of his playlets, the latter trio about people with disabilities. Bye Bye Columbus starred Daniel Massey as Christopher Columbus. Hard Times was an austere presentation of the Dickens novel with Alan Bates, Bob Peck, Harriet Walter, and Bill Paterson. Barr co-wrote this last film and wrote some of his own projects, including the feature Dead Badge (1995). Barr’s TV movies were often considerations of either detective work or families with kids in crises. Occasionally, these themes overlapped in the same film. In Conundrum, police detectives Marg Helgenberger and Michael Biehn try to break a Vietnamese gambling racket when suddenly his wife is brutally murdered. An Olympic hopeful gymnast (Amy Jo Johnson) turns anorexic in Perfect Body. Elizabeth Perkins discovered her recently deceased son had been cloned, and another version can be had at the fertility clinic in Cloned. Shelley Long becomes obsessive with finding her kidnapped girl in Vanished without a Trace. Half a Dozen Babies deals with parents who deliver sextuplets.


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She’s not going to succeed, though, but I suspect this means she’s already agitated once the reveal happens. Looking at some of the other character quotes, I also think more of her followers will lose faith in her. They’ve got this lovely bond that is worth fighting for. Jacob Anderson: “The chances of anyone surviving are remote, and they’re aware of that. These two will be all about one another and they’re gonna want to fight for their own survival and for a good life together, not someone else’s dream job. Probably Missandei, considering how they keep emphasizing how losing her is GW only fear. Peter Dinklage: “ He’s trying to figure out who he really is in this storm of negotiations. Iain Glen: “ He’s been given the greatest challenges around Dany. He’ll be tested like never before. ” Tyrion could be tempted to side with his family after all. If Jaime shows up at WF, why wouldn’t Tyrion want to protect him. And we still don’t know exactly what happened in his conversation with Cersei. Gold will be their crowns and gold their shrouds. . I think your reasons for not shipping jonsa are legit. If Jon takes the name his mother gave him, proudly displays the dragon sigil on his chest, perches his ass on the Iron Throne to rule the 7K with fire and blood, and makes sure he has little Targ heirs to carry on his legacy, then it’s a Targ restoration no matter who he marries. Especially if he steals one of his aunt’s dragons to secure and keep the throne. If Jon, however, marries Sansa, takes her name, and has little Starklings with her, then no, anon.


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Others at the center took to wrapping available food in white. Small incidences of humanity like these colored the group’s experience in the relief effort, Francisco said. While the college access advisors are no longer volunteering at evacuation centers, they still see the effects of the fires through their work with their students. During the fire, many of their mentees lost their homes, making it difficult to focus on upcoming college applications. Untrained in social work, the colleagues found themselves trying to strike a complex balance between providing emotional support and helping their students continue to work toward their academic aspirations. Though some schools, such as those in the University of California system, extended their fall 2017 application deadlines for fire victims, students still found it hard to think about anything other than their personal situations, Waters said. The prolonged absences of student fire victims began to affect their classmates who weren’t directly impacted by the disaster by lowering morale in classrooms. Some students dropped out after losing motivation to attend school altogether, Waters said. For others, the emergency was a catalyst for positive change. One of Waters’ students, who had dropped his entire class schedule in the fall, joined the first responders in Sonoma County. His experience volunteering in relief efforts made him realize he wanted to pursue humanitarian work, and he now has plans to transfer to San Francisco State University, where he wants to pursue a communication studies degree, Waters said. Some of the local students had more to lose than their homes. Many of the families enrolled in 10,000 Degrees are undocumented, contributing added anxiety to an already-stressful scenario, Francisco said. And yet, again and again, the colleagues saw widespread healing and resilience. We are okay and at the Milestone office with the Cohills. I am so sorry that so many mementos have been lost. It is too much. To bear.


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Clean and Unmarked Text: Writers Digest Books, 1988. Say it in Modern Greek: Exclusive New Feature: Each Phrase Numbered and. Nicely Clear Taped. POPULAR TITLE OF INTEREST. Soft Cover. Travel Guide to Great. Illustrations. Boston, Massachusetts, U. . . Chronicle Books Llc, 1996. Special. Cookbook. ill. Some Illustrations. Clean and Unmarked Text: California. Gardener to the King of Wirtemburg, Author of Rural Residences, Essay on the Dry. Rot Etc Etc.


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The training set, Google says, had a 94. percent accuracy rating. All of the examples Google shared are videos of a person — the company didn’t say if the feature works on objects. Inside the beta test of the feature, YouTubers can change the background in the video by selecting from the different effects, from a night scene to a blank background in black and white. Some of the effects in the sample even added lighting effects, like a lens flare at one corner. The video segmentation tool is already rolling out — but only as a beta test, so the feature isn’t yet widely available. After taking in results of that test though, Google says it plans to expand the segmentation effects along with adding the feature to other programs, including augmented reality options. Former YouTube Recruiter Sues Google for Discriminating 'Against Caucasian and Asian Men' gizmodo. om. That’s a long time to keep the events of a TV show — even a Hugo and Peabody Award-winning one — fresh in your head. The major players of her supporting cast included Trish Walker, her foster sister; Malcolm Ducasse, her neighbor; Will Simpson, a police officer-turned-ally; Jeryn Hogarth, a lawyer who sometimes hired Jessica for her investigative skills; and Luke Cage, another budding vigilante. The show’s story kicked off when Kilgrave resurfaced in New York City and attempted to convince Jessica to come back to him of her own free will. Failing that, he tried to destroy any person she cared about so that she would agree to be with him. At the climax of the first season, Jessica snapped his neck. And though she did it in front of many witnesses, was not charged with the crime. She may not have been tried for super-powered murder, but Jessica’s supernatural abilities — and her willingness to use them on bad people — are more of an open secret than a hidden one now. The events of The Defenders, Marvel’s Netflix miniseries that brought Jessica together with Luke Cage, Daredevil and Iron Fist, do not appear to have had a huge affect on Jessica’s status quo. She’s still doing the same stuff in the same place with the same people.


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We measured the brightness of the car, which resulted in mag. 21. , that is 40 millions times fainter than the Polaris star. It won’t be long before the Roadster and its passenger will be lost in the darkness, but because the car is in a Sun-centered orbit, it will regularly swing back around and occasionally come closer to Earth. In the distant future, the vehicle might even crash into Earth, Venus, or the Sun itself, but that won’t happen for millions and millions of years. If you’re interested in tracking the car’s progress as it flies around the Solar System, a website has been set up for just that purpose. You can see where the object is in relation to Earth, Mars, and other Solar System landmarks, which is pretty nifty. The company entered the online tax preparation software market several years ago, and it the standard wizard that takes you through the tax process and automatically builds a return with all the required documents. Unfortunately, the company's in-person expertise just doesn't translate well enough to justify its high price. Confusing navigation tools and substandard help remain our biggest complaints, and you can't import data from competitors or even from past Jackson Hewitt filings, this year. Instead, we recommend using Editors' Choice pick, TurboTax Deluxe, which offers excellent help support and intuitive overall design. Jackson Hewitt offers three options for the 2017 tax year (which is the one you need to e-file by April 17,2018). Jackson Hewitt Free Edition supports W-2 income and the Earned Income Credit (without children), unemployment, and the standard deduction only. It also supports itemized deductions and other income, credits, and deductions, as well as rental property. You can start your return on the Jackson Hewitt website with any one of these three options, but keep in mind that the site doesn't warn you if you enter data in an area that requires a more expensive version. TurboTax Deluxe makes it clear if this is the case. You could conceivably get all the way to filing time and realize you owe more than you thought. The worst of it is that, at every level, Jackson Hewitt offers fewer features for more money than any other competitor.


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It suggests that everyone there has perished or has abandoned the site. The only (vaguely) visible being is a shadowy figure standing at the castle’s gate as the clip draws to a close. Although giving little away, things look suitably dramatic. The images range from likely contenders such as Jon Snow (Kit Harington) and Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) to current occupant Cersei (Lena Headey) and her brothers Jaime (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) and Tyrion (Peter Dinklage). More surprisingly, characters including Brienne of Tarth (Gwendoline Christie) and Jorah Mormont (Iain Glen) appear in the individual posters too. Take a look at them all in the Twitter thread below. This was despite her promise to pledge her Lannister men to the cause. Basically, she’s going to screw over whoever she can to keep her hands on the Iron Throne. Photos taken in Dubrovnik in February suggest a meeting is set to take place between Cersei and Jon Snow in King’s Landing, in a scene believed to be from the fourth episode of the season. It’s not clear whether the former enemies will eventually become part of the same team or whether Cersei is somehow tricking Jon. To kind of utilise that as I might be able to would be a lie. Sophie and I are the tightest of friends when sitting across from anyone, so no acting required. . As revealed by Entertainment Weekly, things will get rather cyclical. It’s said to hark back to the first ever episode, and we’ll see the Starks awaiting the arrival of a royal visitor in Winterfell. But instead of King Robert, the episode will see the arrival of Daenerys Targaryen. We are told that the confrontations between characters, some of whom have never met before, will be tense. One example is that Sansa expresses her displeasure over Jon Snow bending the knee.