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Expert has a humorous take on this. The only thing that I don't get is that if random people are popping up throughout the DCU from the various pre-crisis earths then why hasn't any new arrivals from Earth 2 asked about Police Commissioner Bruce Wayne and his time as the Batman. Podcast special: An interview with Denis Dyack Cache Translate Page The incomparable creator of Eternal Darkness and Too Human breaks radio silence to offer us this searingly honest interview. Leon and James are joined by Denis Dyack and Phil Haymes of multimedia innovators Quantum Entanglement for this rare chat. Over the course of more than three hours Denis takes us from Silicon Knights' earliest endeavours, through the machinations of relationships with Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft right down to the specifics of his working relationship with the likes of Kojima and Miyamoto. Denis also bares all about the disappointment of Silicon Knights' final release, X-Men Destiny, the failed Kickstarters and even responds to us challenging his public support of the GamerGate movement. Finally, Denis and Phil explain to us what their exciting and ambitious new initiatives with Quantum Entanglement entail, and what the future holds for the pair. Our sincere thanks again to Denis for contacting us out of the blue and suggesting that we record a show with him and Phil. Announcement of a partnership with the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics. Music used in this podcast: Elzevir the Dollmaker from Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain by Steve Henifin. Royal Caribbean's Futuristic Ship 'Quantum' Even Has Robot Bartenders Cache Translate Page Photo via Royal Caribbean If you didn't think cruising was a particularly high-tech way to travel, think again. Royal Caribbean's newest ship, Quantum of the Seas, is redefining the modern vacation. The machines have analyzed the available cosmic data and concluded that major, nay, cataclysmic tectonic activity will essentially scour the surface of the Earth clean of most, if not all, traces of human existence. 2012. Escape from Earth; creation of a galactic network of distributed nodes of Cortex is needed.

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It's hard to dredge up sympathy for people who have committed atrocities in war, and many of these characters know deep down they have gone past the point of redemption some time ago. Learning to live with themselves and do right by their country or god versus relishing the barbarian power of their actions is never quite clearly rectified, and that takes an emotional toll on everyone involved. Bale especially delivers a performance as sympathetic as it is reprehensible, but his and many of the other players characterizations are made a bit too easy thanks to mostly monosemous dialogue. The major themes and internal struggles are clearly stated, leaving little to dissect and ruminate on between the bouts of action and violence that drive the plot. What it may lack in depth, it more than makes up for with atmosphere. Masanobu Takayanagi's cinematography is quite beautiful in parts and effectively captures the scope and complexity of the western landscape. This is only accentuated by Max Richter's haunting score, centered on a one of a kind acoustic contraption from Turkey called a Yabahar. Its forlorn reverberations, zaps, and squeaks bring to mind a cross between the waterphone, the digeridoo, and a synthesizer, giving the film an eerie, otherworldly quality. For fans of the western genre, there's nothing to see here that hasn't been done before. It has a few problems, but what it does it does well. It's certainly no There Will Be Blood or Unforgiven, but Hostiles easily stands out amidst other lesser known modern western staples like Bone Tomahawk, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, and The Salvation. 14 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes Phantom Thread (2018) There is a lot to digest here. In Daniel Day-Lewis' presumed swan song, Phantom Thread concerns the grandiose epicenter of post-war couture. Day-Lewis is a tyrannical dressmaking artist who falls in love with a young waitress made muse and live-in model played by Vicky Krieps. They antagonize each other and strike a creepy and odd power balance.

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Winter Smith at the piano be sang one ville stage. 1 V- Clear enunciation has alville trip. She is given quate support, Lynn Pratt being especially worthy of commendation. The comedy turn of Morris and Campbell was a big laughing hit. It, is much the same as when last. een, but is well handled and a laugh-winner. That the Mosconi act should be a riot was expected, but there Is no Question about the merit of the act. It Is one of the greatest dancing acts ever seen on any stage, and the honors are liberally distributed, the elder Mosdbni being given a tremendous hand and running Charley and Louis a close race for top laurels In his double dance with his daughter. A word of praise must also go to Miss The Kinograrns were received much enthusiasm except one which slammed prohibition. In fact the two headline acts did (A. rather poorly and failed to start any real enthusiasm. Two acts toward the end of the show, Henri Scott, a singer, and Homer Dickinson and Grade Deagon, old. They have two songs and neither of them give any evidence of having more:,-; than ordinary voices. Griff, the with the bubbles and the baby-doll, is in second position on the bill, and he could well navigate ahigher place. They also resort to singing, something they have no right to do if they expect the slnghrg to be taken seriously.


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John, and a 30-year-old man was stabbed in the 1300 block of Franklin Avenue in the Upper 9th Ward. In the latter stabbing, police identified and arrested a 60-year-old suspect, Nelson Avery. Anyone with information on the location of Yanna Wells is asked to contact Fifth District detective Chad Cockerham at 504-462-0830 or any Fifth District detective at 504-658-6050. Woman stabbed during argument in Treme, NOPD says nola. om. Most of them, in fact, can tell stories of cousins, friends, long-lost school mates — even Uber drivers — who’ve launched unprompted attacks on their character. They are unable to fathom how anyone could work for Breitbart or Bannon and not be a racist, homophobe or anti-Semite. “It’s a complete smear campaign from the mainstream media to undermine our influence and undermine the power Bannon has now,” says Breitbart News CEO Larry Solov. “It didn’t work against Trump, and it won’t work against us. The Bills announced afterward that McCoy would undergo surgery, but he isn't likely to miss the next game, Nov. 27 against the Jacksonville Jaguars. McCoy sustained the injury while being tackled in the final minutes of the first half after rushing for 33 yards on five carries and a touchdown. Without McCoy on Sunday, the Bills turned to running back Mike Gillislee, who finished with 72 yards rushing on 14 carries in the 16-12 win over the Bengals. LeSean McCoy, Robert Woods injuries temper Buffalo Bills' joy after win upi. om.

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Steve Miner, a producer on the first movie, directed both installments. Miner was receptive to the idea of bringing back Jason as the killer while, at the time, others involved with the first film weren't. Prosthetics aside, Jason's also being played by different people in each of these movies too. The films were marketed to teens and were probably watched more at home on rented VHS tapes than they were in theaters. This video from YouTube critic hbomberguy talks all about the massive influence VHS had on the film industry, particularly for horror films. VHS perfectly enabled the slasher movie boom: the rise of home video players meant that movies kept making money for studios outside of their theatrical release, and the demand for tapes was high enough that sometimes it didn't matter if movies did well at the box office. Practical effects that were either well-done or cheesy both looked better on tape and churning out sequels guaranteed repeat business. While it might be fair to say that betting on a blurry format and uncritical audiences helped enable bad filmmaking, embracing VHS was also a necessary step between thinking of movies as a theater-only experience and the way we engage with film today. The fourth installment is also notable because it introduces Tommy Jarvis, first portrayed by Corey Feldman. Freddy is very consciously constructed as a slasher villain that embodies the tropes of the genre rather than just obeying them. You can't kill Freddy because he lives in your dreams, you can't escape him because everybody sleeps, etc. On the flipside, you can't kill Jason Voorhees because he's just the villain. It knows exactly how ridiculous the idea of putting Jason on a space station is and leans into it — at one point Jason gets trapped in a hologram recreation of Camp Crystal Lake where the fake campers offer him beer, pot and premarital sex. It might not be great, but it knows what it should be: silly. What should be a more fun and interesting showdown between slasher baddies ends up being a bit of a disappointment, and though Robert Englund reprises his role as Freddy Krueger, the film cut out Kane Hodder completely.

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They got their whole “here’s a big show so we will advertise a GoT teaser before it” out of the way, I am thinking a trailer will pop up shortly after. If you’re that pissed about this, I think that says more about your life (or lack there of) than anything regarding the show. I honestly think they don’t care what the fans think, and that’s a good thing. This teaser confirms absolutly nothing about season 6. Maybe if I re-watch S5, 1 episode every Sunday, the wait from here on out won’t feel so long. It really gets you to wondering about hidden clues, and the significance behind those spoken lines. While this is far from my favorite teaser, it’s still good. HBO wasn’t exaggerating when they warned us we would be teased by this, they are definitely picking at us, ha. This teaser is just another way to market the whole Valar Morghulis theme. Remember last season we saw the wise masters surrounding Khaleesi in a trailer and i was just waiting for that to happen. When that episode came around i knew what was going to happen. Ive waited this long for season 6, i can wait 70 more days without new footage. The Lord of Light does not aprove of this “teaser”. Joffrey is in there to remind us of the horrible things he did, so that we are primed for wanting that revenge to happen. Maybe a still photo will add some meaning, or give us clues about what they were trying to convey.