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Theories and analysis of A Song of Ice and Fire using text evidence and quotes from George RR Martin. Get Official ASOIAF Coins licensed by George RR Martin here: (15% off). Only Grumkins n Snarks give thumbs down. Roberta Trasp 3 months ago As a parent, I explained about promising to my children and then told them I would never promise anything. SHARKVADERS 3 months ago OOTGH. Sorry I missed it live, but I'm catching up on all the Green Hand goodness now. That shudder of distaste from Lady Green Hand is my fave part so far, haha, still got almost 2 full hours of stream to get into though. JoniukasVader 3 months ago I am Green with envy. Sophie M O'Connell 2 months ago (edited) Aw, nuts. Sorry I missed you guys, I was 100% in the land of nod when you streamed. X? Lycan645 2 months ago Anyone else here hear of Crucible Steel. A form of making weapons that was lost from our own timeline. Kay Lew 3 months ago I just rushed in to watched and missed the live feed. Lycan645 2 months ago I saw the spin off series had the guy that acted the role of young Grindlewold in the mirror in the new fantastic beats film.

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his tour will arrive back in London at approximately 7. 0pm. This private transfer is available to drop passengers off and pick up in following Guildford and surrounding post code areas: GU1, GU2, GU3, GU4, GU5, GU6, GU7, GU8, GU9, GU10, GU11, GU12, GU14, GU15, GU16, GU17, GU18, GU20, GU21, GU22, GU23, GU24, GU25All flights will be monitored by the assigned driver and if there are any flight delays, there will be no extra charge. our driver will come inside to collect you from the arrival hall displaying your name board. This private transfer is available to drop passengers off and pick up in following Guildford and surrounding post code areas: GU1, GU2, GU3, GU4, GU5, GU6, GU7, GU8, GU9, GU10, GU11, GU12, GU14, GU15, GU16, GU17, GU18, GU20, GU21, GU22, GU23, GU24, GU25. Running time: 2hr 30min (including interval) Performance dates: Booking until 20 October 2018 Special notice: For your comfort and security, you may be subject to additional checks upon entering the theatre - we appreciate your patience and understanding while these are taking place. We will travel through time - literally, with a visit to Greenwich where GMT began, before heading to historical Rochester with its 11th century castle and cathedral. Then on to Canterbury, with its world famous cathedral, before a glimpse of the stunning white cliffs of Dover and perhaps a visit to Dover Castle. We'll take the scenic route through some glorious Kent countryside, with a stop in a typical Kent village on our return to London after a full day exploring. our tour begins at the meeting point on Belvedere Road beside the London Eye. You'll travel in comfort in a luxury Mercedes mini-coach and be accompanied by a guide. our first stop is Greenwich, home to the Prime Meridian Line, where the eastern and western hemispheres meet. Stand with one foot in the east, and one in the west whilst gazing at incredible views over London and Royal Greenwich Park. ext, you'll head to Rochester, a beautiful and historic city favoured by Charles Dickens. Navigate the quaint high street that lends way to the impressive Rochester Castle, which boasts a little known but surprisingly beautiful Cathedral in its grounds.

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The other is the manner that participants respond to distinct modes of engagement in an interactive experience, an examination of the phenomena that could be done outside the laboratory. The author focuses on this doctoral study to discuss how knowledge can be gained from the artistic practice when the making becomes an elemental mechanism to examine the experience of both, practitioners (researcher) and audience (people involved in the study). She holds a Ph. . in Social Communication (2017), from Pompeu Fabra University, with the thesis “Designing Mobile Narratives: discursive strategies and participation modes in Locative Media Art”. She investigates the creative use of mobile and pervasive media and its encouragement in the creation of new narrative genres. Her last work is Chronica Mobilis, an interactive and geolocated performance with gameplay, which happens in a public augmented space. Currently, she investigates the audience experience in response to different modes of engagement. Fake viral news merges with actual events and create happenings in reality. Exploring this merger of the digital world with trauma, the video series Disassociate Reality explores the entangled web of trauma, from terrorism, to historical cold warfare, using the post-digital aesthetic of renderings and 3-D animation to examine how traumatic memories are dislodged and liquefied. The project is comprised of a series of short videos formulated as clusters and using the logic of the assemblage to break down the notion of “viral” trauma. The project stems from the artist’s own personal experience with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder having been shot with an AK-47 on the night of the attacks in Paris in November 13th, 2015. However, the project is more broadly about the construction of memory and the fuzziness of forming both an official or personal memory. Through video, the artist has formed a narrative that shows this variance in trajectories. Starting with the background of Kalashnikov himself as an arms dealer and linking it to the proliferation of arms as a form of proxy politics in the Cold War under the Reagan administration.

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She had no trick up her sleeve, no trick to double cross them with the shield. Hell given how loyal she was to the First Order, I’m surprised she didn’t commit suicide rather than help the Resistance. What an absolute waste of a potentially interesting character, but then the Star Wars films have a history of doing that. I really hope she appears in the sequels (even if it is a bit of a contrivance) because Gwendoline Christie is a great actress (she was one of the highlights of the fifth season of Game of Thrones) and so the character can be as awesome as I imagined her to be. However, I fear the damage to the character has already been done by her treatment in this movie. Like Raiden in Metal Gear Solid 2, even if you make him really cool in later works, the character can be potentially haunted by their bad debut. It would be like if in A New Hope, Vader did nothing for most of the film and when we last see him, Obi Wan is kicking him in the crotch. Even if they kept him looking and acting like a badass in Empire, the audience would still never take him truly seriously because we’d still remember Obi Wan kicking him in the crotch. Advertisement Again, I hope this isn’t the case and she gets to be awesome in the sequels. Maybe she can get some justice and throw Finn and Chewie down a trash compactor. Dragon Ball Super Advertisement I’m just going to come out and say it. Dragon Ball GT so far was way better then Dragon Ball Super. At least GT tried to be its own thing and had some originality. It had Pan, Super 17, the Shadow Dragons and Vegeta with a moustache: What has Super provided us so far. Its biggest problem is with the fact that nearly all that it has been doing is just repeating the events of the last two films which is just not interesting.

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RECOMENDED FULL MOVIE HD DOWNLOAD - All Rights Reserved. This product uses the TMDb API but is not endorsed or certified by TMDb. My anal retentiveness wins out over potential harassment from trolls. This film was an odd one, though, and the tone was all over the place. This is partly due to it being promoted as a somewhat family-friendly superhero movie whereas Deadpool, with its higher rating, made it very obvious that kids shouldn’t watch it. Without them, the movie would feel too cruel and dark. I enjoy them when they’re good but this isn’t my favorite genre and I want to see more than just superheroes and sequels in the cinema. And, as I said, the movie goes a little too dark with his character. Hell, if I had to pick a favorite “comic book” movie, I’d choose The Crow. There’s no lightness and certainly no adorable little girl named Darla. It has some very strong good-guy characters and I loved how well they worked together in this film. That’s not something that all superhero movies are able to achieve with their characters. The “light” bits also felt a little like something we don’t see in EVERY SINGLE SUPERHERO MOVIE. So I did very much appreciate that and I had some good laughs during the movie. However, that positive is undone slightly by the too-generic and too-dark baddie.

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S. airport, request a supervisor. Is this battery anxiety born of an overabundance of caution? Perhaps. But looking at some of the video of hoverboards, Galaxy Notes and laptops, perhaps not. Because smoking — cigarettes or electronic devices — is never good for you or your fellow passengers. The next president will find a Washington, D. C. that's dramatically different from the city Barack Obama saw at his inauguration in 2009, or even the one in 2013. Universal Studios Hollywood's Halloween Horror Nights will feature attractions based on popular movies and TV shows and a new horror concept from filmmaker Eli Roth. Motif. No. 1 might look like a modest fishing shack on the waterfront of Rockport, Mass. but there's more to it. And things get even worse for Scarlett Moffatt as 120,000 critters are dropped on her during the dreaded Bushtucker Trial on Monday night's episode of I'm A Celebrity.

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I Romanzi di Urania issue 1, Mondadori, 1952. Frederik Pohl (center) with fellow scifi authors Donald A. Rendezvous with Rama is a science fiction novel by British writer Arthur C. Set in the 2130s, the story involves a 50-kilometre cylindrical alien starship that enters the Solar System. The Last Theorem is a 2008 science fiction novel by Arthur C. It was first published in the United Kingdom by HarperVoyager in July 2008, and in the United States by Del Rey Books in August 2008. Avram Davidson was an American writer of fantasy fiction, science fiction, and crime fiction, as well as the author of many stories that do not fit into a genre niche. Prelude to Space is a science fiction novel written by British author Arthur C. Clarke in 1947. It appeared for the first time in 1951 as a paperback from World Editions Inc, as number three in its series of Galaxy novels. Islands in the Sky is a 1952 science fiction novel by British writer Arthur C. Clarke. It is one of his earliest works. Against the Fall of Night is a science fiction novel by British writer Arthur C. Clarke.

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It did not. Look, imagine at the start of WWI, that the Germans removed all but a token force from their border with France, put all their efforts into sweeping through Belgium and northern France, somehow hand-waved away the supply chain details, and took Paris. Meanwhile, they allow France to conquer all of Germany and take Berlin. They just gave up their entire kingdom to hold onto a theoretical throne that rules over all, except, of course, for the part they just surrendered voluntarily. And the north. And the central part, after Arya was done with the Freys. The bannermen, riding towards the castle at, erm, Highgarden, looked like they were on their way to a funeral. But in this short period before the next show, I think, on the evidence given in the last episode, that this was a colossal blunder. Second, someone finally sort of worked around mentioning that the Dragons are barely under Dany's control, and not actually that useful except in a general way, like a yellow dog is useful chasing a ball. I'm just going with how I see things, given what I was shown, this week. And thanks to everyone--I really like hearing your opinions and theories. I'll add my dissent to the idea that Dany is better off after this episode. Her enemy destroyed another substantial portion of her fleet, killed her biggest ally and persuaded most of her army to join them, cut off her most elite troops from the rest of her people. The Unsullied have to abandon it almost immediately or else they'll starve. There's just no way in hell that she's in a better position after that.

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” “Do you promise? “Yes, yes,” he muttered. “I didn’t hear you, sorry? “I said, I promise. “You got that, doctor? Lestrade very slightly shook his head at me. I began to understand. “No,” I said, “I didn’t hear. “I told this man,” Mycroft shouted, “that I promise not to take another shape while I’m going to fetch Sherlock Holmes. “Good,” said Lestrade. “Three times. So - now you are bound to your promise. For a moment, Mycroft looked uneasy. But then he fastened up his coat and set off, twirling his cane and singing once more, “keep young and beautiful”. We followed him across the courtyard and as far as the gate, then watched as he took the path which Holmes and Entwistle had slithered along an hour or more earlier.

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Jon or Danny need to live and either Jamie or arya should kill cersei. Dayunmmm You said it brother W the T F Robert Bloxton I like it, and support this if it were to happen. Harsh Bhardwaj I think after analysing all the theories i have come to conclusion on this:- The end would b i guess DAENERYS and jon would kill the NK but at cost of thr life. My guess would be jon would also have the same fate or he l volunteer to leave all this madness aftr NK is dead to be with daenerys in the extreme north. That would be a perfect SONG OF ICE AND FIRE i. MOTHER OF DRAGONS becoming Ice queen and snow becoming a dragon(targarean). In case of house lannister SANSA would have a target to not let Lannister name live on after what thy hv done to the family in all these years. And just the thought of Arya riding Nimeria is awesome. Sew Fancy Nancy Design Who is going to BLOW THE HORN. Who will wake the old Starks with all the GIANTS AND THERS TO HELP. Basil Farris Dude your response of WTF is epic MG 747 Electing the King. This show deserves the most epic ending. ? PapillonOne Wow quite a turn of many events there. Rebecca Ferrara WTF I'll say, if this is close to the ending, that sux.