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Besides, Jon will know the entirety of the North is pretty much fucked and will work together with Sansa to begin some kind of Northern Exodus towards the South. The Game of Thrones arc is almost over and the Winds of Winter is about to begin. LF’s scheming around Sansa and his scheming in general is getting seriously overdone at this point and it won’t last past the 2nd half of S7. Sansa’s story won’t be scheming for selfish power, it will be scheming to make her family more powerful and will be to further it’s goals as a whole. I suppose it’s the side effect of being one of the few realistic characters and being part of a family cursed with awesomeness. Catelyn, the politician resurrected into vengeanful zombie. Robb, the fucking King in the North, followed somehow because northern lords like their fingers eaten by a wolf. It’s logical to expect some kind of cool end for her, given all the prophecies about LF’s downfall, how she has been treated all this time and how she was involved in the GOT since the beginning. Arya is tailor made to be a fan fave, but Sansa is a real, flawed, character. I hope she grows and doesn’t become Queen by default. But worse case scenario, like you said, at least she’s breathing. Yes, many people love her while missing the point of her character (when she kills Polliver and Meryn, you’re supposed to feel an uncomfortable mix of triumph and horror, not just cheer), but that doesn’t mean she isn’t a complex character. The Faceless Man stuff, the training, all that is way too dull to even be shown on tv. I think Jon and Sansa have very different roles to play. Sansa isn’t going to march off to war with Jon’s armies. She’s not a Wildling woman, nor can they risk that. She’ll be somewhere getting the politics and resources for Jon, but not in the midst of the fighting like he is. Tyrion has 49 POV chapters, that’s 18 more than Daeny and 7 more than Jon.

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Martin's story may have medieval window dressing, but it's thoroughly modern in its philosophy. So septons, maesters and the Night's Watch all take vows of celibacy (since they're modeled on medieval religious orders), but even in Westeros the practice is viewed as anachronistic and pointless. No, but I do think he's Martin's favorite character. I have been putting it off since I don't know if Martin will ever finish it. The Name of the Wind is probably the best fiction book that I have ever read. Unfortunately Rothfuss writes about as fast as Martin. Unfortunately Rothfuss writes about as fast as Martin. pkt, wtf. I have asked at least twice on this board for recommendations of book series similar to ASOIAF. Only Whiskey has given me any so far (Malazan, a good rec for sure). One is 10 books, one is three. Up to you. I'm only halfway through the first Malazan book and it's pretty good so far. Erikson definitely has some flaws and quirks in his writing, and uses some plot devices way too often that are too close to deus ex machina for my taste. However, I'm actually partial to the Malazan series for several reasons. I like the similar scope in terms of characters, the world is MUCH larger, the mythos is just as intriguing to me, the many differing races as foils to the usual fantasy tropes is appealing, and, perhaps most importantly, the SERIES IS FINISHED. No teasing, no waiting, no grumpy attitude about why it's not finished. It's refreshing after having experienced the cliffhangers that GRRM has left us.


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A k o je vase dete Vaga pogresno nabedjeno da je tvrdoglavo, to je m o z d a zbog toga sto ste glasno ukljucili radio ili televizor. A k o je nocu uznemireno, mozda mu smetaju b o j e u sobi. A k o zvuci i b o j e o k o vaseg deteta Vage nisu skladne, V A G A 291 njegovo ce ponasanje biti isto takvo. Detetu p o d znakom Vage potreban je mir, tisina i o d m o r u velikim d o z a m a. Mrzovoljnost Vage. Ali to u stvari, uopste nije mrzovoljnost. Model Vage zahteva aktivne, a zatim neaktivne periode. To je jedini nacin da dete ostane psihicki i fizicki zdravo. Dete ce uskoro postici unutrasnju ravnotezu i biti p o n o v o sposobno za akciju. Deca Venere strucnjaci su za omeksavanje tvrdih srca. K a o posledica toga ova deca cesto zapocinju skolu toliko razmazena da je skoro nemoguce vladati ovim p r o b l e m o m. Uostalom, vi ne mozete godinama da tretirate malo dete kao princa ili princezu i tek o d j e d n o m da trazite od njega da prima naredjenja. Deci rodjenoj p o d znakom Vage nije potrebna disciplina niti pak m n o g o mazenja. Uvek im pruzite dve mogucnosti ishoda, inace ce misliti da niste pravedni. To joj stvara ugled buntovnika, sto je vrlo daleko od istine. Tasovi moraju uvek da balansiraju, inace Vaga oseca neprijatno naprezanje. Ona ce argumentovano zastupati svoje principe sve dok tasovi ne budu u harmonicnoj ravnotezi. Oni ce sa vama raspravljati o svemu, od naslova u novinama do pitanja ko jeste u pravu, a ko nije u porodicnim nesuglasicama.


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If he wanted revenge on KL for how they all turned on him during his trial in season 4, it would have been awesome to see him as a dark advisor to her in season 5,6 and 7, advocating for her to rain fire in KL and depose his sister. Instead they made him a total pacist peace keeper who wanted to spare as many lives as possible and was so turned off by the burning of the Tarlys and and we are expected to believe that at the very last second is when he wants to kill everyone? Sure. This has me thinking that to some extent Cersei's words struck a raw nerve in terms of self-recrimination. All that in mind, it would be conceivable that he feels some sort of need to protect her unborn child as a kind of atonement. I never trusted that they cut away from that scene when he said “ your pregnant “. We know of course that the actors were only filming for four days (Thursday, Friday, Monday, Tuesday), and that a certain group of actors were filming for all four days. Even if I knew with 100% certainty (which I don't) that the dragonpit sequence is not Tyrion's trial, I wouldn't say a word. He just comes across as bitter in the leaks, which doesn't really mesh well with the theory that he's been betraying Dany for some time now, because he seems smart enough to understand the consequences of a betrayal. It's not much to go on but the vibe I'm getting is that he's still going into this betrayal well-intentioned, or might not even see it as such, which is why he's reacting so passionately. If these spoilers are true, and I'm still on the fence, I can see why everyone's described the season as polarizing because it's definitely going to piss people off. I'm not looking forward hundreds of people quoting Ramsay. It was an exceptional addition to its episode 9 counterparts and left critics with a lot to say. Next post Game of Thrones casting for another season 6 female role. Greenwalds whining get more tedious by the episode. It seems it was an emotionally resonant moment that felt organic to the story and their expectations. Each critics seems to slap GoT on the wrist and then either forgive it completely or throw in a wee stab in the last paragraph (Greenwald). There’s not a single logical argument in the whole essay concerning the Shireen-Incident that isn’t slaughtered by his superficial analogies.


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They explained that a trained service dog knows it is time to work as soon as the vest goes on. For example, when Hunter takes Wyoming into a restaurant, she sits quietly under the table and people will remark that they didn’ t even know she was there. “That is how it’s supposed to be, ” Melody said. “That is what they are trained to do. Michael Hess, a Parkersburg South High School student and chairman of the committee, said the program would be an option for seventh- through 12th-graders at schools in the city. Principals or school resource officers could refer first-time, non-violent offenders charged with misdemeanors or violations of school rules to the court, which would be presided over by an active or retired judge or attorney in good standing with the West Virginia Bar Association. Students would act as the prosecutors, defense attorneys and jury. “The major thing about these teen court programs is they use positive peer pressure, ” Hess said. Darby Stevens, director of therapy services for Westbrook Health Services Inc. and Jay Powell, youth engagement specialist for Westbrook, will serve as the administrator and deputy administrator of the program. “It’s an opportunity for kids to. If a teen accepts responsibility for their actions and completes the program, the infraction would not go on their record, Hess said. In addition to the Teen Court hearing itself, students would have to abide by the decision and penalties or other requirements imposed by the peer jury. “It will stay between the schools and the Teen Court Program, ” Hess said. The program is laid out in state code, and several counties have or have had them. Among the requirements is that each student who goes through the court performs community service and serves as a peer juror at least twice. Potential orders from the peer jury could include writing a personal apology, paying restitution, participating in drug testing and more. The community service would be done under the guidance of an adult mentor.


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