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That Giant arrow scene was amazing and so was Jon Snows best rendition of Hammer Time. They lack depth and the whole series seems a bit rushed and full of unnecessary bits that add nothing. The wall battle should be far further advanced by now. Also the viper was a weird one dimensional character in the series. Firstly he should have been just a bit older and the setup for his request to fight should have been better. In the books he plans his manouvering better. why else would he be here. In this universe a human can fire an arrow from 1000ft let alone 700ft. I wonder if you have even read the book thoroughly. It is very well written and the depth and intricacies of each character is something very rarely seen in books. The things you mentioned are hardly blunders, just things nerds like to point out in famous works And the show doesn't come anywhere close to the book IMO, most of the things are in your face and not subtle like the books. I don't get it Viper also killed the montain even though he died first so why has tyrion been sentenced to death. Shouldn't there be a rematch or maybe he should be sent to the nights watch. There is a scene where Ygritte dodges an arrow and then shoots one from an over the shoulder take. It is hard to believe that this is something we are watching on tv. Also, this.

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She has systematically ignored those voices, nominating interim director Jason Johnson without a public search for candidates. The city should not move forward with this nomination without engaging the community, which is why I am opposing the appointment of Mr. Johnson. Jay Inslee is running for president: It’s official everybody. First he was exploring the idea, then we didn’t hear much about it, then, after some light teasing, he releases this video. His single defining issue is addressing climate change and that can only be a good thing for the Democratic primary. Will he win? I mean your guess is as good as mine, but it’ll be tough for a guy from Washington with little name recognition to beat out political heavyweights like Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders. Inslee plans to keep his job as Governor while campaigning and hasn’t ruled out running for a third term, so even he knows he’s a long shot. Check out this Seattle Times recap of his political career. VIDEO: This is our moment, our climate, our mission — together, we can defeat climate change. Durkan’s pick for HSD was the acting director before this promotion, but activists want Durken to hold a more exhaustive search for the position. We’re a long way from a “Mission Accomplished” banner hanging over Pike St. We all know that many of the biggest Seattle events often sell out well in advance. But it's not a lost cause—if you plan ahead, you can still score tickets for the most popular events. To help you with that, we've rounded up all of the major events that are going on sale in the next couple of days, like Ali Wong and Wu-Tang Clan, plus things that have just gone on sale, like Capitol Hill Block Party 2019.


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John Wick (R, 101 min. Keanu Reeves is a vengeful ex-hit man. The Judge (R, 141 min. A comedy-drama in which a big-city lawyer (Robert Downey Jr. discovers his estranged small-town judge father (Robert Duvall) is suspected of murder. CinePlanet 16, Collierville Towne 16, Cordova Cinema, Paradiso, Stage Cinema, Studio on the Square. Karthikeya (Not rated, 124 min. From India, a Telugu-language thriller. Left Behind (PG-13, 110 min. Nicolas Cage replaces Kirk Cameron in a reboot of the 2005 Christian-apocalypse thriller. Let’s Be Cops (R, 104 min. Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr. Bartlett 10. Lucy (R, 90 min. HHH Everyone seems to agree Scarlett Johansson is hot. But could she — in the right circumstances — also be God.


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His scene with Jaime and Cersei in the season opener was fantastic, and I look forward to more of it. Will be slightly disappointed if Dragonbinder is completely omitted, but at this point I don't know if there's enough time left for it to even be a thing. The show has done nothing to establish this or earn this. Though Dragonbinder and the Horn of Joramun (oh hey, the Night King found it. would be fantastic. Or did he attack them on the way back from Dorne, such that the bulk of Dornish army is now in the drink. Didn't Elleria ask Yara if she had ever been to Sunspear. That would have been an odd question to ask if they had just been there. I assume that is what we were to infer from the wolf scene. I know we have dragons and stuff in this world but he's just completely out of left field. I think maybe Sansa actually wins this whole thing and is the only one left standing. For all the build up they've given Khaleesi in the correct manor to rule the people, Sansa has also learned similar lessions. But if someone like Gendry reappears, it could make sense for a ruling partnership I guess. The whole war seemed to start because Robert's bride was captured by Aegon I think, so aligning the son of Robert with a Stark could be interesting. And the fact that Euron and his men from the Iron Islands are all apparently superheroes, while Yara took all the Iron mongoloids, was glossed over until this point, so it just seemed ham-handed to me. It is interesting to read in here that Euron actually IS that much of a badass in the books (of which I'm entirely ignorant).


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SPLIT-T MANAGEMENT SIGNS 21-TIME NATIONAL AMATEUR CHAMPION OTHA JONES III Cache Translate Page NEW YORK (January 16, 2019) -- Split-T Management is proud to announce the signing of 21-time National Amateur Champion, Otha Jones III to a manageria. Invasion Of The Blood Farmers (827421031204) Cache Translate Page. The Project Manager will put together and manage building projects and provide guidance to junior architects and drafters assigned to their team. This discovery is so powerful that not to know it is almost a certain path to failure. According to a January 16 report from the Hollywood Reporter, Julia will not be returning for the show’s second season — at least, not in front of the cameras. However, TMZ reports that Stallone says he wished it had never happened. Besides being a great actor he is the BEST cinema boxer of ALL TIME. Truly amazing, GRACE, POWER, and UNBELIEVABLY FAST. Thank you my friend, never could have done it without you! Click here to continue and read more. There’s also a star on the door, one of the few doors in the Celebrity Big Brother house. Blue State Digital: Data Engineer Cache Translate Page (New York, NY). The BSD Tools, our proprietary platform, uses data to inform campaign decisions and address local, national, and global humanitarian issues. You’ll be responsible for creating and delivering thorough, well-supported development proposals to your team and other stakeholders. We're proud of our balanced culture, informal team lunches, catered tech talks, and game nights. We hope you'll come fall in love with it yourself.


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Divorce lawyer Miles Massey (George Clooney) is a man who knows the price of commitment and who has developed the cast iron pre-nup. He however falls into the clutches of serial gold digger and divorcee Marilyn Rexroth (Catherine Zeta-Jones). It plays its satire tongue in cheek, exposing the folly of chasing money and its incompatibility with love. If black comedy dwells on the negative, it tries to illuminate the positive. Human behaviour could and might sink to this level of absurdity, but when it doesn’t perhaps there is something to be salvaged in terms of humanity. The veneer of manners keeps us from acting so cravenly, so naked in our desires, the enjoyment being in the comic distance we have as an audience from these awful people. Character We approach the black comedy in a wicked frame of mind. The scenario cannot be taken at face value (as with other forms of comedy), as it is a heightened reality. It means the protagonist must be charismatic and passionate, as with Louis Mazzini (Dennis Price) in Kind Hearts and Coronets or Elizabeth Halsey (Cameron Diaz) in Bad Teacher (Kasdan 2011). We root for the bad guy or girl, although we are aware that their triumph is hubristic and cannot be allowed to stand. Even though they transgress, they must arrive at a logical way of presenting their modus operandi to the audience. In their world there must be no other way of getting the money or justice. They present us with a fait accompli, the comic departure coming as the audience separates from them. Whereas we would give up, they take the next step toward black comedy and farce. Horrible Bosses (Gordon 2011) examines this in the world of work with Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Anniston and Colin Farrell playing craven employers. Three employees are in thrall to them via bullying, sexual harassment and the son of a boss intent on destroying the company.


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She was a member of ABS-CBN's Star Magic, being an alumna of Batch 2. She is the daughter of the late action star Fernando Poe Jr. Poe at the 69th Venice International Film Festival, September 2012. Eugena Roxas Domingo is a Filipino film and stage actress, comedienne and host. She has performed in lead and supporting roles and in various genres of the Philippine film industry. Eugene Domingo accepting the Best Actress Award at the 25th Aliw Award s in 2012. Maria Izadora Ussher Calzado is a Filipino actress, television host, dancer, and model who previously worked as one of GMA Network's homegrown contract artists. After ten years, Calzado signed an exclusive contract with ABS-CBN. Vilma Santos-Recto is a distinguished Filipino actress and politician. Martina Eileen Hernandez delas Alas-Sibayan, professionally known as Ai-Ai delas Alas-Sibayan, is a Filipino film and television actress managed by the King of Talk Boy Abunda. The Woman in the Septic Tank is a 2011 Filipino comedy independent film directed by Marlon N. Bologna is the capital and largest city of the Emilia-Romagna Region in Northern Italy. Clockwise from top: panorama of Bologna and the surrounding hills, San Petronio Basilica, University of Bologna, Fountain of Neptune, Sanctuary of the Madonna di San Luca, Unipol Tower and the Two Towers. Porta Maggiore, one of the twelve medieval city gates of Bologna. Depiction of a 14th-century fight between the Guelf and Ghibelline factions in Bologna, from the Croniche of Giovanni Sercambi of Lucca. Edward in uniform as colonel of the Welsh Guards, 1919.


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So she could claim she didn't do it, to gain the peoples side. Glad to see all my NBA buddies have gathered here in the GoT thread:). Just gotta suspend the disbelief with the time travel to make it all wrap up nicely. Maybe Cersei gets her hands on him and tries to use him to legitimise her claim to the throne. Personally not expecting there will be time to address that one before things wrap up. Even the Lannisters have stopped bragging about it. Unless the Rhaegar's had some servants whose name starts with 'R', then that's not the thing. And Robert's descriptions of Lyanna make it clear that he'd never actually spent much time with her. He's rowed back to the main continent and managed to rejoin up with the BWB, at their encampment repairing armour and weapons. Nothing special, since he's just a bastard blacksmith. Otherwise I fear he'll only appear again in the books. GoT is about the battle between order and chaos, Varys is the god of order and baelish the god of chaos. That's why they do what they do and can teleport where they are needed. Its still very much a baby when Sam arrives at Old Town. When Sam arrives at Old Town the white ravens are released to inform everyone that Winter is now here. These arrives at Winterfell after the Starks have taken.


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When you calibrate, you use the stimulus and response to actually change the device's response. For example, when you set amonitor's white point, the calibration software sends a stimulusRGB 255, 255, 255to the monitor, examines the response that's detected bythe measuring instrument, and keeps adjusting either the monitor gunsor the lookup table in the video card until the response matches the white point that you requested. Some devices simply can't be calibrated because they don't have anything you can adjust. Desktop scanners, for example, generally have no user- accessible calibration features. The same holds true for non-PostScript Inkjet printers. In these cases, you just have to keep track of the device's behavior and reprofile if it drifts too far (which is relatively rare). n all cases, though, you need to control all the variables that can make the device produce a different response to stimuli than the one the profile predicts. Controlling VariablesSome sources of variability are inherent in the devices themselves, andwe have to account for those either vdth calibration or by reprofiling, but others are controllable with nothing more than a little common sense. Here are a few sources of variability that may or may not be obvious butthat nonetheless need to be kept under control. 116 Real World Color Management, Second Edition Software settings. Input, display, and output devices are all subject to having their behavior controlled by software. For example, scanners often have autoexposure routines, and some printers have automatic color- correction routines that do different things depending on image content. These features defeat color management before it starts because theymake the device respond inconsistentlythey'll typically try to increasethe contrast on a flat image, for example. The color management breaks because it expects the device to always produce the same response to a given stimulus, so you need to turn these features off. Figure 5-1 shows the kinds of things that happen when you fail to do so. Slightly less obviously, different resolution settings may change thecolor renditionmore so on display and output devices than on scan- ners and digital cameras.