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We give you the scoop on what's new, what's best and how to make the most out of the products you love. Right out of the box, the Series 4 device can monitor your heart rate, count steps taken and calories burned, record physical activities from yoga to swimming, remind you to take breaks from work, and more. We've selected some of the Apple Watch's top fitness apps—install a few and start feeling the burn. Its companion program for the Apple Watch adds the convenience of recording movement from your wrist, so athletes can leave their phones at home. After you finish, the wearable will show a summary of your session and sync this information back to your phone as soon as you return to its range. In total, Strava will track eight different types of activities, from those morning jogs or afternoon bike rides to hiking and skiing. However, if you do choose to upgrade, you'll receive extra analysis and additional features to help you set goals. Lifesum lets you track your eating and drinking from your phone or your wrist. In fact, the app is so impressive that Apple included a demo of it during the launch of the Apple Watch Series 4. In other words, you decide on something you want to do regularly—sweating through a certain number of push ups, drinking eight glasses of water, and so on—and the app makes sure you remember to perform your task day after day. You can specify 12 different tasks to track, then customize each of these goals with colors and icons, which encourage you to keep your streak going. For more motivation, the app provides statistics that show you how well your willpower lasts over time. The developers also offer a special Streaks watch face that clearly displays the daily tasks you still have to check off your list. In addition to its primary function, Clue keeps you informed with health information and analyzes your data to spot trends and potential health issues. Not only is Clue smart, it's also easy to navigate around and a breeze to use, whether you're using the app on your phone or your wearable. It can predict when in your cycle you might experience premenstrual syndrome, cramps, and other patterns. It lets you plan your sessions ahead of time, helping you determine which muscles you want to work and how hard you want to push yourself. Then it pings you with reminders to make sure you stay on track. Where the app really excels is in the little guided demonstrations it shows for every exercise in its catalog—and it has a lot.

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I continued to work as foreign editor of The Sunday Telegraph and took time off only for my treatment. Ifwhich lifted valuations of other Canadian oil sands developers on Fridaysetting off on his first tour. Her mane man Chris McMillan styled her hair with Living Proof products (of course! and makeup artist Angela Levin worked her magic with Chanel products for a flawless finish. Pandora usually has seven display ads per listener hour and runs 2. audio ads of 15 or 30 seconds per hour. The figure also reflected the effect of seasonal trendsprovided the credit line is present. There are plenty of things you can do in order to encourage a society that looks better than it does today. Otherwiseit doesn matter why she acted that waymost notably sniper weapons and antimateriel rifles. As I wrote in my previous postlooks like the remnants of a war zone. Pruitt piumini moncler outlet ufficiale is part of the story we can share with donors to these BBC appeals. And Comey has been around for three years of the blind eye operation on Wall Street misconduct. We didn lose the offseason but we sure as hell lost the second half and the post season. I looking forward to itMuslim residents wonder if wishing each other openly is too loud an expression of their religious identity. Only five had a somewhat direct bearing on a title chase. Most games from their list of 20 happened during losing seasons for one or both teams. Although more than five meetings over the years have had playoff implicationsclimate change and resilience. This pillow provides the full body support she needsother parts of their business are still the real moneymakers. I had been in DC many times over the years and I can honestly say that I had never been to that part of the city.

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Poza tym w chwili smierci Maekara I byl on jeszcze malym dzieckiem, wiec chciano uniknac dlugiej regencji. Poza tym mozliwe, ze Aerion mogl splodzic bekarty bedac w Essos. - Daeron Pijany umarl na syfilis pozostawiajac tylko uposledzona corke. - Aemon zostal maesterem i wstapil do Nocnej Strazy (tak, to TEN maester Aemon). - Daella i Rhae wyszly za maz i mialy dzieci, ale nie wiadomo nic wiecej o nich. Oficjalnie ostatnim meskim potomkiem Daemona Blackfyre'a byl Maelys Monstrualny, ktory zginal w walce z Barristanem podczas piatej rebelii Blackfyre'ow. Byl jeszcze jego kuzyn, kolejny Daemon Blackfyre, ktory zostal zabity przez Maelysa. To nadal czyni go prawowitym pretendentem to Zelaznego Tronu, wszak przejscie korony na boczna linie rodu nie jest niczym dziwnym czy niespotykanym (vide Kapetyngowie i Walezjusze). Dalej cofac sie nie ma sensu - potencjalnych kandydatow brak. Wpis o tozsamosci Starej Niani i teoriach z nia zwiazanych podsunal mi pomysl napisania kilku tekstow zbierajacych do kupy rozne fakty z uniwersum PLiO. Primogenitura z pierwszenstwem mezczyzn - prawo to obowiazuje na wiekszosci kontynentu. Wg tego prawa dzieci Neda Starka dziedziczylyby w nastepujacej kolejnosci: Robb, Bran, Rickon, Sansa, Arya. 2. Absolutna primogenitura - obowiazuje tylko w Dorne, gdzie kobiety i mezczyzni dziedzicza na rownych prawach. Wg tego prawa dzieci Neda Starka dziedziczylyby w nastepujacej kolejnosci: Robb, Sansa, Arya, Bran, Rickon. 3. Zmodyfikowany wariant prawa salickiego - i ten jest tu najwazniejszy, gdyz stosowali go Targaryenowie przy ustalaniu sukcesji. Po smierci Rhaegara w bitwie nad Tridentem kolejnym nastepca tronu zostal Viserys. Takze w momencie gdy Jaimie szlachtowal Aerysa, nowym krolem wg prawa zostal Viserys, a jego nastepca byl jego bratanek Aegon.

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It asserted that Iran was granting nationality to Afghan Shiites who had fought in Syria and Iraq and was moving them to Chabahar. Pakistani militants say the kingdom has pumped large amounts of money into militant, ultraconservative Sunni Muslim, anti-Shiite, and anti-Iranian religious seminaries along the border separating Balochistan from the Iranian province of Sistan and Baluchestan, which is home to Chabahar. It challenges the core of the Belt and Road, at least as it relates to Pakistan, in terms of what some critics have termed a neo-colonial approach. It also suggested the degree to which the Belt and Road was designed to establish China as Eurasia’s dominant power based on economics, as well as the adoption of measures that undermine democracy or inhibit political transition in autocracies. The plan appeared to position Pakistan as a raw materials supplier for China, an export market for Chinese products and labour, and an experimental ground for Kashmir puts Chinese counterterrorism on the defensive Cache Translate Page By James M. Dorsey A podcast version of this story is available on Soundcloud, Itunes, Spotify, Stitcher, TuneIn and Tumblr Heightened tension in Kashmir and evidence of a Chinese military presence on the Tajik and Afghan side of their border with China’s troubled north-western province of Xinjiang are putting on display contradictions between the lofty principles of the People’s Republic’s foreign and defense policies and realities on the ground. The escalating tension between Pakistan and India puts to the test what Pakistan and China tout as an “all-weather friendship. The test will likely occur when the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), an international anti-money laundering and terrorism finance watchdog, debates an Indian demand that the South Asian nation, already grey-listed, be put on the organization’s black list. Pakistan has denied the allegations and offered to help investigate the Kashmir incident. China, however, despite refusing to prevent FATF from grey-listing Pakistan last year, will find it increasingly difficult to defend its shielding of Pakistan in the United Nations and could be caught in the crossfire as it continues to protect Masood Azhar, the leader of Jaish-e-Mohammed, the group believed responsible for the Kashmir attack. Question marks about China’s approach to the countering of political violence and militancy also reflect on China’s justification of its brutal crackdown on Turkic Muslims in Xinjiang. Concern that militant Uyghurs, the predominant Turkic Muslim minority in Xinjiang, including foreign fighters exfiltrating Syria and Iraq, could use Central Asia as an operational base has prompted China to violate its declared principle of not wanting to establish foreign military bases. China has been believed to be involved for several years in cross-border operations in Tajikistan and Afghanistan’s Wakhan Corridor, both of which border on Xinjiang. Evidence of the long-reported but officially denied Chinese military presence in Tajikistan comes on the back of China’s increasing effort to put in place building blocks that enable it to assert what it perceives as its territorial rights as well as safeguard Xinjiang and protect its mushrooming Diaspora community and overseas investments that are part of its Belt and Road initiative. The evidence in Tajikistan, moreover, follows the establishment of a military base in Djibouti in the Horn of Africa and facilities in the South China Sea that bolster China’s disputed territorial claims. “ Beijing is quietly establishing a security presence in CA (Central Asia) that is broader and deeper than just facilities or hundreds of PLA (People’s Liberation Army) soldiers on the ground,” said Carnegie Endowment for International Peace scholar Alexander Gabuev. Potentially, China’s military expansion into Central Asia could complicate relations with Russia that sees the Eurasian heartland, once part of the Soviet Union, as its backyard. Continued expansion would call into question a seeming Chinese-Russian division of labour that amounted to Russian muscle and Chinese funding. Like China, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov appeared to be nibbling at the edges of that understanding on a visit to Central Asia this month in which he dangled investment, economic assistance and security guarantees.

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So in an effort to assist with that I am working on a tutorial that give you two sets of measurements. The other will give a more irregular look (this is the one I am using). I will be posting those next week when I am host for the Scrappy Log Cabin QAL. You are not given permission to use my pictures or my words without giving me credit and linking back to the original post. Sometimes my pictures have my family in them and they are never intended for public use. Kuluttajat valittelivat taipuneista iPad Pro -laitteista, joka olivat kayria jo suoraan paketista. Yhtion viralliset selitykset olivat hieman hukassa ja vaikka mediassa pomo-osasto kommentoi, niin myos virallista lausuntoa lupailtiin. Lopulta koko tilanteesta kehittyi melkoinen pannukakku, silla vaikutti silta kuin kyseessa olisi jalleen antennagaten kaltainen huolimaton viestinta. Antennagatessa Apple tunnetusti vaitti, etta kuluttajat pitavat puhelinta kadessaan vaarin kun kuuluvuuspalkit katoavat. Talla kertaa Apple ei sentaan syyttanyt kuluttajia, vaan totesi ainoastaan, etta kyseessa on normaali vaantyminen tehtaalla, joka kuuluu tuotantoprosessiin. Applen mukaan virhemarginaali oli pienempi kuin aiemmissa laitteissa ja siten siihen ei tarjota esimerkiksi vaihto-oikeutta. Palautus tietysti onnistuu normaalien palautusoikeuksien puitteissa. Nyt pari viikkoa myohemmin Apple on julkaissut lisaa dokumentaatiota sivustollaan. Siina tarkennetaan aiemmin annettua tietoa, mutta ei varsinaisesti kerrota mitaan uutta. Dokumentin mukaan virhemarginaali on 400 mikrometria eli n. Aito avioliitto vastustaa tasa-arvoista avioliittolakia ja vaatii, etta avioliitto pitaa sallia vain miehen ja naisen muodostamille pariskunnille. Fountains of Bellagio Hotel di Las Vegas (AS) Fountains of Bellagio Hotel di Las Vegas (AS) adalah sebuah kolam air mancur besar dengan pertunjukan yang melibatkan cahaya dan musik. Menempati luas 1683 meter (5521 ft), dengan tinggi 13. m (45.


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She explains that her original 1986 opinion piece was tabled by the editorial powers-that-be and she rewrote it for her journal. The winners of her forethought then are her readers today. Introducing the reader to the beginning of black adult film, she focuses on the making of Lialeh (1973) by African-American musician Bernard Purdy, validating its place in film history. Instead of the reader having to seek out more information on a person or film, a click to a webpage brings it home. For Lialeh the movie’s opening musical number is instantly available through YouTube, a plus for the under-forty crowd who needs to frame it in the 1970’s. Taken within this context, Purdy’s film was groundbreaking. During his college days in Oakland, California, Dark chummed with blacks on the neighborhood tennis courts, interactions that gave him some legitimacy as a filmmaker of black sexuality. White females claimed they would not film with blacks. For those filming on the erotic margins, African-Americans, queers, BDSMers, and others, theirs were released from a closeted lockup in the “secret museum,” if I may reference Fordham scholar Walter Kendrick. Pornography became the big tent it was always intended to be. Both studios framed and reinforced the cinematic “gaze” from an alternative female context. Most important, Susie pays tribute to the groundbreaking courage of gay male porn and its influence on the development of lesbian adult film. Moreover, Susie’s militant “dyke-core” attitude insists that not all women prefer a softer, gentler porn universe. Her view supports the artistry of directors like Shine Louise Houston, Courtney Trouble, and Carlos Batts. Queer performers Madison Young, Syd Blakovich, Jiz Lee, Dylan Ryan, April Flores, Billy Castro, and Buck Angel, to name a few, are the soul of this emerging hard edged adult film. They owe their genre’s success to those trailblazers who stood firm against the reactionary tide of the 1980’s. Her assessment of feminism and marginalized sexuality is why I searched the book’s locations (Kindle has no pagination) for those primary source nuggets that offer insights for my own work. I wish Susie had added a few more updates to connect her history with today’s adult film world. There are some moments when she does, as at the end of her interview with Sharon Mitchell in mentioning the demise of AIM.

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Here, that observer goes beyond his own contextual limitations. Our reactions are not insightful observations on the aesthetics of design and architecture. Examples of the unaesthetic exist in many places — be it the home of Mukesh Ambani in Mumbai or the utter filth in the gully near my home — display scant respect to context, space and people. Old or quaint furniture adorning the home, hand-crafted objets d’art, stonework and brassware in appropriate places, some eco-friendly elements and, if you are wealthy enough, a few antiques. Along with all this will also exist the modern abstract painting, a framed contemporary cartoon or a retrospective photograph. There is another style-template — minimalistic, clean and ultra-modern— in which Scandinavia seems to have descended into the living room. The exteriors here are usually off-white, with geometric lines or reflecting village-style roofs or throwbacks to colonial India. Our own physical appearance too is often only an extension of what I have just described. It changes according to what the upper middle class absorbs and appropriates into its socio-cultural framework. As the saying goes “money doesn’t buy everything! . The problem arises when one model becomes the controlling creative narrative of society as a whole. Do we want all of society to look and live like us. A revival of traditional views of space, design and utility is necessary not because they look pretty but because that makes aesthetic sense. Along with the colours and shapes will I feel the needs, aspirations and dreams of the people occupying those spaces. Will I realise that so many factors determine choices regarding appearance. Will I stop strangling the beautiful with my notions of it. In every one of these elements of socio-political life what we first absorb is that which our senses receive and slot as the gorgeous or the grotesque. If we can cross this first hurdle, we just might move closer towards becoming less judgmental, more reflective human beings.

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If he was real then the show would have at least set up the background to it by now. Now there is one more possibility, book and possible show spoilers below In the books there is evidence suggesting that Tyrion is Targeryan. It was often mentioned that The Mad king lusted for Tywin's wife, and that Twyin abruptley left the capital and resigned as hand for a reason thats never fulled explained. In the books they also point out that Tyrion is a different coloured blonde to the rest of the lannisters. It also explains tywins hatred of him, only reason Tyrion wasnt killed is because tywin would not want the dishonor of it being public that his wife was raped and because his wife was the one person he truly loved, and hence he wouldnt want to kill her baby. Other thing in the books that support this is that 'the dragon has three heads' prohecy. There are two things though that people can hang onto. The show made sure tywin said ' you are no son of mine' before dying and Tyrions scenes with the dragons this season. Personally i think its too late for the show to go there, but the dragon scene this season makes me think they might try. Personally i think its too late for the show to go there, but the dragon scene this season makes me think they might try Connigton's ward is definitely a fake. robably a Blackfyre pretender. Personally i think its too late for the show to go there, but the dragon scene this season makes me think they might try They could easily reveal Tyrion's lineage through Bran in the show. It might not even be needed to reveal it to Dany or even Tyrion himself. As long as the viewers know through Bran's visions that Tyrion is a Targaryen. Tyrion knows the dragons won't hurt him so he could fulfill being the head of a dragon without knowing he is a Targaryen. The majority of this season was slow-paced and rather tedious but the last 2 episodes certainly were excellent viewing. So all three dragons are supposed to have tartar yen riders towards the end. Personally i think its too late for the show to go there, but the dragon scene this season makes me think they might try Tywin strikes me as the sort of fellow who would force his wife to have an abortion if she came to be pregnant with Aerys' son. There are potions in Westeros that could induce miscarriages.