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But I’d gotten up early after a sleepless night to meet my friend up town and when they left I didn’t want to go straight home so I decided to kill some time by watching this movie. Could we not have come up with something a bit better than this. Watching the characters on screen running around saying his name with such fear felt really out of place with such a pathetic name. A little more time and effort on the guy’s name couldn’t have saved this movie though. The main character finds out the name by reading it on the bottom of a drawer in the house he’s just moved into. He then tells all his friends about it and they start experiencing things too. Brother then drives home with his niece and both seem relatively chill that the main character is now dead. Feel free to leave the ones you think are the worst in the comments and if you actually enjoyed any of the films I listed then feel free to comment on what you liked about them. I didn’t watch it again because it was absolutely amazing or anything, it’s just it was Friday night and I wanted to be out the house. Maybe I wanted to see if I had the guts to watch a horror film at the cinema by myself. Turns out, wasn’t that scary the second time around. Now that they’re older one of them, Debbie, played it again and died about a week later.

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With a genuine feel for its Midwest setting, this directorial debut tracks two brothers as they spend a chilly Thanksgiving walking and talking their way through the bars of their hometown searching for their estranged father. An unhappy thirty-something nanny, his ex-girlfriend, and her jovial new boyfriend become entangled in a hilarious and wrenching triangle that? as much about friendship as it is love. World Premiere DOCUMENTARY COMPETITION: Cheonggyecheon Medley: A Dream of Iron (Cheonggyecheon medeulli). South Korea (DIRECTOR Kelvin Kyung Kun Park PRODUCERS Kim Kyungmi, Lee Hwayoung). From Seoul? increasingly gentrified Cheonggyecheon district, filmmaker Kelvin Kyung Kun Park composes a letter to his dead grandfather in this experimental ode to the obsolete techniques of metal casting. Latvia (DIRECTOR Andris Gauja PRODUCER Madara Melberga). You won? know whether to laugh or cry at this wilder-than-fiction documentary about an impoverished Latvian woman and her coterie of drunken friends and family as they stumble their way through their bleak rural life. US Premiere Once I Was a Champion (DIRECTOR Gerard Roxburgh PRODUCER Kirk Porter FEATURING Evan Tanner, Randy Couture, Dana White, John Herzfeld, Forrest Griffin, Chael Sonnen, Rich Franklin). This moving documentary is the true story behind the troubled life and tragic death of Ultimate Fighting star Evan Tanner, whose belief in the power of one wasn?

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Stannis and his army didn't get to the Winterfell stronghold. She randomly appears to kill Stannis, then she randomly appears to save Sansa. Ellaria going to take over it an Cersi going to declare war. I liked her when she was with Jaime and the two traveling, but the last season (or two) she's just been wandering around doing crap all and only appearing magically to kill someone or save the day. But at least now that she's found Sansa (again) and this time Sansa accepts her fealty, hopefully now the story will go somewhere. They could have followed the boat and given they aren't there at Doran's death you could assume they were on the way to tristane on the boat. Pod told her Stannis' army was approaching Winterfell and she left her vigil for Sansa to go kill him. Who else would the Bolton's send a search party after. Must have already disembarked as you'd reckon he spot those two sneaking aboard. Something in the trailers that she's given a second chance, but won't get a third or something. I imagine the news wouldn't have been sent out from the ship, because they were still planning on killing Tristane, so guessing that the news went out when the ship landed at King's Landing, then it immediately gets to Dorne. Then there's a scene with Jaime and Cersi indoors and it looks like afternoon, then later on, Tristane gets killed.

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