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I came back to the US, fairly undone from the whole experience of living and working there, inspired by the architects and industrial designers I worked with, and needed to change my focus. That’s how I ended up studying architectural history: I wanted more depth than my previous career in user experience afforded. Two years ago, I spent the summer in Montreal at the Canadian Centre for Architecture There’s been Berlin, Bangalore and Copenhagen while I’ve been in grad school. In all of these cases, the travel isn’t random: it’s connecting with people and projects and places that I know, and as a student, I’m lucky to have the flexibility I do. I think we’ll learn how to reintegrate and multitask both with people in front of us on the street and as we drift in the third space of mediated communication, but it’ll take some time. It makes it really annoying to get anywhere quickly, even in a place like New York or a busy international airport (especially at the top of an escalator, but I digress). I’d like to do more of the things that I enjoy but am not awesome at, like running, or drawing and watercolors. My life’s about to focus a lot as I finish my dissertation and find (a likely academic job). It’s a policy that almost guarantees a deluge of resumes and hopeful job applicants. Apparently, it also promotes a highly productive work place. This article is anecdotal and autobiographical, so if you are looking for some statistics or a less shiny discussion of how this policy plays out in other companies, try this. The authors contend that innovation professionals have stepped into an arena previously dominated by entrepreneurs and that this new breed is ill-equipped and ineptly motivated for the task of effectively transforming a company culture. It’s like blaming cigarettes for cancer when culpability actually lies with the smoker.

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It can seem as if half the population were sitting around sidewalk cookfires, hunched over steaming bowls of ph. As a White House advance team planned the logistics for Obama’s visit, an advance team from Zero Point Zero, the company that produces the show, scoured the city for the perfect place to eat. Huong Lien, a narrow establishment across from a karaoke joint on a busy street in the Old Quarter. The restaurant’s specialty is bun ch? springy white noodles, smoky sausage, and charred pork belly served in a sweet and pungent broth. At the appointed hour, Obama exited the Beast and walked into the restaurant behind a pair of Secret Service agents, who cleared a path for him, like linemen blocking for a running back. In a rear dining room on the second floor, Bourdain was waiting at a stainless-steel table, surrounded by other diners, who had been coached to ignore the cameras and Obama, and to focus on their bun ch. Like many restaurants in Vietnam, the facility was casual in the extreme: diners and servers alike swept discarded refuse onto the floor, and the tiles had acquired a grimy sheen that squeaked beneath your feet. Obama was wearing a white button-down, open at the collar, and he greeted Bourdain, took a seat on a plastic stool, and happily accepted a bottle of Vietnamese beer. “How often do you get to sneak out for a beer? Bourdain asked. “I don’t get to sneak out, period,” Obama replied. He occasionally took the First Lady to a restaurant, he said, but “part of enjoying a restaurant is sitting with other patrons and enjoying the atmosphere, and too often we end up getting shunted into one of those private rooms.

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I mean, if she is, then it's starting to feel like every female character is one of Jon's actual or adopted siblings. At this point, Ygritte will go down as the love of Jon's life simply because she's the only woman around he's not related to. Big, crazy news. But given the leaks of late, the HBO series has worked hard to lock down the set surrounding the taping of what many believe to be its final major action sequence. That’s actually good news for those of us who prefer to play detective, applying book and show knowledge to harmlessly speculate about what might be coming, with no actual evidence to prove us right or wrong. So what follows might just be some good news for book readers who had to give up on a popular fan theory last year. It may be time to bring those hopes back from the dead. News first broke back in August that Game of Thrones was using the picturesque Italica ruins near Seville, Spain, to stand in for the Dragonpit—a cavernous ruin perched atop of the hills of King’s Landing. This is what that evocative location looks like in the books, and here’s what the ruins look like in real life. We knew Emilia Clarke’s character, Daenerys, would likely be there. But now, thanks to some sightings around Seville, we know she won’t be alone. Far from it. An unprecedented number of Game of Thrones stars are gathering in one location to film, what we can only guess, will be the biggest clash of major characters the show has ever seen.

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02:25 The American Nurse The American Nurse Trailer i Sister Stephen shares her role as a nursing home director on The American Nurse. 03:13 The American Nurse The American Nurse: Nursing Home Director i On Last Night My Hand Lives in My Stomach A man's maimed hand is sewn into his stomach to avoid amputation. A young girl is born with a deformed mouth and jaw. A woman suffering from cyclical vomiting syndrome and a man with warts all over his body search for cures. A girl fights for a surgery that could allow her to speak for the first time. A young girl undergoes surgery to stop her facial tumor from choking her. A girl undergoes life changing surgery to stop her neck from dislocating. Will a boy be accepted back into his community after the removal of his large facial tumor. Charlie (2015 Malayalam film) Film Unofficial Page wikipedia. rg. Produced by Prakkat, Joju George and Shebin Becker, the film stars Dulquer Salmaan and Parvathy. The music is composed by Gopi Sundar, while Jomon T. It won 8 awards at the 46th Kerala State Film Awards, including Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director and Best Cinematography.

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The Patriots (7-1) have won four straight since Brady returned after opening the season serving the NFL s four-game Deflategate suspension. His absence included New England s only blemish, a 16-0 home loss to Buffalo (4-4) on Oct 2, the first time the Patriots were shut out at home since 1993. After a Bills field goal, Brady threw touchdowns passes on his first two drives. They included a 53-yarder to former Bills receiver Chris Hogan. The Patriots then broke the game open by scoring 27 points over five consecutive possessions. The surge began with Brady s 53-yard pass to Rob Gronkowski with 4:18 FOOTBALL left in the second quarter, and ended when Brady took a seat and was replaced by backup Jimmy Garoppolo with 4:29 left. Panthers 30, Cardinals 20 In Charlotte, North Carolina, Jonathan Stewart ran for 95 yards and two touchdowns, Thomas Davis returned a fumble 46 yards for a score and the Panthers. In a game reminiscent of last season s NFC championship, a 49-15 Carolina victory, the Panthers jumped to a 24-0 lead and kept the pressure on Carson Palmer all day. Carolina, which has struggled to generate a pass rush all season, sacked Palmer eight times three of those by Star Lotulelei and forced two turnovers. The Panthers also limited running back David Johnson to 24 yards rushing. Forced into a one-dimensional game, Palmer finished 35 of 46 for 363 yards with three touchdowns, two to J. . Nelson.

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. Lovecraft’s people of Innsmouth, sit restlessly besides Remora’s more typical fare of failed love or hopes gone sour unfold as layers of guitar and other sounds drive them along. At times, a vague waft of Michael Gira’s solo works can be snatched within the overwhelmingly bruised and sometimes slightly more confrontational approach ensnared on the endearingly titled Scars Bring Hope, but I’m being purposely lazy here in order to hopefully encourage a few people to the world Remora occupy. And this album is a mean way to get yrself acquainted. (RJ). Every sound is alien, razor-sharp and almost atonal, with even the roughest elements suffused with that pristine quality of purely digital sound. Much of it is harsh in that shrill way that only computer-generated audio can be, something which I personally find extremely difficult to take. As a result, the listening experience is akin to being poked with something repeatedly- it’s a bit of an irritant and it doesn’t ever escalate. While there may be (and I suspect there is) underlying compositional skill at work, I can’t get past the fact that it sounds a little too much like noodling, like something created just for the joy of hearing what strange sounds can be produced. There’s nothing wrong, of course, with the joy of sound, but I personally need a little more depth in recordings. (KM). There is nothing here that will surprise, really, but it is executed with a self-assuredness that’s at least strong enough to make up for the awful name given to this project. (RJ).

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Dia juga menambahkan, “Aku juga makan makanan sehat setelah berolahraga. Aku suka alpukat jadi aku makan salad alpukat dan jus detoks setiap hari. Aku makan itu untuk makan malam jadi aku bisa makan dengan porsi yang lebih besar pada hari berikutnya. Aku pikir setiap orang bisa melakukan diet dengan cara yang menyenangkan setelah mereka menemukan cara yang tepat. . Dia mengatakan, “Ketika aku melihat orang-orang berolahraga, aku selalu mengikuti mereka tapi pada akhirnya aku gagal. Tapi, aku minum jus detoks setiap hari sama seperti Jennie unnie. . Idol kelahiran 1997 ini mengatakan, “Aku baru saja mulai melakukan Pilates. Untuk makanan, aku tidak terlalu khawatir tapi aku suka makan banyak sayuran seperti paprika dan wortel. Aku lebih suka buah-buahan dan keripik untuk camilan. . Tapi karena aku menghabiskan banyak waktuku dengan member lainnya, aku pikir bentuk tubuhku perlahan mulai berubah.

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The seemingly outnumbered girls slowly gain even the most unlikely allies. With alliances, in-fighting and romance banding together might break these villains - and our heroes - apart. High school is supposed to be weird but this one surely has it's character's. She can't be scared-not when his obsession is the closest she's ever felt to love. DxC. Rated T for language. Will start before Harleens transition to madness, Harleys time with Joker, her Prison stay, and right through suicide squad. I would highly encourage you to listen to that song before reading this. Proximity is a catalyst for mania; how far can she stretch before she snaps. Sadie Ross committed suicide, leaving her friends in shock. While Katie is haunted by the unknown motive of her best friend's death, the others deal with problems of their own. Gwen rejects marriage, Bridgette questions her relationship, Courtney starts an unexpected fling, and Heather finds herself in a love triangle. She asks Jonathan Crane to look in on Joker to make sure he doesn't follow her, and doesn't get up to any trouble.

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