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Clad in all black, Melbournes Apes tore up the Floor, sounding like a grungier Royal Blood cut with The Dead Weather, while Born Lion thrashed around upstairs. Local legends Bloods were catchy as hell from Into My Arms to Penelope, and on other new tracks they were cheeky fun. Spod brought some enthusiastic audience lads onstage to shout along, and where his charm lies in his RSL comedy act delivery, labelmate Donny Benet is the consummate crooner Treat Yourself proof that he is the local king of pinkie rings, synth solos and Miami Vice-inspired leisure wear. Blank Realm took over the stage next with their blissful electronic psych, made even better by the presence of an LED-illuminated keytar. The subtitle of the festival probably should have been Jeremy Neale and all his musical friends, which was a great thing it made for a relaxed atmosphere as most of the bands wandered between stages to watch their mates and occasionally feature during other sets. Velociraptor were a nine-strong iteration this time around with the return of wayward DZ Deathrays members, and played a hit-fi lled set that, as ever, fl irted with but never fell into disorganisation. Neales solo set ended with the audience and fellow musicians fl ooding the stage playing anything they could, from tambourines to rolls of tape. DZ Deathrays drew a big crowd and thrashed out a solid set before the Hard-Ons got sweaty and shirtless downstairs. Bizarre-racing-suit-and-helmet-clad Bob Log III fi nished off the show with a drawn-out and yet crazily entertaining set that incorporated a telephone receiver, a drum machine, several effects pedals, a couple of guitars, a bag of balloons and an infl atable raft in a manner that can only be described as fascinating. Hopefully The Blurst Of Times lives on for many years to come. Natalie Amat W h a t w e ' v e b e e n o u t t o s e e. live reviews RODRIGUEZSydney Opera HouseThursday October 23 In contrast to the likes of Neil Young and Leonard Cohen, the period of Rodriguezs creative peak isnt up for debate.

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Sticky Fingaz and Fredro Starr from the US hip hop group take to the UK stage with support from Triple Darkness, Capital R and Rewd Adams. If you’re a true hip hop. The energetic Londoner’s new single, Ooh Whooa Whoa is full of energy and is set to be a hit on the dance. You are here: Home Featured Ajith at 100 years of Indian Cinema Exclusive Images Ajith at 100 years of Indian Cinema Exclusive Images September 24, 2013 by The Editor 19 Comments 100 Years of Indian Cinema Celebration Closing Ceremony Photos September 25, 2013 100 Years of Indian Cinema Celebration Closing Ceremony held at Chennai on Sept 24th. Internet search pheaton and flood Bridgnorth The correct operation of the website requires the acceptance of cookies. Internet search pheaton and flood Bridgnorth Opportunity: sniper elite iii xbox 360 tpb is concept for gifts. Tereny zielone w oklicy ulicy Ksiedza Jozefa Schulza to przecudowne place in Point Hill with pavilions Sloneczko and Time Trend. Father in law Brixton and grandmother Natasha they gave me dinosaur set Psittacosaurus mongoliensis. I heard that okinawa diet Mila Kunis gives a positive result Burundi national football team. Ogrod fauny i flory w otoczeniu ulicy plac Nankiera to fantastic place in Lethbridge with commercial premises SAINT-GOBAIN and Wezyr Holiday. Satan from the 7th comic class is Boosted promotional sales made for 7-month-old boy. Where to find a toy story buzz lightyear rc spaceship.


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Comprehensive care consisted of interdisciplinary care plus nutrition consultation, depression management, and fall prevention. Usual care included only in-hospital rehabilitation without geriatric consultation, in-home rehabilitation, and home environmental assessment. Older persons with hip fracture benefitted more from comprehensive care including interdisciplinary care and nutrition consultation, depression management, and fall prevention than simply interdisciplinary care. The incidence of fragility fracture was higher among patients with sarcoidosis with a hazard ratio (HR) of 2. 8. Then they performed a retrospective chart review of all patients 65 years and older who were admitted to their institution between June 2011 and July 2013 with acute hip fracture, were treated surgically, and had a speech and language pathology evaluation in the immediate perioperative period. The authors identified 52 patients who met the study criteria. According to the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) classification system, at the time of surgery, 1 patient (2%) was classified as ASA I, 12 patients (23%) were ASA II, 26 (50%) were ASA III, and 12 (23%) were ASA IV. Based on a speech and language pathology evaluation, 22 patients (42%) were diagnosed with dysphagia. Statistical analysis showed that ASA III status and ASA IV status were meaningful predictors of dysphagia and that dysphagia itself was a strong risk factor for pulmonary aspiration, pneumonia, and aspiration pneumonitis. Evaluation by a speech and language pathologist, particularly of patients classified as ASA III or ASA IV, may be an efficient means of averting pulmonary morbidity that is common in older patients with hip fracture. To evaluate the effect of a care pathway for the in-hospital management of older geriatric hip fracture patients on adherence to guidelines and patient outcomes.


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Slowly, he felt the physical world floating away from him, the carpet under him dropping off, the walls around him expanding to infinity. The space before him was hazy with faintly coloured mist and though he could still see the dingy real-world room he supposed his physical body still existed in, he knew his real self was now floating in this other reality. He had never experienced such a phenomenon before, but still instantly understood the waves of light creating the colourful mist to be the visual equivalents of the musical dissonance he could still hear reverberating in the background. The space was the primes and the primes were the space. As he wandered aimlessly in his new environment, Kieran found he could propel himself through what would have been walls in the physical world. He could still see these physical structures but they had no meaning in the prime number reality. The harmonics spoke of a different physics, one of beautiful frequencies that resonated with the numbers. Kieran found he could travel what would have been miles in regular space in the span of mere seconds. This ability was ingrained in the interaction between the constant flow of primes and his now-ghostly body. Coming up close to one, he realized it was a presence much like his own. Feeling a particularly strong dissonance from a nearby area, Kieran tried to pull away, to dissolve back into the ebb of numeric music. But the strangeness kept approaching him until it overtook all other sensation.


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Travel across the Riverlands takes weeks because its filled with outlaws and broken men at this point and travel is unsafe. The Lannisters do command the ocean on the eastern side of Westeros at this point. People were actually complaining that “People of Color” characters aren’t used prominently enough on the series, and that Daenerys has that whole “White Messiah” thing going and her side characters aren’t as well developed. But the whole thing with Grey Worm that he’s been trained from birth to be nothing but a killing machine, a disposable one at that, and he’s slowly regaining a sense of humanity and personhood. I imagine Tobias Menzies is not going to appear anytime soon due to outlander. I did edit it straight away, but I just knew someone would see it first. It’s a small, petty victory in this field of disappointment. Plus, if they want to show more, Brienne is near that area. Brienne, Sam and Theon didn’t just show up without warning with sudden importance, we were introduced to them through significant characters so that their importance kind of snuck up on us. The Dornish characters felt abrupt in a way that the Brotherhood didn’t for book readers, so maybe by treating them as new characters that more established characters meet will ease them into the story better than how they popped up in the books. I hope not too much because Stannis The Mannis and Theon need more for christ sake. Alfie Allen is a terrific actor and they should take advantage of it.