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For more recollections, read ABC SoapsInDepth special memorial feature in the new issue on stands now. I remember rehearsing a scene with him wherein he had this heartbreaking monologue about missing his mother. He was just reading it off the script and not even 'trying' yet, but I became so engrossed with him because I could so easily feel what he was feeling that I was in tears. I complimented him and asked him how he did that, and he just flashed me this crooked smile and shrugged. I couldn't have asked for a better first roommate on the show, welcoming me by squeezing the air right out of me. I can only imagine the bear hug you and the big guy upstairs are sharing now. There were times I didn't think we'd make it to the set by countdown, because he was always up to all kinds of shenanigans and practical jokes. Many of us would miss our entrances on set because we were doubled over in laughter. My make up had to redone many times because I was crying from laughing so much. Roxy referred to him as 'legs,' and he was so pissed off he lifted her over his shoulders and threw her out of their house. He was talented and had what I thought would be a great career ahead of him. My very favorite memory of Nathaniel was the night I shared a limo with him and his grandmother. He was rich in experience, almost as if he had already lived many lifetimes. I'm heartbroken that his life was cut short, but I'm positive that he left his mark on the world. He cared so much about everyone and everything and certainly made a mark on all he touched. The Washoe County Medical Examiner and Coroner's Office said Marston died Wednesday at the Renown Regional Medical Center in Reno. The crash happened the night of Oct. 30 on State Route 447 near the tiny town of Nixon, the Nevada Highway Patrol said. Marston, who was from nearby Gerlach, was driving a 1985 Ford F-150 truck when it drifted across the lane, overturned multiple times and landed on the dirt shoulder. The actor wasn't wearing a seatbelt and was thrown from the vehicle.

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Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon are two of the biggest and best water parks in the nation. They are also among a handful that remains open most of the year. As you’d expect from Disney, the parks are whimsically themed and lushly landscaped. Both offer adrenaline-charged water slides as well as more laid back ways to enjoy the refreshing water. Disney World recently changed its admission policy and now allows guests to visit both Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach with one water park ticket. You may want to set aside a whole day and spend it in your bathing suit. Go surfing The featured attraction at Typhoon Lagoon is its enormous wave pool. But if you want to try and challenge six-foot waves by hanging ten on a surfboard, the park offers lessons before it opens to the public on select days. After a makeover and expansion, the resort has rechristened Downtown Disney as Disney Springs. The vast shopping, dining, and entertainment center has loads of stores and restaurants to visit, including many that recently opened. There are plenty of other diversions such as interactive gaming at DisneyQuest, a movie theater, live entertainment at House of Blues, and bowling. Cirque du Soleil, the Montreal-based theater company that produces shows filled with physics-defying circus acts and lots of razzle-dazzle, has a resident troupe that performs in a permanent tent at Disney Springs. The parks have some wonderful places to nosh, but the hotels at Disney World offer some of the resort’s best eateries. For example, the California Grill, located atop Disney’s Contemporary Resort features creative dishes inspired by the Golden State and striking views that overlook the Magic Kingdom. As a special treat, book a dinner reservation, and catch the park’s nightly fireworks show with synchronized audio broadcast into the restaurant. Other great hotel restaurant choices include Citricos at Disney’s Grand Floridian and Boma, Jiko, and Sanaa, all at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. One of the best ways to meet Mickey and the gang at Disney World is to make a reservation at one of the restaurants that offers character dining. You could try some of the eateries within the parks, but there are quite a few locations outside of the parks as well. Characters make the rounds each evening for the Garden Grove dinner buffet at the Swan Hotel, for example. Among other dining spots, Chef Mickey presides over his namesake restaurant at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, and royal characters visit aspiring princesses each morning at the Garden View Tea Room in Disney’s Grand Floridian.

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The fast action is great for fine tuning the performance of your tv, preferably the motion. If thats not enough, the bonus features included in the blu ray are awesome! 3 POV videos of the boarders going down insane mountains, amazing birds eye scenery, and the toughest to watch; all their terrible falls. All in all, for its price, its definitely a great movie to purchase for all the features, scenery, and adventure youll be getting with this buy. They really put a lot of work into it with all the amazing footage they captured. That had like 15 HD cameras with slo-mo and everything, I wouldnt know that if it wasnt for the behind the scenes footage from the blu ray set. Trust me, do yourself a favor and buy this blu ray set and youll have a lot of sweet eye candy to show off along with some bad ass Dolby HD audio. These guys drift down mountains of massive scale, tap peaks of snow ridges, then fall sometimes over a hundred feet before coming back into contact with the slope. Tricks mid-run, it's just. wow. The music tracks alone are worth getting this Bluray set. And when someone else gets to see this film, they're astounded. This is a mesmerizing experience, and may someday qualify as literature - I really think so. Please recommend it to your friends -- it's worth the purchase, easily. Excellent sound track and video worth 4K that will entertain you again and again. I am a sucker for snowboarding videos, so I was looking forward to watching one of the relatively few options available on BD. The backcountry footage is great; therefore, if you are looking for a part oriented film you will be disappointed. In terms of riding shots and pure entertainment, I'd rank this BD high, but still lower than other snowboard films like TB9 (totally board 9). If you are a snowboard fan I highly recommend buying this BD. I want to bring you the stories of people of everyday and any day, because even if you think you are a nobody, you are always a somebody.


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Looking for a custom,My biggest concern is finding someone that can put my vision on the screen. Everyone knows that if any guy ever was able to steal your body there is no FUCKING way they would ever give it back. YET in all these other movies the woman almost always get it back. And you do an amazing job of making the viewer really believe you were that actual criminal and are now inside the body of the detective. We see you experience your second major orgasm as a female using the large dildo you found in her drawer. As you breath deeply and smile with a sinister laugh, you have now come to the conclusion that having sex inside a hot female body is FAR better than any sex you ever had as a man. No, wait a minute! SHE doesn't love sex. NYMORE! Because she's in jail! (sinister laughing) I LOVE SEX NOW. FUCK YEA! (she now goes to put the big dildo back into the drawer and sees a picture of a hot guy. He is back in town after a trip and cannot wait to come over and see her. Many stumbles at first but then get right into character, realizing this is the detectives boyfriend, and gets excited, letting him know it is ok to come over. You now walk into your closet and discover your platform black boots. You put them on and get really impressed with yourself in the mirror. You laugh diabolically that there is no way you are EVER giving back this body. You put on a lace bra and pantys and the door bell rings. It's now time to enjoy this body, have great sex, convince your boyfriend he has nothing to worry about, and fiannly settle into your new body and sex once and for all!

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And so I worry that some people might throw themselves into SU’s programming under the false promise that they’ll be shown the light when we’re all fumbling in the dark to some degree. But there’s no doubt a keen eye for distinguishing fads from serious trends can be lucrative if it can be taught. Predicting cryptocurrency’s rise, VR’s stagnation, ridesharing’s competition, or CRISPR’s miracles could give people the chance to start new businesses or join the right ones. And so perhaps the money you spend on SU’s myriad programs will unlock new financial mobility. But whether student or professor, everyone must wait and see. There’s no such thing as a sure bet on the future. The EU observatory, though, appears to be suggesting a less aggressive, regulatory-focused approach, which might win friends in the industry. It also promised work on governance and interoperability, as well as pledging to broaden EU financing of pilot projects in areas beyond the finance sector, such as health, government and transport. Designed by former Spotify employees under developer 47 Center Inc. Reaction. am allows users to request a reaction video — a video of a viewer reacting to another video — and then view the resulting shots. Users paste a video link inside Reaction. am. The software then generates a new unique URL to share with fans. Using that link inside the iOS app, fans can use their smartphone camera to record the reaction to the video and share the results. The original user requesting the reaction video can see the shared reactions. During the app’s beta testing, Reaction. am recorded over 80,000 hours of reaction videos while getting a 5-star average from early reviewers, according to developers. During testing, the most popular reaction video was for 98KB’s Lit NDA music video, which generated 200 reactions over two days. Reaction.

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Fischer checkmates for big bucks (Belgrade) Controversial former world chess champion Bobby Fischer emerged from 20 years of seclusion to win an expensive chess match against rival Boris Spassky. Florida courts question minors right to sex (Miami) Two Florida men were charged with statutory rape when relatives of rape victims complained to police and prosecutors. The victims were 15 and 16, agree that sex was consensual, and do not wish the case to be prosecuted. Almost 400 radicals shouted hypocrites at Chancellor Helmut Kohl and his officials, criticizing his hesitation in antiforeigner rioting and his plans to reduce foreign immigration policies. The protest was held on the eve of the anniversary of the Nazi Holocaust. Royals wont live happily ever after (London) A London newspaper predicted a formal announcement of the probable separation of Prince Charles and Princess Diana from Buckingham Palace within weeks. The Mail revealed Monday that separate living arrangements are being made, and there would be no attempts at reconciliation. The daylong event consisted of lectures given by Laurier faculty in a range of departments from Political Science to Philosophy to Music. The five groups discussed are the Aztecs of Mexico, the Maya of Guatemala and Yucatan, the ncas of Peru, the Cherokees of the south eastern United States, and the roquois of the Great Lakes region. At the time of the European invasion of the New World, onefifth of the worlds population lived in the Americas and had existed on the continent, it is believed, for approximately 15,00040,000 years. Within decades of the invasion 90% of the native population was destroyed due to disease and war. Biological weapons prevented the Europeans from being affected by disease to the same extent as the natives. Wright points out that contrary to popular belief, the natives were as advanced as Europe in the development of urban centres. Another myth is destroyed by Wright as he provides evidence of the existence of written texts in the Mayan culture. The Mayas, being recorders of events and timekeepers, had a fully developed script and entire libraries prior to the Spanish invasion. The Spaniards believed the Aztecs superstitious awe of the newcomers was the reason for their obliteration. Wright disproves this myth saying that it was small pox, not superstition that killed the Aztecs. Various native leaders foresaw the devastation of their people as a consequence of the European invasion. They were told to put on a face and not forget the nca tradition. The nca religion has managed to survive, as Wright discovered, either beneath the surface or by infiltrating Christianity in the area.