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Why is the idea that Euron has a greater master so toxic to you. I'm not saying you aren't also well-read, but surely, in all of your reading, you've also come across minor typoes and errors, as I have. Surely you must understand where I'm coming from here. The alternate version of the passage that I proposed would have been solid evidence. But a single pronoun is not solid. It's weak. But I am curious why you're arguing against the text with such passion. I personally think Euron was Bloodraven's first pupil, before Bran. And there's plenty of evidence to support that theory, or at least to render it plausible. But anyone else would just be a massive asspull, with no foreshadowing, and terrible writing in my opinion. I originally come from 4chan, so sometimes I might seem a little angry, when I'm really not. What if crows and ravens are separate symbolic animals, and Bran has conflated them into the same creature in his head. If Bloodraven's introduction wasn't an asspull because of the character's exposition in the three Dunk and Egg stories, revealing another equally powerful character in Daemon would then also not be an asspull, but instead an activation of the backstory exposited in The Princess and the Queen and The Rogue Prince. But if destiny has brough Daenerys Targaryen back to our shores, it has also made Jon Snow King in the North. He was the first to make allies with Wildlings and northmen. All those hard son's of bitches chose him as their leader because they believe in him. All those things you don't believe in, he faced those things. I had a feeling it would be difficult to render three characters in such a small page. Sorry Gendry, kinda botched your face and ended up looking like Christian Bale. She walks away and can't help but to grin that she finally got revenge on someone who hurt her.

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A. Who is largely responsible for breaking the German Enigma codes, created a test that provided a foundation for artificial intelligence? A. Alan Turing B. Jeff Bezos C. George Boole D. Charles Babbage Answer: A 12. Made from a variety of materials, such as carbon, which inhibits the flow of current. A. Choke B. Inductor C. Resistor D. Capacitor Answer: C 14. The most common format for a home video recorder is VHS. What frequency range is the High Frequency band? A. 100 kHz B. 1 GHz C. 30 to 300 MHz D. 3 to 30 MHz Answer: D 17.

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While you may be tempted by the inclusion of a full-size Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060, it’s the OLED touch display that caught our attention. Measuring in at only 0. 8 inches thick with the option between a 17-inch 1080p display running at 120Hz or a G-Sync-laden 4K touchscreen, the Razer Blade Pro also introduces the company’s ultra-low-profile mechanical switches to a notebook for the first time ever. That’s a deal that’s only sweetened by an unusual trackpad placement that makes it comfier to boot. In its price range, you won’t find a laptop with this level of performance. Although it’s only available in one configuration, the GTX 1060 is a nice change of pace considering most affordable gaming laptops struggle to run triple-A games beyond medium settings. That goes without mentioning the fantastic RGB keyboard and Microsoft Precision Touchpad. That seems to be changing with the Alienware 17 R4, which bears so many different customization options when it comes to specs that you can practically name your own price. Bespeckled with all of the signature elements we’ve come to expect from the brand, such as RGB backlit-accents and tons of ventilation, our only real qualm with the Alienware 17 R4 is a disappointing battery life. This hulking gargantuan of a gaming notebook takes the specs of a desktop PC and condenses them ever-so-slightly into a package that can more or less be carried anywhere. At 10. pounds (4. kg) and with a 17. -inch screen, it won’t fit in a backpack, but its graphics card and processor will impress, as will its excellent inputs. The Aero 15X is further proof that all the credit is well deserved. It’s expensive, but no more so than the bulk of gaming laptops we see using Nvidia’s Max-Q design technology today. Mind you, it’s powered by Nvidia’s Max-Q technology, which makes it thinner than ever, even if it’s simultaneously heavier than its predecessor. As long as you opt for one of the higher storage configurations, you won’t be disappointed by this budget gaming laptop’s hardy specs. Read the full review: Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming Watch the video below for the top 7 things to consider when buying a laptop. Gabe Carey has also contributed to this article Best gaming laptops 2018: the 10 top gaming laptops we've reviewed feedproxy.

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While reverently paying homage to samurai classics of the past, this is not a tongue-in-cheek take on an old genre. This is good old-fashioned film-making, with a gloriously blood-soaked climactic battle scene that will be remembered for years to come. Starring Koji Yakusho, Takayuki Yamada, Yusuke Iseya and Goro Inagaki. However, Barnard - by blending archival material about her subject's life with the staging of the titular play - creates a beautiful blend of fact and fiction, earning her a British Academy Award nomination for Best New Director and six British Independent Film Award nominations. By teaching people to communicate with their animals through instinct, not punishment or violence, he frees the spirit of the horse and its human comrade. First-time director Cindy Meehl creates a strikingly cinematic portrait of a man who transforms his clients' souls. Her assassination in December of that year brought that dream to an end. Bhutto is a film about the history of Pakistani politics, the role of her family in the nation's independence, and the controversies that surrounded her. It is a complete portrait of a compelling woman leader. Free screening as part of ITVS Community Cinema Nashville. Along the way, he meets characters - both helpful and not - who remind him of where humanity truly lies. Disturbing, outlandish, occasionally hilarious, and always a little dangerous, Sergei Loznitsa's harsh depiction of the Russian hinterland is the rare debut feature to be selected for competition at the Cannes Film Festival. Starring Viktor Memets, Olga Shuvalova and Vladimir Golovin. She's raised four children (one still lives with her in her habitat); outlived three mates; and bonds with very few of her keepers. Rettenberger leads a double life by winning international medals by day, and serially robbing banks by night. Adriana his wife and mother of their daughter- who is the woman with whom he's shared the thrills of the past ten years; and Raluca the woman who has made him redefine himself. In some hands this would be the stuff of slapstick and mayhem. In the hands of Muntean and his pitch-perfect cast, it's a moving portrayal of the directions modern life takes us. Starring Dragos Bucur, Maria Popistasu and Mimi Branescu. He is joined not only by living relatives who will care for him, but also by his late wife, lost son, and other visitors from the spirit world.

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Darkest Child by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( ). Accralate - The Dark Contenent by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( ). Confused State - The Dark Contenent by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( ). I Am a Man Who Will Fight for Your Honor by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( ). Long Note Three by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( ). Decline by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( ). Game of Thrones has had its fair share of controversial moments throughout its seven seasons, including Ed Sheeran's cameo, the Red Wedding, Sansa's rape, Shireen being burned alive, Ramsay torturing Theon and Joffrey's sadism. Join WatchMojo as we count down our picks for the top 10 most controversial Game of Thrones moments. And what do the Faceless Men want with her, anyway. In Deep Geek - Insight and intelligent discussion about Game of Thrones and more. This video contains spoilers for Game of Thrones Seasons 1-7 and some random theories about season 8. This video was brought to you with support from my amazing Patreon community - special thanks to Jane Lord, Jeffrey Boerst, Amy Wagner and Mark Bryan. Lands of Ice and Fire (official Game of Thrones maps) -. Game Of Thrones Season 8 Predictions Things You Missed. I cant tell you that but, I can give you my game of thrones season 8 prediction on who will marry Sansa. Is it The Hound, Jon Snow, Tyrion Lannister Jamie Lannister now that he has left Kings landing for the north or someone else. Here are the big easter eggs and things you missed pointing to who this person is. Sansa's New Husband? Game Of Thrones Season 8 Predictions. Game Of Thrones Season 8 Things You Missed End Game Theory Predictions.