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Dune (1984) 19. Silent Running (1972) 18. A Clockwork Orange (1971) 17. The Thing (1982) 16. Brazil (1985) The Music are two tracks from Anthony Rother's Album Simulationszeitalter (2000): Maschinewelt and Simulationszeitalter. In The Escape, the heroin of this short film, Eliana, has stolen the device. With the police hot in pursuit behind her, she enters an alley attempting to get away, only to find herself at a dead end. Trapped with nowhere else to go, she has no choice but to use the stolen device. She pushes the button, closes her eyes and hopes for the best. here will The Escape lead her. This award winning short film was directed by Andre Surya and has been awarded numerous prizes including: - Best Shorts Competition USA - Best Short Animation (Asian Film Award) - Best Animation Renderyard Short Film Festival 2012 Andre Surya also directed Chrysalis, another short animation film using similar digital effects. Conner and Travis Kurtz Director of Photography - John Frost Special Effects, Editing, Audio Effects and Art Direction by David R.

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ORGANIZER, THE—D-I26m. Marcello MastrolannI, Annie Girardot—5166 (5-13-64)—Well made drama—Italian-made; English. SEDUCED AND ABANDONED—CD-ll8m. Saro Urzi, Stefania Sandrell—5191 (7-22-64)—Good tmport—Italian-made; English. BILLY LIAR—D-96m. Tom Courtenay, Julie Christie—5123 (1-8-64)—Import is treat for art, specialty patrons—English-made. TO BED—OR NOT TO BED—CD-I03m. Alberto Sordi—5127 (1-22-64)—Well-made import—Italian-made; English titles. LUCK OF GINGER COFFEY, THE—D-IOOm. Robert Shaw, Mary Ure—5217 (10-7-64)—Good entry for art and specialty spots. MEEITERRANEAN HOLIDAY—TRAV-I28m. (CS; TC)—Narration by Burl Ives—5221 (10-21-64)—Excellent travelogue.

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The only thing that separates this silly wet dream from a million other such flicks are early appearances by Annette Haven and Candida Royalle, in spliced-in group gropes, and locations I have no reason to believe aren’t actually in the Peruvian rain forest, as advertised. The second half of the double-feature is “ Young Secretaries,” a 1974 office comedy in which secretaries impress their bosses in ways other than taking shorthand, while their wives are serviced by guys in line for their husbands’ job. Sitting in for Desiree Cousteau are Siobhan Hunter and Keisha. Some of the characters have even broken through the niche barrier, attracting crossover readers more interested in crime solving than sexual interludes. I don’t know if there are any equivalent series on the fringes of cable television, but the time is probably right to give one a shot. Given a more generous budget, “ Hot Guys With Guns ” would be a good place to start. Veteran actor Doug Spearman (“Noah’s Arc”) moved behind the camera as writer, director and executive producer of the interracial beefcake detective story, which is an appealing blend of comedy, action, drama, romance and sharp dialogue. Marc Anthony Samuel (“General Hospital”) and newcomer Brian McArdle play Danny and “Pip,” ex-boyfriends on a mission to solve a series of robberies whose common denominator is that they take place at wild sex parties and involve “roofies. The victims aren’t keen on seeing their names appear on a Beverly Hills police blotter. Coincidentally, Danny is enrolled in a class designed for actors wanting to look legitimate when auditioning for roles in cops-and-robbers movies. He practices his skills by spying on Pip, an attractive ornament on the party scene. When Pip is robbed, Danny volunteers to help him recover his goods.

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The largest part of their output, however, was made up by low-budget horror films in a similar style to those made by Hammer Film Productions or Amicus Productions. In February 2005, a DVD box set of Tigon films was released by Anchor BayUK. The deal, guided by president Zukor, eventually resulted in the incorporation of eight film production companies, making the Famous Players-Lasky Corporation one of the biggest players of the silent film era. Famous Players-Lasky, under the direction of Zukor, is perhaps best known for its vertical integration of the film industry and block booking practices. In September 1927, Famous Players-Lasky was reorganized under the name Paramount Famous Lasky Corporation, later becoming the Paramount Pictures Corporation (now a division of Viacom). The Balaban and Katz Historical Foundation now owns the Famous Players trademark. The former Famous Players-Lasky Movie Ranch at Lasky Mesa in the Simi Hills is now within the Upper Las Virgenes Canyon Open Space Preserve. The Astoria studio was designated a national historic district and added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1978. The company produces for its main video line and maintains online properties (Jet Set Men and Jet Set Straight Edge). Legendary gay porn actor and director Chris Steele is a partner in the studio as well as Head of Production and the studios main director. Zanuck from Warner Brothers, and William Goetz from Fox Films. Financial backing came from Schenck's older brother Nicholas Schenck and the father-in-law of Goetz, Louis B.

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I'm not sure what the current status of rumors that the Walk of Shame. So now we know how Melisandre is going to defeat the men at Castle Black. I guess some sort of military or sand snake rule of Dorne could ultimately serve the same function of allying with Dany, but it's more dramatically interesting to reveal that Doran was biding his time and planning it all along. I agree. I was also a little pissed that that's how they ended Areo Hotah:eek. Perhaps Loras will be near death after his punishment by the Sparrows instead. They did seem pretty shady about the whole Loras thing when questioned. Yes, it was disappointing how they handled Doran and Areo. The reveal that Doran, who was seemingly some doddering ruler, was actually planning a long revenge plot from the day the Targaryens were chased across the sea was an amazing plot twist. The Sand Snakes just killed Doran and Areo at random seemed more of a cheap shock. Also, the sad part for book readers is that Doran was shown as quite an astute schemer. Here, he has no clue that he's about to get assassinated - and Areo just seems lame.

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Namely, we study the mutual influence of respiratory and cardiovascular rhythms in healthy newborns within the first 6 mo of life in quiet and active sleep. We find an age -related change of the coupling direction: the interaction is nearly symmetric during the first days and becomes practically unidirectional (from respiration to heart rhythm) at the age of 6 mo. Next, we show that the direction of interaction is mainly determined by respiratory frequency. If the latter is less than approximately 0. Hz, the interaction occurs dominantly from respiration to heart. With higher respiratory frequencies that only occur at very young ages, the dominating direction is less pronounced or even abolished. The observed dependencies are not related to sleep stage, suggesting that the coupling direction is determined by system-inherent dynamical processes, rather than by functional modulations. The directional analysis may be applied to other interacting narrow band oscillatory systems, e. . in the central nervous system. Thus it is an important step forward in revealing and understanding causal mechanisms of interactions. The Ages and Stages Questionnaire, third edition (ASQ-3) is the most validated scale, and has been recommended by the UNICEF to verify if children have a normal neurological development.

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In all of his visions, Summer was key to Bran's survival: the direwolf was destined to save Bran from the Catspaw assassin, from Wildlings, and even from White Walkers. She had easily killed the stag that was supposed to injure her and was about to eat the animal. This is when Bloodraven realized the coincidence was too good to be true. What were the odds for the Starks to run into a recently dead direwolf on their way back to Winterfell, with a litter of exactly 6 puppies. What were the odds of this number perfectly matching the amount of Stark children. He had always been the one to put the wolves into Bran's path. So for history to repeat itself, Bloodraven warged into the female direwolf and had her drag the stag she had just killed in the middle of the bridge. He knew the Starks would take this road on their way back to Winterfell. Then, he had the mother impale herself on the deer's antler. Finally, he guided the direwolf back to her children, conveniently leaving a clear trail of blood into the forest: (0:00 - 0:50). When you think about it, how likely was it for a giant direwolf to get killed by a single regular sized deer. Especially when we've seen Grey Wind, Robb’s direwolf, kill countless men in battle, without even getting injured.

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” the rhythm is characterized by variety in degree of stress and by clustering of strong stresses. In the second stanza, besides the full rhyme of the second and fourth lines and the verbal repetition of “? ors” and “wash,” the ? al words of the ? st and second lines are linked by alliteration, and the last syllable of the third line (-ine) chiastically repeats the initial consonant and the vowel of the ? al word in the second line (need). The tightly woven sound texture of these stanzas engages both the mental ear and the eye of the silent reader. Niedecker uses a more substantially modi? d ballad stanza for a poem on her father’s life that is also a comment on her own life and her vocation of poetry. This poem, like traditional ballads a narrative, takes just ? e stanzas to move from the subject’s childhood to his daughter’s acceptance of her inheritance. Niedecker follows the ballad’s method of selecting high points from a person’s life, but idiosyncratically, so as to set the workingclass father’s ambition for middle-class status for his daughter against her own transformation of the material circumstances of his outdoor labor into intellectual values.

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m cuts from the teacher in 7 Introduction the hallway peering through the window of the door into the gym, where girls in uniform are exercising to the song, and again we are encouraged to make a connection: that the teacher was looking at this particular activity in the gym. Encouraged by both image and sound, viewers have often imputed a predatory sexuality to the teacher in the hallway, reading the camera’s emphasis on the girls’ buttocks as a point-of-view shot from the teacher’s perspective. Both of these scenes employ found music, which always carries a wider meaning in Wiseman’s ? ms. Although the music almost always originates in pro? mic events, it usually has thematic signi? ance. The ? st scene of his ? st documentary, Titicut Follies, which begins with George Gershwin’s “Strike Up the Band” performed in the inmates’ annual show, signals the importance of music for Wiseman. The ? m contains several songs, all with metaphorical implications.