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3 and Salahuddin et al. 4 used acetone as a low- boiling solvent to enhance the processability of the network precursors. In both studies, the solvent is used as a processing aid only, i. the acetone is removed under vacuum before thermal cure is initiated. This strategy greatly reduced the plasticizing effect of the modifier, which can often be found with mono-amine modified layered silicates. Further, improved mechanical properties are reported for the resulting nanocomposites. Recent work by Ma et al. 0 has shown some very promising results to achieve a disorderly exfoliated nanocomposite structure for the first time, by modifying the 2. Changes in interlayer clay spacing (d), as a function of cure at varioustemperatures (120, 130 and 140C). 6 (Figure 9, page 423, Kong, D. Park,C. . (2003)Chemistry ofMaterials 15: 419). Epoxy nanocomposites 39 layered silicate with a diamine hardener and precuring the organically modified layered silicate with the epoxy resin in suspension.

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Why does he only use a tiny fraction of his horses when he could have easily decimated Jon’s army just like he decimated Stannis. How is it possible that the two cavalries manage to cancel each other out. Ramsay has 6000 men at the BotB, of which around 5000 are Bolton men, meaning that the Umbers and the Karstarks together brought about 1000 men total. They haven’t fought nearly as much, and they are much more populous than the Westerlands. I’m certain they have the largest army in the books. No matter how loosely you interpret the word “half”, they must have a lot of men. I have no doubt the Iron Bank will come back to haunt the Westerosi. When the Tyrells talk about “their” men, do they mean House Tyrell’s direct bannermen specifically or all the (potential) soldiers of the Reach in general, most of whom depend from other houses (Florent, Tarly, Vyrwell, Ambrose, etc. ? Same question for the Lannisters. Colour me puzzled (I believe it is a lovely shade of puce). Soldiers are traditionally not housed by their lords so most live quite far away from their House’s seat, especially in the vast North. If some of them decided to stay home, I doubt the local lord would have the organisational means to round them up in a timely fashion. Furthermore, considering the relative small size of the Starks’ army, the Umbers and Karstarks may have felt it was not necessary to send all their troops to battle.

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A cause celebre worth reporting. In 2009, the studios were taken with Liam Neeson’s Taken. (“They took his daughter. The studios put out the word that they were hungry for like-minded movies. It worked internationally, it worked domestically, it could be cloned, and Liam Neeson was cheap (then). The whole model could be done five hundred different ways and could be made for a reasonable price. After every conceivable family member was set up in an Insta-pitch (“They stole his mother. He has ninety-six hours to get her back. “They stole her husband,” et al. ad infinitum). The first semi-iteration was released in 2011: Abduction, with Taylor Lautner (of Twilight fame, huge numbers internationally). It flopped, because it forgot to be about kidnapping his daughter or sister and was instead about something else too complicated to relay. While Taken 2, actually with Liam Neeson, was in production, it didn’t deter three thousand producers and financiers from trying to clone it every other way imaginable. The sequel was finally released by Fox and producer Luc Besson, who assumes ownership of the movie four years after its original release in October 2012.

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Varamyr could smell her breath and feel the warmth of it upon cheeks gone numb with cold. She’s also emitting what would seem to be the Nissa Nissa cry as the invading spirit enters her like Lightbringer entering Nissa Nissa. Next we will get a vivid depiction of the merging and the weirwood transformation. His old flesh fell back into the snowdrift as her fingers loosened. His shadowcat used to fight him wildly, and the snow bear had gone half-mad for a time, snapping at trees and rocks and empty air, but this was worse. “Get out, get out! he heard her own mouth shouting. Her body staggered, fell, and rose again, her hands flailed, her legs jerked this way and that in some grotesque dance as his spirit and her own fought for the flesh. She sucked down a mouthful of the frigid air, and Varamyr had half a heartbeat to glory in the taste of it and the strength of this young body before her teeth snapped together and filled his mouth with blood. He tried to push them down again, but the hands would not obey, and she was clawing at his eyes. Abomination, he remembered, drowning in blood and pain and madness. When he tried to scream, she spat their tongue out. Varamyr was “staggering” too with the weirwood crutch, and all this mad dancing is Odin’s shamanic dancing and also a nod to all the fiery dancers we keep seeing at Lightbringer forging parties, which notoriously go on and on till the break of dawn. The line about her twisting violently is notable, as it’s a match for the twisted weirwood at the Nightfort.

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For example, one whose totem animal is the wolf may try to emulate the animal’s sense of loyalty and devotion to other members of the pack, as well as its independent spirit and sense of personal responsibility. Wolf as the Great Teacher is a strong guiding force, and images of wolves or dogs can appear in dreams to warn of impending crises or to present symbols that aid in solving troublesome problems. Many men and women experience vivid dreams that they have become wolves. Others sense their spiritual essence blending with that of a wolf and becoming one entity, and they have received powerful visions in which they perceive themselves as wolves. These individuals do not see themselves becoming wolves in order to attack or to harm others. They experience the transformation in order to glory in the sense of strength and personal freedom Spiritual shape-shifting is not about physical transformation into a werebeast but rather the of the animal as it runs through the forest trails and attempt to absorb the strength, agility, nobility, and the mountain paths. Just as the ancient artists spiritual power of the animals (art by Ricardo respected the physical prowess of their totem aniPustanio). Through guided visualizations, serious students may achieve insights into how they can absorb the truly commendable facets of the wolf persona and accomplish spiritual shape-shifting into the essence of a wolf. This is not the sorcery that sought to turn dark magicians of old into vicious werewolves that would kill and maim, but a spiritual technique that can accentuate the methods by which those who cherish the true wolf spirit may rise to higher levels of awareness and may learn better how to assist and aid fellow members of their human pack. In order to accomplish this exercise in spiritual shape-shifting, one needs a time and place where they will be undisturbed for at least forty minutes. The technique requires as relaxed a state as possible in order to receive suggestions and to act upon them with maximum effect. With every breath you take, you find that you are becoming more and more relaxed. With every breath you take, you find that you are becoming more and more peaceful. Any sound that you might hear—a barking dog, a slamming door, a honking car horn—will not disturb you.

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I was always so for the show in this regard though but will say that Arya's arc was a little dissapointing while in Braavos. One thing that I thought was objectively terrible was Tyrion's speech about Theon being rude to him and joking about his height. He then talks about how it must have been hard growing up there, considering his family situation. The irony. Thought I'd cut out any language that would offend, but obviously not. It built initially well but then just looked very bad in its portrayal of what she should be capable of. The final product we see when she's back in Westeros is how we'd expect it to be based on Jaqen's abilities we see but how she got there was horrid. Said another way, I'm not complaining just to complain on this part of the GOT story. If so I'd have thought there were worse scenes than that. We see a serving girl give Jaime a look, then next time we see her, she's serving the Frey pie to Walder. No thought behind any of this stuff, just put out fan service and give Ayra the kill so the fans will cheer at home. She didn't become no-one, she was training for so long with a staff and ends up going back to Needle. She put up with all that abuse with trying to secure training for the sole purpose acting out her plan for revenge. What we saw has nothing to do with fan service, rather we're seeing Ayra's plan finally coming to fruition.


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