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Average Speed of Race Winner: 150. 03 mph. Time of Race: 02 Hrs, 40 Mins, 38 Secs. Margin of Victory: 0. 10 Seconds. Caution Flags: 5 for 28 laps. Keselowski 5 times for 105 laps; M. Truex Jr. 3 times for 57 laps; D. Hamlin 1 time for 16 laps; Kyle Busch 2 times for 14 laps; E. The State Fire Marshal's Office on Sunday morning said one home and one outbuilding were lost. It estimated the blaze to be nearly 16 square miles (41 square kilometers). Residents of between 25 and 30 homes in Adams County have been told to leave immediately. A spokesman with the Southeast Washington Incident Management Team says rain has helped knock down the fire but wind and ample grass and brush could help it spring right back. Ben Shearer says crews will be out Sunday to map the fire and get a better handle on the damage. The cause of the fire, which began Saturday afternoon, is under investigation. Ned Stark’s execution Ned had discovered that King Robert’s kids were actually fathered by Jaime, but the new king Joffrey wouldn’ t have any of that talk and took Ned’s head. Robert’s brothers Renly and Stannis, as well as Ned’s son Robb, all went to war in a free for all that kicked off the larger arc of the show in Westeros.

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of a town of immigrant fairy tale characters who are struggling with issues of class and race. Other characters include Toad, an owner of a tenement complex and Snow, Bigby’s partner and assistant to the deputy mayor. In the words of Telltale Games founders, the story is “tailored” through the selection of options throughout gameplay. Other gameplay elements include timed sequences of prompted actions known as quicktime events and segments where the player controls a character to roam an area and discover content through selecting “hotspots”. The primary mechanic is the timed selection of a conversational option which usually includes a silent option. 3. Measuring A? ct One of the primary ways by which computing systems can understand and classify facial expressions is through an existing taxonomy known as the facial action coding system (FACS). The reasoning behind using visual images and movies to classify emotions is that humans are capable of recognizing emotions based on pictures alone and that these expressions are the result of combinations of common facial muscles. We used the A? ex SDK, an openly available toolkit that incorporates trained models that classify expressions into values assigned to both categorical emotions as well as engagement and valence metrics. There are two metrics that can be extracted from the detected player response facial expressions based on sets of facial action units and which are provided by the SDK: valence, whose value can range from ? 00 (negative) to 100 (positive), and engagement, whose value ranges from 0 to 1001. Comparing Player Responses to Choice-Based Interactive Narratives 85 such as Galvanic Skin Response (GSR), which is the change in skin conductivity following a physiologically detectable event, can ideally be extracted using statistics. However, the dataset collected contained a number of artifacts that precluded it, including a large amount of participant movement, breathing, and talking and loss of sensor data during segments of the traversals. Future studies that seek to incorporate biometrics may want to employ more guidance for player movement or measure breathing to overcome these challenges. 3. Encoding We recorded both players and the gameplay itself while playing the ?

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First up, on “The Jack Benny Show,” Mary reads a poem she wrote just for 1939. From 1939 to 1941, Thanksgiving was celebrated not on the fourth Thursday of the month, but the third. Then Jack wonders what’s going on when the turkey he bought lays an egg as big as a cantaloupe. “The Great Gildersleeve” was always filled with topical laughs. As Thanksgiving approaches, Gildy hopes to get a coveted “B Ration” gas card, nephew Leroy has to perform in the school Thanksgiving play, and it becomes harder and harder to actually find a turkey. Episodes The Jack Benny Show “Jack Discovers He Has Purchased an Ostrich for Thanksgiving Dinner” November 19, 1939 4:29 The Great Gildersleeve “Thanksgiving Dinner” November 22, 1942 38:21. This week sees one brand of magic facing off against another as Doctor Strange defends his title against the first Harry Potter spinoff in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. And if that's not enough magic, Moana joins that fray in two weeks. In home entertainment, a fish finds home in Finding Dory and Star Wars takes another chunk out of everyone's budgets. On television, we welcome the drama of Westeros, an animated Trek, and another entry from MST3K. Finally, two classics debut in HD as the Looney Tunes crew plays basketball and the Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dweller does what Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers do best. What kind of bountiful feast for the ears would this be without Denise and the Quick Flicks. All of this in a double episode for the debut of the holiday season on The Weekly Podioplex, brought to you on The Chronic Rift Network. There are no losers among the newbies, as Trolls and Hacksaw Ridge aren't far behind. Next week's new arrivals (see what we did there? will attempt to take down the good doctor with aliens, family drama, and shut-in thrillers. In home entertainment, we have a Sausage Party, the digital debut of Kubo, and the Devil of Hell's Kitchen leading the pack. After we put a bow on the package with Denise and the Quick Flicks, it's time to deliver you a brand new installment of The Weekly Podioplex, brought to you on The Chronic Rift Network.

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Detroit Rodney Stuckey F E. ashington Stuckey is the pick here to Detroit. They need more athleticism and someone who can step in and score some points alongside Rip. 16. Washington Al Thornton F Florida State Thornton would enable the Wizards to trade Antawn Jamison and free up some cash to hopefully sign Arenas. Thornton is sliding a bit due to height and age concerns but he can score and proved himself in a tough conference. 17. New Jersey Jason Smith C Colorado I think Carter stays in NJ so a big man is the pick here. Tremendous athlete as well, could play along Adam Morrison for some defensive mismatches. 23. New York Daequan Cook G Ohio State NY is rumored to have a promise in place here. Second round projections (In order of projected draft position) DJ Strawberry G Maryland Gabe Pruitt F USC Marcus Williams F Arizona Aaron Gray C Pitt Alondo Tucker F Wisconsin Brandon Heath SG San Diego St. Taurean Green G Florida Jared Jordan PG Marist (Boston rumored to be interested in 2nd round) Bobby Brown G Cal-Fullerton (stock rising) Ivan Radenovic PF Arizona Ramon Sessions PG Nevada Herbert Hill F Providence Reyshawn Terry F UNC (Stock Rising) Ron Lewis SG Ohio State DaShaun Wood PG Wright State Demetrius Nichols F Syracuse Jamar Wilson G Albany Full First Round Mock - Yes Finally. Cache Translate Page This is in actual draft order except for the four playoff teams left. I still think this is one of the best drafts on paper that I've seen in the last ten years. I would not be surprised to see 8-10 perennial all-stars and a handful of solid starters as well. Some international players may even be squeezed out of the first round due to the influx of American talent eligible this season. 1.

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S. presidential election and possible collusion with the Trump campaign. We support a continuation of these efforts to ensure complete transparency and accountability. Sufficient facts, however, already exist in the public record to warrant the start of impeachment proceedings in Congress. Given the magnitude of the constitutional crisis engendered by Trump’s actions, we see no reason for delay. For example, with regard to obstruction of justice, we already know that Trump fired former FBI director James Comey while the bureau was investigating potential collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign, and the president has already admitted on national television that he had the Russia investigation on his mind when he fired Comey. Similarly, uncontroverted facts support the charge that the president has violated the foreign and domestic emoluments clauses. Unlike all of his modern predecessors, Trump has refused to release his tax returns or to divest his assets or place them into a blind trust. As a result, foreign governments and even the United States government, have spent thousands of dollars at Trump-branded properties in which Trump continues to have an ownership interest. The framers of our Constitution wisely prohibited presidents from accepting these kinds of payments to protect against their potentially corrupting influence. There is also already a well-established record of Trump actions that undermine the independence of the federal judiciary and the freedom of the press. For example, his pardon of former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio for criminal contempt of court is a matter of public record, as is his tweet criticizing a “ so-called judge ” who had overturned his executive order banning refugees from certain Muslim-majority nations. And it is also public record that the president circulated a video of himself violently wrestling a man covered by a CNN logo. Many more facts support an impeachment inquiry and, we believe, impeachment itself. To be clear, we are highly sensitive to the fact that impeachment may result in overturning the results of a democratic election. Yet the Constitution’s framers provided for this extraordinary remedy to allow the people’s representatives to confront extraordinary threats to our democracy and constitutional order posed by the actions of federal officeholders, including the president. When Benjamin Franklin was asked at the conclusion of the Constitutional Convention what kind of government the framers had established, he responded, “A Republic, if you can keep it. It is time for the House to rise to the challenge and begin an impeachment inquiry.

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Then, some fundy psycho will shoot you or something, and you'll need a wheelchair to obtain around. Oh, and your past movie version, Courtney Love will get naked a lot, and then suddenly drown in a bathtub. First there was the travesty of Penn State, a university football super haven. ow there is undoubtedly a storied Syracuse University basketball program. Bobby Davis impressive stepbrother, Mike Lang, say that an associate head coach for Syracuse sexually molested them for longer than a decade, with Mr. The quality of the sex doll is dependent on the associated with the doll. The easily available dolls are made of welded plastic. These dolls are common and are usually very cheap too. A person specialized dolls as you increase the price. Their body is made up on the real skin-type material to offeryou with an erotic experience on the whole. As they are special dolls, you will find them in bigger and exotic stores. I know you hate me for writing this - it really is true. Not only does it make real life sex less enjoyable but it kills your sex commute. Does a guy who has women available masturbate more a day, every daytime hours? No. If you have to release, make it a weekly or at the most bi-weekly dependency. Given that baby's skin is very sensitive, struggle to function should be noted when choosing any associated with clothes on. It is suggested that it is best to purchase baby clothes that soft to touch.


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Seriously, the montage of their goofy shenanigans is sweet and and sexy: not only is their attraction palpable, but so is the really nice sense that they genuinely like each other. That’s a rare thing to see in a romantic comedy, a genre so often predicated on the overcoming of dislike or even disgust. In the middle of the night, overwhelmed — I guess — with embarrassment, or else simply because the idiotic script demands that she behave with guilty stupidity in order to kickstart the plot, Meghan stumbles out of Gordon’s apartment to discover that her car has been towed. She has no wallet (it was in the car), no phone (she accidentally left it upstairs), nothing but her car keys, and she can’t get back in to Gordon’s place. As if it matters. But she dressed “a little slutty” for her night on the town, so on her travels, which extend past dawn into the next day, she is constantly and repeatedly mistaken for a hooker. Because that would happen. (She doesn’t look like a prostitute. She looks like a woman who has been out clubbing, which is what she was doing. But remember: this is supposed to be hilarious. A rabbi calls her a temptress. A little boy orders her to “show me your boobs. A random stranger on the street calls her on her “walk of shame. (God, how I despise that term and all its implications. No one cares if you stayed out all night and had sex. It’s like our entire culture is unable to move beyond junior high. . There is literally nothing else that fills the “this is where the comedy goes” slot.

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The respond to turns to self marketing through the assistance of a radio promoter. By this I mean that the artist will actually have to get out and knock on doors of radio to get their songs heard. The radio promoter phone calls stations and the artist will practically go to as many stations as they can, persuade them to enjoy their music so that they can build their listener supporter foundation and generate that supporter base to on the net songs outlets these kinds of as iTunes, CD Little one, and so forth. Without having the assist of radio, there is very little hope for a new artist to achieve publicity and offer their solution. New music fans convert to these social media stores to hook up with their favored artists and see what that artist is undertaking. Supporters also want that experience of a one on a single link. Twitter allows lovers to experience as while they are chatting straight with an artist. They can “adhere to” that artist, and browse what is on their intellect. Fb Enthusiast web pages have even made into primarily the new “website” for artists. More fans will look at you out on Fb than they will your precise internet site. And all due to the fact of that personal connection. Recently the generation of Instagram has jolted publicity for artists for the reason that now we can article photographs with quick captions and edited photographs with neat effects. Genuinely amazing how lovers engage with this strategy and philosophy. This has truly improved the market to exactly where it is virtually impossible and monetarily exhausting for a new artist. In the earlier, history labels would “take a prospect” on an artist they believed in, but these days, they glance for a completed products concluded album, booked reveals, significant fan base and of study course talent. And the agonizing reality, even then there is no ensure of results. But currently being a concluded merchandise will surely established you a aspect from the pack, and give you a competitive gain. I have read this submit and if I may just I wish to suggest you few attention-grabbing things or advice.