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We’ll see all the plot lines converge into their settings. This season there will be a lot less travel, or at least the travelling that does happen won’t be such great distances. I think we’ll most be focusing on Winterfell, the surrounding “Da Norf” area, and Kings Landing. Instead I think plot reminders will happen when needed but won’t be crammed into the second episode. I think this episode will be about 70 minutes, too, but we won’t see anything major happening just yet. They’ll be huge battles, big ass fights that’ll be crazy expensive. I think we’ll see what amounts to a “minor skirmish” in the grander picture of Season 8 but it’ll still be a pretty big battle. I think HBO wants the GoT finale to be the biggest, grandest thing ever on television, and the best way to do that is make sure that the only thing people are talking about in the weeks leading up to it is GoT. One of these episodes is going to be a solid 90 minutes, and most of that episode will be one gigantic battle. The bittersweet ending we’ve been promised will be telegraphed through the season, maybe more in a “OH SHIT that’s what they were working towards! way, but the twist of the knife in fan’s hearts will be seeing it unfold. I don’t think we’ll get a Sopranos fade to black, I think we’re going to see the characters that remain come to power. We’ll likely never get a sequel to GoT but we’ll understand who’s in charge now and how the world will be shaped from that point forward. I think HBO’s learned their lesson and they know that the series ending needs to be satisfying and not leave any big questions unanswered. There are a lot of competing fan favorites, and they can’t keep everyone happy. Even some fan favorite villains won’t go out how we want them to, so there will be some moaning about that. I think the finale will be most satisfying to those that want a proper ending to this story, something that wraps it up. There might still be a couple of very minor plot lines left dangling but overall things are completed. Their relationship will be new, but both are weary of it. I think the relationship will be too new for it to be strong enough to brush this off, but not so weak that it shatters what’s growing between them.

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There was a bit of a lull in the action at that point in the season, but perhaps it’ll be fine when watching the episodes back to back later this year. Events don’t happen chronologically, that’s fine with me. Why did the fire go out in the first place? 2) where was Ghost. Come on, guys, one shot of the direwolf at Jon’s side would have been enough. 3) Walder Frey all alone. Getting in, getting out,,, How did Arya know that they (of all the enormous amounts of Freys) killed Talisa and Catelyn. Anyone seen an enormous white direwolf running around loose anywhere. Dany is super powerful, so I wonder if Cersei and most likely Euron are stupid enough to take her on. No, wait, she’s not gonna marry the man who killed her father. Also did you see the lingering close up of Arthur Dayne’s sword over the blood on Lyanna. I wouldn’t get a sense of what they’re talking about if not for those. Anyway, they’re creating drama, that is all and that’s understandable. She is playing LF; it wouldn’t be believable Of her to be 100% trusting with him so she’s appearing wary but also giving him some hope that his little whispers are being heard. I believe she totally sees and knows what he’s doing and she’s leading him on; she’s going to catch him out when he inevitably makes his move on Jon. In E9 she appeared to totally accept Tyrion telling her that Jaime killed him because he was going to murder everyone in KL, in fact that changed her mind. Probably explains why her hair is so blonde it’s almost white. There can’t have been many Kings who committed suicide. I would have loved it had he grown some balls and put his mother back in chains. Instead of heading north, she may head to KL instead, to take out some Lannisters.

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HAL joins him at the end of the novel, and it's implied in the film he will as well. Everybody Knew Already: Floyd has Curnow secretly install a cutoff switch in HAL's wiring trunk so he can disable him in the event that he goes rogue again. Immediately after the climactic confrontation with HAL, Chandra casually tosses Floyd the device, which he had anticipated and removed months ago. Explain, Explain. Oh, Crap! While inside Discovery, Max opens his helmet to test the air. Explosive Instrumentation: Occurs aboard the Leonov when the shockwave hits it. Expositron 9000: HAL, reprising his role from the original film. The most outstanding example of this is HAL determining that the black spot on Jupiter is made of millions of self-replicating Monoliths, which is far more useful than he ever was in 2001. Extreme Graphical Representation: Averted on the Leonov, whose displays are very practical, but of course HAL's screens show up again. In the book, it goes much further than that (albeit off-stage). First Contact: While humans became aware of the existence of the Precursor race in 2001, and David Bowman met them (more or less) as an individual representative of our species, it is at the end of 2010 that the first direct communication from an alien species is received by all of humanity. Freeze-Frame Bonus: In the very first interior shot of the Leonov, the camera tilts down from a closeup of a computer monitor in the medical bay. Not only do you have to freeze-frame it, you need to watch the movie on Blu-Ray in order to make out the text. The movie shows us a beach, but never the outside of the house. From Bad to Worse: In the film version, the tension between the two blocs grows into a state of war. The appearance of a new star is what convinces the two powers to lower their guns. Gender Flip: Katerina Rudenko, the Leonov 's chief medical officer in the novel, becomes Vladimir Rudenko in the film. Genre Motif: Except for Also sprach Zarathustra and Lux Aeterna, the entire soundtrack is electronic until after Jupiter ignites. Electronic music represents human activity, and orchestral and choral music represent alien activity.

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Why hadn’t the person hung up yet. Still groggy, I grabbed the phone and looked at the screen before flipping it open and putting it to my ear. “Carter? My throat was raw and scratchy. Attractive. It tasted like bile. It’s four in the morning. For a moment, there was silence. An eerie and unnatural silence that made my heart thump against my insides like steel drums. My throat tightened. “Carter? “Hey, Khloe. My best friend’s voice was different—quiet; almost poignant. I rubbed my face and kicked the covers off, sliding my feet into a pair of slippers. I padded down the hallway to the bathroom so I wouldn’t wake up the guy who was asleep again and probably drooling into my pillow. I made a mental note to wash it tomorrow if I wasn’t too hung over to function. “What’s up? I asked, shutting the bathroom door behind me. “Is everything okay? Another long silence cocooned me.

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So Jon made a mistake as a commander, But Jon did what Jon would have done. Every emotion, every look, every word was precise. Its fantasy! People are OK with people returning from the dead but get the time lines out of sync and everyone goes nuts. Or bad guys winning, but main characters people root for living elsewhere. People complaining that an episode on what may be a 80 per cent mark of the story not completing the story, because there are not enough deaths. The inconsistencies with Arya’s plot last week definitely ruined those scenes for me, and sort of tainted the whole episode, but that was a fairly exceptional case. I wouldn’t put this week’s episode in my personal favorites, because of some of those issues I have with the writing and characterization, but so much of the episode is masterful, and I don’t want to let my enjoyment of those parts be affected by what I didn’t like. Most people would do some dumb things to save their younger sibling from death, and I’d question the humanity of one who did not. The subsequent battle was going to be a slaughterhouse either way. Not to mention he would have lost the respect of his men. There really was no way for Jon to win here, but people won’t see it and just say he’s an idiot for trying to save his brother. I wonder what they would have done when faced with that situation. Sansa doesn’t tell Jon about LFs calvary and potentially sends thousands to their deaths by not giving the military planners all the info. But that has been a theme of this show for the last two seasons. Fortunately someone who I know will put characters first is currently very close to finishing his next book “The winds of winter”. It sounds like that scene was rather misinterpreted by whoever reported it. For me, his “post-rebirth-depression” is raw and real. The threat has to be presented to the rest of the Northern lords as it was to Lyanna Mormont. The presentation was beautiful and it contained truly memorable moments.

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Picture: Supplied Source:News Limited Burt Reynolds and Loni Anderson were like the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie of the days. Picture: AP Source:AP The film helped establish Reynolds as one of the most marketable stars of the decade. He’d go on to star in a string of memorable hits including White Lightning (1973), The Longest Yard (1974), Gator (1976), Semi-Tough (1977) and Smokey And The Bandit (1977). But the most famous role of the latter part of his career was in Paul Thomas Anderson’s 1997 film Boogie Nights where he played porn director Jack Horner. While the film about the golden age of porn earned him an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor, it never stopped him from trashing the film, which he said he could never finish watching, or the director, who he said he didn’t like. You were one of the greatest guys I ever worked with, u had my back. True legend. Our hero. Funny as hell and a for-real badass. As did his infamous appearance in the nude as a Cosmopolitan centrefold in April 1972. The actor was as much of a ladies’ man off-screen, and was married twice, to Judy Carne from 1963 to 1965 and to Loni Anderson from 1988 to 1993. Despite those two trips down the aisle, the love of Reynolds’ life appeared to be his Smokey And The Bandit co-star Field, who he famously described as “the one who got away”. A man places flowers on Burt Reynolds’s star on the Hollywood walk of fame. Field, however, gave a touching tribute to her ex-love. “There are times in your life that are so indelible, they never fade away. In more recent years, the actor had battled a number of health issues. MORE IN movies Netflix drops trailer for teen movie Shallow excuse for actors to get naked New Jackson doco takes on accusers Amiable ape man adventure will charm the kiddies Knightley romance a post-war chiller Hill’s got male in stunning directorial debut Kids’ fantasy more merry-go-round than rollercoaster Hollywood, stop glamorising serial killers. Integer nec odio. Praesent libero. Sed cursus ante dapibus diam.