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Kohler, foreman; Jesse Helmer and Mrs. Alfred Windle, tickets. Kiddie Ride, Tom McComb, foreman; Charles Shen, tickets. Rolloplane, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Smith. Concessions: Pop corn and carmel corn, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Schwartz; photos, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Gross; ball games, Mr. and Mrs. Gettespaugh; shooting gallery, Bob Keener. BADGER STATE DEBUT (Continued from page 42) crowds and spending was satisfactory, reports William Grady Kepley. Neighborhood theater had a newsreel cameraman taking pictures of shows and patrons on grounds Sunday afternoon. Monday was good, but organization didn't open Tuesday because of rain.

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Terry adds: Im too short for this shit is a line that has appeared inat least two grunt movies. Terry says: It may be that there is a whole generation now to whomThe Third Man is just a man after the second man. Andafter all, it wasnt set in Vienna, Ohio, so it probablynever got shown in the US:) The book contains a couple of other resonances with TheThird Man. In the film, the British, French, American andRussian occupation troops in Vienna patrol the city ingroups of four, one from each country, to keep an eye oneach other. Carrot sends the Watch out in similar squadsof a human, a dwarf and a troll. Lord Byron, The Destruction of Sennacherib: The Assyrian came down like the wolf on thefold, And his cohorts were gleaming in purple andgold. The sheen of his spears was like stars on thesea, When the blue wave rolls nightly on deepGalilee. Johann Sebastian Bachs initials are JSB, which is BSJbackwards, and Bach was of course also involved in organmusic. All the way through this film, the bad guyhas been letting a watch chime, telling his victims to gofor their gun when the chimes stop (of course he alwaysdraws first and kills them). At the end of the film hisvictim is Lee van Cleef, and just as the watch chimes stop,Clint Eastwood enters with another watch, chiming away,to ensure Lee gets his chance and all is well. Does a dragon explode in the woods? 76 DISCWORLD ANNOTATIONS APF v9. , August 2004 Is the Pope Catholic. From the quip (attributed to feminist Gloria Steinem): Awoman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle. ote that the bicycle is not known on the Discworld toanybody but the Patrician and Leonard of Quirm. With the many Meatloaf references in Soul Music it isperhaps no surprise many people think theyve spottedanother one here, namely to the ballad Two Out of ThreeAint Bad on Bat out of Hell.

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Neni to absolutne nemozy, lidi uz prezili i vetsi silenosti. Co jsem hral tak jsem zadne rozumne realisticke zduvodneni nedostal. Pritom ode me jsi vpohode cekal ze proste prijmu realitu Omegy, i kdyz jsi mi vysvetleni nedodal (bez ohledu na to jestli existuje nebo ne). Do te doby byli puvodni upiri proste nekdo, kdo vzbuzuje hruzu a je tezke ho zabit. Ale ja to pochopila tak, ze jsou mnohem silnejsi a mocnejsi nez normalni upir. Na druhou stranu Jerson ma pravdu, ze v nekterych momentech to bylo uz moc. S tim, ze by to serifka skousla, s tim, ze by to Caroline skouskla, s tim, ze by nikomu nechybeli. Na druhou stranu, serialy, ktere by mohly projit naprosto bezmilostnou kritikou bez vyhrad bych taky hledal fakt hodne tezko, takze. Krome toho v realnem svete kdyz nekdo odjede bez rozlouceni a ty s nim fakt chces mluvit, tak mu zavolas. ady ne. proste odjel a tecka. Taky bych pochopil, kdyby nechali upira pribodleho ke dverim proto, ze Elena potrebuje rychle odvezt. Tentokrat ani po sobe neuklidi, kdyz jinak uklizi mrtvoly vzdycky. Tajne sluzby vynecham, nekdy to probereme osobne, protoze je to na dlouho a v realite fungovaly mnohem divne veci nez predvadim v Omeze. Mluvite o teenagerskem serialu pro masove publikum. Ale to neznamena, ze mu nektere pitomosti jen tak odpustim.


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