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The camera became the detached, technical POV that could tell the truth in a situation where human observers were strained to their limits. Film-makers especially tested this idea in a frightening situations, when subjective views were compromised. There were weird hints of it in The Eyes of Laura Mars (1978). All hinged on the assumption that there is a reality beyond our senses, evident to the camera, but not to us. We can only see this larger truth in 'playback. This is an example of how we turn to tech as a higher power to tell us the 'whole truth. The camera gives us answers in areas where we doubt ourselves and the world. That was fiction. Yet factual accounts quickly repeated exactly the same idea. You can see news reports on one real (? CCTV ghost case here and here. In the early 2000s, security cams were considered especially impartial. Youtube quickly became awash in scary security cam ghost videos. Supposedly their footage, unmediated by human direction, unedited, untouched, told the 'straight facts' of what happens in places when we are not there and not looking at them. Security cames provide the objective reality of unseen objects. When they show random paranormal events, they appear to provide cold, hard evidence for the existence of ghosts. It's so easy now to fake security cam videos or digitally doctor them, that almost all of these films may be considered to be fake or potentially faked. Only a tiny handful of security cam ghosts are difficult to explain. Most of the latter cases are of moths flying in front of the camera, as with here, here and here. For a borderline convincing (or at least entertaining) CCTV ghost in a Singaporean elevator, go here.

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I concede that in a sprawling tale like this, not every plot thread will come together in the end to form a neat bow; however, I refuse to accept that the secret of Jon’s parentage falls into that category. As Andy Greenwald reminded us a few days ago, Benioff and Weiss landed this gig by answering correctly when Martin asked them to identify Jon’s mother; that’s a pretty clear signifier that this reveal is going to matter in a major way. If Jon is really Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen’s son, he has as strong of a claim to the Iron Throne as anyone else in the story. He’d be uniquely positioned to unite the realm under two of its most powerful banners. And crucially, because of his Targaryen blood, he’d also potentially be predisposed to dragon riding. The dragon has three heads, which means that Dany needs two fellow riders to help her take Westeros. Who better than her nephews Jon and Aegon? (WHERE ARE YOU, YOUNG GRIFF? . But that prediction could also apply to Jon, or Dany, or both. As Melisandre says, “When the red star bleeds and the darkness gathers, Azor Ahai shall be born again amidst smoke and salt to wake dragons out of stone. I’m going to put more stock in those words than in Kit’s haircut. GRRM has done a hilariously poor job of being coy when asked about Jon’s fate; the easy money is on Jon being alive, in some form, when The Winds of Winter hits the shelves. So then the question becomes whether Sers Benioff and Weiss are bold enough to really and truly kill Jon on the show if that’s not what happens in the book. They’ve made bold life-and-death changes before, axing Mance (maybe) and Ser Barristan, and opting against introducing everyone’s favorite reanimated mom, Lady Stoneheart. But those characters don’t have the potential to unite the realm. And what about the other characters whose fates are now in doubt. What do you make of the decision to cut away from Stannis and Myrcella before their deaths were actually confirmed. For me, the interesting thing about Azor Ahai is how the legend motivates the characters in the books, not whether the prophecy is true and waiting to be fulfilled. I feel like the crazed-fan thing of ticking off a shopping list of auguries (thrusts magic sword into the heart of a loved one: check!

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I find myself liking the Faceless Men training to be more interesting on repeated viewings. They're an interesting way of characterizing Arya, an interesting way of encapsulating her characters' purpose in the grand narrative, and the order itself is very mysterious and, you guessed it, interesting. I reacted much the same way to her arc in the later books. When I first saw this scene I hated it because it just took away Dany whipping Drogon into submission, which I felt was the important takeaway from the scene. Now after season 6, I see what it was trying to do. It told a different story, but it held the same meaning overall: just watch the way the story unfolds in that sequence - Dany is surrounded by harpies, and despite her efforts to appease them it is clear they want her dead and only dead. Drogon thrashes the harpies, literally he is conquering them, and we see this quite literally. But much like Dany he is surrounded by enemies and ready to be slaughtered until she has a personal moment with him where they reconnect, and Drogon does not shy away this time. Together both realize they need each other, and Dany herself realizes she will only win Meereen by embracing her Targaryen self: she solidifies her bond with Drogon by climbing atop his back, and together they fly off. In a way, this feels more elegant than Dany literally whipping him into submission and telling the reader outright that she is a conqueror, not a queen. While the exclusion of Tysha's reveal is a disappointing one, I am largely indifferent to this change now that I've seen where both characters' arcs go. Besides, it seems that Jaime wants Tyrion's blood now, so we will have to see what comes of that in season 7. There's many, many reasons why this doesn't make a lot of sense. It suits its needs as far as I'm concerned, although it is quite an awesome chapter in AFFC. I don't see how this is any different from how it is in the books, so if it is then there really must not be that important of a difference. It still shows foreshadowing of the distant future, so it works as far as I'm concerned. People hated this, but I felt it was reasoned enough - the Umbers protected Rickon until Greatjon passed away, and Smalljon was more concerned with the welfare of his land than dangerously clutching to the remnants of a dead house. I could not give less of a shit, especially about Grey Wind. At worst, his death symbolized Robb's, which is appreciated. It's such a minor and unimportant change that I can't understand why people even care so much.

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I have started to travel to the area frequently and this property is on the top of my list. Date of stay: March 2019 Thank LightlyTravled Response from DeltaGRBGM, General Manager at Delta Hotels by Marriott Green Bay Responded 6 days ago We hope you will choose to stay with us on your next visit. Originally built as a Ramada Inn in the mid-70s, the bathrooms here are tiny and the elevator is slow. The PTAC (heating and air conditioning) unit in our room cycled. We know how valuable a good nights sleep is and want to ensure no guest has that experience when staying in this room in the future. We also offer on-site event and meeting space which can accommodate up to 350 guests for weddings, meetings, banquets and more. Less Hotel class Star ratings indicate the general level of features and amenities to expect. They are provided to TripAdvisor by third-party partners such as Expedia and Giata. We do price match available online rates, so rest assured that no one is being cheated. Feel free to call anytime to talk to one of our incredible Guest Service Representatives that. Feel free to call anytime to talk to one of our incredible Guest Service Representatives that would love to get one of our suites booked for you. You do have the option to pay with cash at check-out. Delete Confirm Cancel Helpful answer 0 Votes Not as helpful Previous Next 1 2 3 Is This Your TripAdvisor Listing. All personal information you provide is encrypted and secure. This helps to ensure you have the optimal experience. If you would like to continue with our optimal website experience, you don't need to make any changes. If you would like to learn more about how we use cookies or change your settings, you can use the link at the bottom of any page at any time. Just one block away from the hotel is Resch Center, Shopko Hall and Brown County Arena. We are located in the heart of the Stadium Entertainment district and close to Bay Park Square Mall and Cinema. In Wisconsin, we are certain to please the busy executive or leisure traveler with our Hilton Garden Inn amenities.

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Klingspor link. Dafont link. Abstract Fonts link. Huebsch's first font, made in 2009, is Black No. 7 ---it was inspired by the Jack Daniel's Black Label Whiskey logo from 1866. Black No. 7 Vintage ( 2009 ) is a grungy version. In 2011, he created Lith, a hand-drawn headline typeface inspired by Alice In Wonderland and the Brothers Grimm fairy tales. In 2014, he published a spectacular 11-style font family, Lichtspiele, that takes inspiration from early 20th century movies, and more specifically, the film noir genre. In this series, Lichtspiele Neon 3D is of particular interest. Lichtspielhaus (2014) is an ultra-condensed version. Lichtspielhaus Handmade (2014) is the handwritten version---it was influenced by the hand-painted signs on cinema facades of the early cinema days. In 2015, we were treated to Lichtspielhaus Slab (ultra-condensed), and in 2016 to Lichtspiele Reklame (the ultra-condensed version). In 2017, Stefan Huebsch and Daniela Spinelli co-designed Konkret (a sharp-edged all-caps secret service sans with some left-leaning Kontra italics). Ray Larabie (b. 1970, Ottawa, Canada) ran Typodermic in Mississauga, ON, which opened in the Fall of 2001. In 2006, it moved to Vancouver, BC, and in 2009 it moved on to Nagoya, Japan. Dafont page. Ray Larabie has been making fonts since 1996, but those early fonts were freeware. His pre 2001 fonts are grouped under the label Larabie Fonts.

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He attends to routine household needs, checks and caters to the essentials—“Do we have fish, milk, rice? After swimming at Morjim beach, he returns to the house to write. He is usually in the middle of work of some kind—either he is designing a house or curating a new show or writing. But ultimately, he prefers to think of himself as idle. “The notion that one has to do anything to define themselves is vulgar to me,” he insists. Shanghvi’s exhibition of photographs of his father, The House Next Door, in 2011, introduced a different side of his artistry to the public. He says he would like to do a show next year “if I find decent photographs in the archive”. In curating you distil an artist’s work to the most coherent, magic essence. He says, “Wirsen possesses the rarest quality—grace. This lets her respond to the story as if she loves it more than I do, which might well be the case. In his opinion, her illustrations “have clarity, elegance, mischief, charm, subtlety”. Wirsen drew up the initial characters based on the story, and they slowly “fleshed them out scene by scene”. He says, “As Sweden’s most celebrated children’s book illustrator, she brings the book a noble plainness—you can’t bullshit kids; she knows this, so her art transmits a tender, lucid sincerity. He adds that the book’s art director, Pompe Hedengren, Wirsen’s husband, was a “marvel”. But Shanghvi says that he wasn’t thinking along those lines, and the brutishness ascribed to the boar and the philandering for which the rabbit is well-known were incidental. He explains, “I started with characters, and then what interested me were the questions they were trying to resolve. . He has no idea why he chose those food items in particular: “It was all whimsical, the entire fable was pure whimsy. . Shanghvi’s fable tackles consent within marriages as well as sex coerced upon disciples at religious or spiritual groups as a key step in initiation and membership.

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The Illustrated Library of The World and. It's Peoples, 1964 Greystone Press, no edition stated, red, hard board, hard. Horoscope, Zodiac. ISBN: 0553057308. Hardback: hard cover edition in good or. Pet Care, Dog, Feeding, Housebreaking, Grooming, Housing, Health, First Aid. ISBN: 0806937122. Hardback: hard cover edition in. Physician, Georga State University, and Agnes Scott College, Atlanta Georgia for. Photographs. Mosby 1994, 1 SIZE: Oversized, Large Format. 3 Hardback, Good Clean. Photographs. Some Edge Wear: Mosby 1994, 1994. 1 SIZE: Oversized, Large Format. Some School Library Marks: Harcourt Brace and Company 1951, Clean and Unmarked. Intervariety Press, ISBN: 0877841063. pamphlet. Paperback: soft cover edition. Publishing Company.