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Again I used mountboard covered with paper to get this extra bit of three-dimensionality. The flyscreen door is stuck in place with a fine strip of double sided tape (see first two pictures). I have a BFA, so this project made me feel like I was back at school and I loved every minute. Seems like some of my skills were a little wobbly; spending all day as a graphic designer doesn’t leave me as much time as I’d like for hands-on art, but that’s fine. How did you manage to get the curved roof on the model. Regarding the curved roof: I just cheated and used the foamboard only on the straight bits. He is currently rebuilding a Kombi with the dream of taking us to the coast, and I want to build a Teardrop to go on little trips. PERFECT. Im going to the shops tomorrow. I have never worked with foam board- i might buy a bit extra just incase. She uses foam board to create this cute little camper. In my blog I feature mainly works created with paper, such as hand-made 3D illustrations, papercuts and paper products. I aim to provide a little insight into how I create my work. Occasionally I also feature work of other artists and crafts people I like. If you would like to be featured here please submit your work below. These genius tricks will upgrade your storage options, DIY some cute decor, and improve your camper's safety. You can purchase an inexpensive one on Amazon, or repurpose a shoe organization system to make something similar.

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I was completely amazed by Miguel’s work as director, yet again. I loved the closing circle, the trampled Jon, the Umber feast, and the aerial and sweeping scope meshed with the up close and personal perspectives. But at the end of the day, BoB held very few surprises and not enough setup to remind us to care about Rickon and the thousands of Wildlings who died. IMO, it makes about as much sense as posting “first” as the first comment in a thread. He fought even though his chances were low and tried to save his little brother to the end. Other posters have voiced reasons why Jon would still be viewed favorably by the men following him. His whole reason for marching South was to save Rickon. Had he stood by and done nothing while his brother was running for his life, he would be viewed as a coward and someone not worth following. Remember, the vast majority of his army was made up of wildlings who only follow strength. The question becomes, how many of the Northern Lords that matter were actually at the battle. From what I saw, it was only the Karstarks and Umbers. So as another poster mentioned, the victors get to write the history. Jon will be viewed as a brave and skilled warrior who is the only remaining male Stark capable of going into battle. A man who has fought beyond the Wall and knows the threat that is coming. There are still plenty of reasons to follow him, IMO. We have yet to see what Jon’s reaction to the Vale arriving will be. Perhaps she will feel remorse for not having told Jon about it.

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). Figure 1 exhibits the error data obtained in Experiment 1 on distributivity from a crosslinguistic perspective. This is suggestive of the fact that the influence exerted by the variable of distributivity is not evenly balanced across languages which differ in their morphological architecture. The percentage of errors in both experimental conditions is considerably higher in English than in Spanish. Neither on distributivity nor on concreteness are the differences of the errors evenly balanced across languages; moreover on the contrary, there is an appreciable difference among the percentages. Considering the differences between English and Spanish morphological 304 PAULA MARQUEZ-CAAMANO architecture, this uneven distribution of errors across languages may indicate that morphology is another constraint to be taken into account when analyzing the workings of the agreement system. The possible implications of these results related to the morphological component are to be examined in the discussion. 5. Discussion In light of the cross-linguistics results exposed above, it seems that morphology is a potential constraint to take into account during agreement implementation, whose influence is especially noticeable when syntax and semantics are competing. What, then, weakens the syntactic factor in this language. Agreement presupposes a morphology to express the relationship between target and controller. As is well known, the inflectional morphology of English is highly impoverished. Thus there is hardly any opportunity for (syntactically based) agreement processes to operate in English. It is a general cognitive principle that frequency impacts upon the strength of a phenomenon. As a consequence, the limited opportunity that the language provides for expressing syntactically based agreement relationships involves a weakening of the syntactic force. However, in languages characterized by their morphological attrition, the shortage of morphological cues weakens the syntactic strength, letting semantics leak more easily in the system. Therefore, these results seem to acknowledge the opportunistic behavior of the agreement system since it opportunistically exploits and takes advantage of the morphological architecture of the language to favor either syntax, as it happens in Spanish, or semantics, as in the case of English.

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A male with 100 per cent physical disability also accompanied them and sought details regarding loan under Handicapped category. albir Ram Rattan, while discussing various schemes meant for the benefit of the weaker sections, including Minorities and Safai Karamcharis, said that the objective for establishment of the Corporation is the economic empowerment of the poor and needy, which belong to the reserved categories. He further said that a maximum of rupees twenty lakh can be availed in the form of loan for overseas studies. Swarankars adding festivity to Ganesh Chaturthi every year: Sh. Yudhvir Sethi Ganpati Visarjan Shobha Yatra taken out from Dhakki Sarajian. In an impressive Shobha Yatra taken out, the devotees of Laxmi Narayan Temple at Dhakki Sarajan bid adieu to Shri Ganesh (Bappa) who was installed in the temple since Ganesh Chaturthi. BJP Vice President Yudhvir Sethi was especially invited by Jammu Swarankar Association and Maratha Swarankar Association who had made elaborate arrangements for the Shobha Yatra before Ganesh Visarjan (immersion) in River Tawi. Yudhvir Sethi accompanied by Kulbhushan Anand (President Swarnkar Sangh Distt Jammu) Arun Sethi (Sr. The yatra, amid beating of drums and singing of Bhajans besides sloganeering of Ganpati Buppa Maurya passed through Jain Bazar, Purani Mandi, Vinayak Bazar, Parade, Chowk Chabutra, Lakhdatta Bazar, Kachi Chawni and Mubarak Mandi. The procession comprised of elephants, bands brought from Gujarat and tableaus was on the route receive by people of different faiths and rellgions. Elaborate arrangements were made by local administration for smooth Ganesh Visarjan Yatra. Special prayers were held as pr Hindu rituals before final immersion which were led by Yudhvir Sethi who appreciated the efforts of Gujarati community and Swarankars in introducing such a wonderful festival to Jammu city which he added is known as 'City of Temples'. Yudhvir Sethi after performing Ganesh Pooja (Prayers) prayed for peace and prosperity for Jammu and Kashmir State. Speaking on the occasion, the BJP leader said Ganeshotsav is one of the most colourful and exciting 10-day long celebrations which the people of Jammu have started celebrating since past few decades with much fanfare. This faith of people, he said brings in festivity in air for ten days every year. Yudhvir Sethi informed that it was after public appeal in 19th century by Indian freedom fighter Lokmanya Tilak that people started gathering in the name of Ganesh Pooja to defy British Government ban on Hindu gatherings. Ever since then the festival is being celebrated with much fanfare.

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Fans became a little excited when Momoa shared a photo on Instagram in which he’s seen lifting a Guinness with Game of Thrones showrunners D. . Weiss and David Benioff during the show’s filming. A brave Redditor named awayforthelads dumped what appears to be the entire plot of Season 7 onto the Freefolk subreddit. The subreddit has a long history of being the go-to place for Thrones leaks and last season was incredibly reliable at thoroughly spoiling almost every detail of Season 6. As further proof of authenticity, awayforthelads has deleted his account, presumably to evade the wrath of HBO. And actress Nathalie Emmanuel, who plays Daenerys Targaryen? beautiful handmaiden Missandei, may have confirmed the authenticity of the leak on Twitter or could just be referring to leaked photos from the set. Another Redditor faithfully compiled awayforthelads. Here are the plot details in approximate order below Epidsode 1. Bran crosses the Wall back into Westeros and meets with Dolorous Edd the new Lord Commander of the Night? Watch. Sansa and Lyanna Mormont wants to give their lands to loyal supporters but Jon refuses to hold the Karstark and Umber children responsible. Jon does it his way and basically tells the other to deal with it because he? not going to rule the North the way it? always been. She goes into the old war room with the table map of Westeros and turns to Tyrion and says ?

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He began offering courses in film theory, history and then film production. He has produced films, several of which having been on public television. Another of his films was “ Enter to Learn, Go Forth to Serve: The First Hundred Years of Keene State College,” an in-depth, historical examination of one of the hundreds of normal schools in America, Keene Normal, which opened the doors of education to those otherwise not able to afford it. Please write “Jonathan Daniels! in the Subject Box. But now, it seems like the movie’s been discovered by a second wave of horror fans as Veronica is trending all over the web again. This is how I watch horror movies, with my hands mostly over my eyes. I watch through my fingers, obscuring all the scary parts. It’s like being a prisoner, nose to the bars of my cell. Like with Hereditary, that moment provoking a collective gasp from the entire theatre, or, more recently, with “The Haunting of Hill House,” where ghosts drop into the scene with the phantom grace of house spiders. I jump and scream and laugh, but as sure as this is the sense of injustice — I know that at night I will have to keep my light on, check under my bed, shut the doors until they click. I know that every shadow, every sound, every movement will terrorize me. But even though I know this, I will do it again and again and again. These are the horror movies in the past 10 years that I have been unable to get out of my mind, that I have loved — despite the nightmares — four movies about young women who are tormented, none of them written or directed by women. Cinemagoers of both genders thus became female prey fleeing male predators. “Taken together, these films offer variant imaginings of what it is, or might be, like to be a woman,” Clover wrote, “to menstruate and be pregnant, to be vulnerable and endure male violence, to be sexually violated. .