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Maybe it wasn’t wonder but more of fear of some esoteric unknown. I wasn’t afraid of Ouija boards because I knew how the ideomotor effect worked. I’d seen it demonstrated and I’ve never been possessed. We used to find these themes intriguing, until we did our research. A hypnotherapist would ask, “How high is the light off the ground,’ and their patient imagined it in the sky, based on the implication. In the 1980s, many women claimed they were forced to sacrifice their children, until medical examinations proved they were still virgins. Our tastes have become too refined for cheap thrills. We want to be scared, but our bullshit filter keeps catching everything Hollywood throws at it. That’s why these cliches must be upgraded if they’re going to frighten us again. We’ve seen so many demons get dispatched, we’re questioning their intelligence. Why break out of hell, when they can be sent back with a few measly blessings. What if it takes a Wiccan spell to send it back to hell. Would polytheists call on a pantheon of Gods to deal with it. It’s a solution that doesn’t address the real problem. Not everyone wets themselves at the mere inclusion of a demon, we weren’t all raised to believe in possession, we expect our scares to come from better storytelling. After a month of flirting, he moves all his stuff into her brain. Soon Regan’s dropping F-bombs on her mom and directors on the pavement, practically begging for an MRI scan. Crab-walking down the stairs, coughing up blood, levitating furniture about, Pazuzu wants to get found out. Pazuzu’s insidious goal is to consume a holy man’s soul. Father Damien isn’t just reciting verses, he’s grieving over his dead mother, he’s finding his faith again.


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They were fighting six feet from Dany’s box when the Spotted Cat hamstrung him. As the man stumbled to his knees, the Cat put a foot on his back and a hand around his head and opened his throat from ear to ear. The red sands drank his blood, the wind his final words. The idea of being spotted is basically the same as dappled; dappled means spotted. So what we have is a dappled cat person, who is fighter, and who kills his opponent in the manner of a ritual sacrifice, giving him a red smile. And look, his victim is a giant, just as the weirwoods are called pale giants. Thus, we get both an implication of sacrifice and giving a giant tree a face, complete with red smile. The sands “drink his blood,” just as Bran tastes the blood of the sacrificial victim in his vision through the pond beneath the heart tree. The wind drinks his words, which speaks of our sacrifice being swallowed up by the black wind of the moon and the burning tree. But let’s do get down to business and burn down the Tower of the Hand. We are eventually going to do a whole section on wildfire in the future, so don’t expect me to get to in-depth with the wildfire as a symbol right now, though it is surely important (spoiler alert, is has to do with the intersection of fire magic and greenseer magic). There is a lot that fits in with our line of inquiry today regarding Nissa Nissa, the cat woman, and that’s what we will be focusing on. Check out this passage where Jaime recalls the burning of the Tower of the Hand after the fact, from AFFC. He had seen it before, most recently on the night of Tommen’s wedding, when she burned the Tower of the Hand. The green light of the wildfire had bathed the face of the watchers, so they looked like nothing so much as rotting corpses, a pack of gleeful ghouls, but some of the corpses were prettier than others. Even in the baleful glow, Cersei had been beautiful to look upon. She’d stood with one hand on her breast, her lips parted, her green eyes shining. She is crying, Jaime had realized, but whether it was from grief or ecstasy he could not have said. Appropriate to this moment of symbolic death, Cersei appears as a corpse here. She’s even got one hand on her breast, as if she’s just been stabbed there like Nissa Nissa, and her “parted lips” add a layer of sexual innuendo.