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And I feel cheated not seeing tree roots growing through his eye socket. Wouldn't Viserys have become the rightful king immediately upon Rhaegar's death. And if Viserys were king, the title of rightful heir would then pass on from him (probably going back to Rhaegar's son anyway, Viserys having no offspring). Even if it was known that Lyanna carried Rhaegar's legitimate child, (1) they had no way of knowing if it was a boy or girl, and (2) even if they knew it to be a boy, I'm not sure you can become a king while still in the womb. Perhaps (and I'm making this up) with the knowledge that Lyanna might be carrying Rhaegar's heir, Viserys would have become a provisional or custodial ruler until the child was born. If the child is male, he becomes king (with Viserys perhaps as Regent). If the child turns out to be a girl, Viserys becomes King in his own right. Of course, since the Targs ended up being overthrown anyway, and Viserys is dead, it's academic. Rhaegar actually died before Aerys though, so Rhaegar was never king. When Aerys died, the next in line for the throne would have been baby Aegon, but of course he didn't live much longer. I'm not sure what happens when a presumably legitimate Jon is born after Viserys is already king.


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Untuk ukuran seorang perempuan seperti kakaku ini diluar nya gak terlalu memperdulikan cemooham orang, yang penting adalah kalau dia hidup bahagia. Ika, 25 tahun, Accountant, Surabaya Hangout and Single HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUVYUU. Lesssugar18, TIRAMISU (rekomendasi WP) baca yaa mba ik. Pas sudah hari nya di saruani gin amun tantu hadir. Pas sudah hari nya di saruani gin amun tantu hadir. ? tahu lah pian. Itu tatakunan paling horor. Bisa sarubung pangantinan ulun atau pangantin orang umpat be andak. Heen dintu pang. Tahu lah pian ?


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Researchers should address the implications of race and Hispanic-origin response change when designing analyses and interpreting results. Measurements were limited to the upper five nodal positions within each growth stage, since upper leaves make up most of the reflectance surfaces remotely sensed. The increase in leaf thickness and water content with increasing leaf age was taken into consideration, since each of these factors affects the reflectance as well as the selection of spectral wavelength intervals for optimum discrimination of vegetation. Cervical vertebrae C2, C3, C4 were assessed on 1,549 cephalometric films (503 CLP films, 1,046 non-CLP films of subjects aged 5 to 18 years) using Hassel and Farman's method. The CLP group achieved each CVMI score one year ahead of the non-CLP group, except for CVMI 4. A high correlation coefficient was found between chronological age and cervical vertebral skeletal maturation. If this prototypicality contributes to their appeal, then averaged composites should be more attractive when their component faces come from a familiar, own- race population than when they come from a less familiar, other- race population. We compared the attractiveness of own- race composites, other- race composites, and mixed- race composites (where the component faces were from both races ). In experiment 1, Caucasian participants rated own- race composites as more attractive than other- race composites, but only for male faces. In experiment 2, Caucasian and Japanese participants living in Australia and Japan, respectively, selected the most attractive face from a continuum with exaggerated Caucasian characteristics at one end and exaggerated Japanese characteristics at the other, with intervening images including a Caucasian averaged composite, a mixed- race averaged composite, and a Japanese averaged composite. The most attractive face was, again, a mixed- race composite, for both Caucasian and Japanese participants.


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