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Certain scenes are a bit dark on the disc but again that is down to the source material and a few picture adjustments on the TV remote should remedy it for the most part. The sound is probably better than the picture with some nice base and crisp treble rounding off the high notes. There is a bit of hiss from the old Dolby tracks but again due to the age of the film and the source material this is to be expected and you stop noticing it after a while. There is a Blu-Ray version of this film which I cant comment about as I don't own it but I know that version IS corrected for widescreen sets so if your that bothered maybe the Blu-Ray is for you but those who just want to see the film and not bothered about weather the picture is HI-DEF or not should get this one. All in all a few adjustments with the screen ratio aside and the amount of time it took to get to me via the donkey express its a good purchase and for the money a bargain. That doesn't mean the special effects aren't impressive for the time it was filmed but the cinematography doesn't match up to the perfectionism and vision of Kubricks film. It isn't necessary to have watched 2001 as all the plot lines are explained and I think it works as a stand alone film. That said it does help explain the first film and is reasonably true to Arthur C Clarkes book so if the first film is a mystery to you watch this one. But as a sequel, and on its own merits, I found this to be a really good entertaining movie. Ok some of the visuals, despite the film being made 12 years or so after 2001, are not up to the originals, never the less there ARE some good set pieces, ie the space float down to Discovery. A worthy, but not superior film to 2001, sequel that sits nicely as a companion piece. The blu ray, US only, is quite good. egative comments on this release have mentioned grain etc but I found the picture quality on my tv to be far superior to the dvd release, lush colours and nice black during the space sequences. Early appearances by Helen Mirren and John Lithgow. Kohut, Aaron Rochin, Carlos Delarios and Gene Cantamessa. Sir Arthur C.

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They also arise out of a very personal, autobiographical soil, hence are very personal films, especially his later films (the last two mentioned along with Zerkalo (The Mirror). He often uses lines of his father's poetry in the films. The Word as expression of inner life and beauty emerges in Andrei Rublev, perhaps his best film. I rank the remaining 6 films in order of preference: The Mirror, Nostalghia, The Stalker, My Name is Ivan (Ivan's Childhood), Solaris, and the Sacrifice. While Andrei Rublev has some amazing action footage of the cruel sack of Novgorod by the Tatars, the tensions in the story as it unfolds often emerge from what is withheld by characters or hidden in their own minds as secrets. The casting of a giant church bell by a mere youth and the revelation of his secret are masterful. The bishops also warned Catholic parliamentarians not to vote for the proposed law, which was drafted by a commission headed by Senator Jaroslaw Gowin, formerly editor of the Catholic monthly publication Znak. In the meantime, I'd like to revise my former list, thus — and place an asterisk next to movies that I especially like, and that are rarely seen or talked about. Again, this list is unranked, and includes only movies I have actually watched. Worth seeing just for the theologically judicious flashbacks. Incomparable score. Stephen Boyd as the malign Messala steals every scene he's in. A movie about the triumph of the Word of God, victorious in death. Everybody's in this movie, but then, almost everybody's really good in this movie, from Anne Bancroft (Mary Magdalene) to Christopher Plummer (Herod Antipas) to Ian Holm (the evil Pharisee Zerah). Robert Powell as Jesus is a tad on the emaciated side, but riveting. John Wayne ends the movie by taking the former prostitute Dallas out to a ranch outside the town and the Ladies' Temperance League.


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Werner's acting is expressive and endearing and quite funny. Unfortunately, the opposite must be said for Ryan Weldon who plays Zeke, the nephew who surprises his uncle by showing up at his doorstep after his mother has kicked him out of the house. Weldon plays the hurt innocent lad well enough, but his range is limited to that and does not expand far enough to fully capture the nuances needed to really sell the character. ZOOTOPIA Judy Hopps is a bunny who wants just one thing: to be a police officer and live and work in Zootopia, where all animals co-exist peacefully. But rabbits are so small, they generally can't pass the physical tests for police work. She proves she can do it, but once in Zootopia, she is amazed to see all the hatred and prejudice predators and prey animals have for each other. When she is given a missing persons case (an otter has disappeared), she and a con artist fox named Nick Wilde team up to find him and uncover a conspiracy where certain predators are going savage. Judy spills this to the press, and predator-prey tensions are increased. Now, she and Nick have to figure out who is behind this wave of savagery and how to stop it before another victim falls. The animation is great, of course, and the voice acting is really nice. Not a lot of star power behind the characters, which isn't a bad thing. The scene in the DMV with the sloths is the standout. But the film's anti-prejudice message (which I will admit is nice to see) is SO heavy-handed that older children might wince along with the adults. A bit long at almost two hours, but more for your buck. RIFFTRAX: BIRDEMIC: SHOCK AND TERROR In this live performance of talking to bad movies while they play onscreen, ex-MST3K alumni Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett go after BIRDEMIC, and rightfully so, but the movie, a zero-budgeted rip-off of THE BIRDS, should have prompted better gags. Disappointed.


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There are variety of sizes needed to perform different tasks — fighting, reconnaissance, storage, patrolling, etc. — and Friel explained the average weight of a ship in Henry V’s fleet was probably more like 250 tons. That’s equivalent to 139 Epping Forests or a wood that is one-and-a-half times bigger than Greater London. “. Theon and Yara apparently only stole his “best ships”, after all, so he probably had a decent few left over. And being the ruthless, cut-throat type of guy that he is there’s a chance some of his fleet may be stolen. There’s no way of telling exactly how much time passes in the Game of Thrones world, and the acquisition of Euron’s 1,000-strong fleet happens off-screen. Not only would you need 750,000 trees, but you’d also need enough construction areas to simultaneously build 1,000 vessels. He could have hinted at stealing ships as well as building them, or he could have implied he had a bunch left over and only needed to replace the ones Theon stole. Gardner on Reyes Devine stopped his plane so he could play poker in Vegas Justin Foster on Reyes Devine stopped his plane so he could play poker in Vegas John Doe on Reyes Devine stopped his plane so he could play poker in Vegas MNKY Team on Reyes Devine stopped his plane so he could play poker in Vegas Nadine A. Well, maybe not, but the NK story raises a lot of questions as listed in this post. He brought her back to the Nightfort and proclaimed her a queen and himself her king, and with strange sorceries he bound his Sworn Brothers to his will. For thirteen years they had ruled, Night's King and his corpse queen, till finally the Stark of Winterfell and Joramun of the wildlings had joined to free the Watch from bondage. After his fall, when it was found he had been sacrificing to the Others, all records of Night's King had been destroyed, his very name forbidden. And this is what Yandel writes in AWOIAF: The oldest of these tales concern the legendary Night's King, the thirteenth Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, who was alleged to have bedded a sorceress pale as a corpse and declared himself a king. Thereafter, he obliterated the Night's King's very name from memory.


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They confirmed it to the viewers only, in fantasy world of Got only Bran knows it atm. Frankly speaking Dany's role in the greater scheme of things is so boring. I hope Johny meeting her will let her realize that there are more important things in the world than being queen. You can see where it is headed from storyline perspective. Get the feeling that little finger would manipulate her and Jon won't get winterfell back. Theon used his brain and looks like he will be the one to kill Euron. Have a feeling we will see Jaqen hghar very soon this season. Theon reminds me some of our senior batsmen, you always hope, now is the time, they will rise up to the challenge beyond their character but Reek comes out instead:sanga. Theon reminds me some of our senior batsmen, you always hope, now is the time, they will rise up to the challenge beyond their character but Reek comes out instead:sanga: Me thinks, Little Finger will use this opportunity to have his way with Sansa and Arya will get to know of it and she will assassinate him in a gruesome way. Makes sense to me, Finger loves Sansa and has impure thoughts for her, her protector Johny has left for Dragonstone and Arya the Assassin is making her way to Winterfell. Theon reminds me some of our senior batsmen, you always hope, now is the time, they will rise up to the challenge beyond their character but Reek comes out instead:sanga: What exactly is little finger's play here. Why isn't cersi suspicious of his absence for so long. Yeah, but there is bit of Character to her, she did freed slaves and be just. er Character does change by events in positive manner, She will be thinking about WW threat after meeting Jon! - But she is not strategy queen, that is Cersi, who is pure evil. Congress had same problem with Naroo's family.